How Seniors Can Get Smell Out of Sunglasses

After countless hours of use, dead skin and sweat can build within the creases and surface of sunglasses. It’s strange that smell can develop within something so small, however it can deliver a powerful punch when it does.

Fortunately, there are several ways to eliminate the pungent residual inhabiting our sunglasses and ensure that the foul odors that they possess become a thing of the past. The following solutions will ensure that the stench is neutralized and the sunglasses are left smelling fresh.

Sunglass Smell Removal Solutions

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1. Vodka Wipe

Vodka may sound like a strange solution, however the alcohol within this party drink will work to neutralize the built up organic odors living on the sunglasses surface. Apply a small amount of vodka to a paper towel and proceed to wipe down the affected areas of the sunglasses. Once you have given the sunglasses a thorough wipe, provide 10-15 minutes for the alcoholic beverage to naturally evaporate away. As a note of precaution, some lenses may be negatively affected by alcohol. It is recommended that you only apply this solution to the frame of the sunglasses.

2. Deodorize with Enzymes

This cleaning solution is sure to literally eat away at the odor producing residues living on the surface area of the sunglasses. Dampen a paper towel with enzyme cleaning solution and lightly apply the moist tissue against the affected areas of the sunglasses. Upon contact with the smelly residues, the active enzymes will go to work in eating through the unpleasantness to leave your eyewear smelling fresh.

3. Sunglasses in Sun

This is one of the most effective solutions for those wary of using chemical compounds to deodorize their sunglasses. The fresh air, open space and ultra violet rays will work to burn through the odorous residues and carry them away. Find a location outside where the sunglasses are sure to receive a minimum of 8 hours of direct sunlight. Place the sunglasses within this spot in the morning and return at dusk to perform a smell test. If any odor remains, you can try a second or third day within the sun until the odor has been eliminated.

4. Neutralize with Hand Sanitizer

This solution works in the same way that it is used to kill bacteria within your palms. There are often odorous bacteria thriving within the surface residues of the sunglasses that cause the unwanted odor. By cutting through the bacteria, you will be able to eliminate the embedded odors within the eyewear. Take precautions in applying this solution to the sunglass lenses. Although this solution should cause no negative effects, it would be smart to first test it within a corner of the lens before applying to the entire viewable area.

5. Freeze Sunglasses

In many cases where that glasses are suffering from the build up of dead skin particles and sweat, killing the bacteria within these residues is the only way to eliminate the odor. By placing your sunglasses within a ziplock bag, and leaving them within the freezer for 48 hours you will be sure to kill off all remaining bacteria that may be a at the root of the odor. Once sunglasses are removed from the freezer, it is recommend to place them withinthe sun for the day to boost the freshness within the eye wear.

6. Activated Charcoal Absorption

For extreme odors, activated charcoal briquettes can be used to draw out unwelcome chemical odors. Fill a small box with activated charcoal briquettes and place sunglasses inside before sealing closed. Once the sunglasses are within the box, allow them to sit for a minimum of 5-7 days. During this time, the absorbent charcoal briquettes will slowly work as a sponge to pull in the odor and leave the sunglasses smelling like new.

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