How to Get Smell Out of Toms Shoes

Toms Shoes represent a wonderful cross between a shoe and slipper. It is exactly this balance that presents a problem, as many people prefer to wear their Tom’s without socks. When worn without socks, sweat, oils and dead skin can build up and odorous bacteria can triumph.

Fortunately, there are several things that can be done to return freshness to Toms Shoes. By following some of the below suggestions, foot odors can be lifted out and prevented from returning.

TOMS Smell Removal Solutions

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1. White Vinegar

This chemical compound is widely used for breaking down the odors within the household.  Put your Tom shoes within a pillow case and tie the end.  Place within the washing machine and begin a cold detergent wash cycle.  While the water is filling with water, add in a cup of white vinegar to give an extra boost to the wash.  After the wash has completed, remove the shoes and place in direct sunlight to air dry.  Take precaution to avoid using the dryer as this could potentially lead to shrinking of the shoe.

2. Baking Soda

This household substance works fantastic at absorbing foot related odors. Place shoes within a pillow case, tie the end and place within the washing machine.  After adding normal detergent, measure a half cup of baking soda and run the wash cycle on cold.  After completion, air dry in direct sunlight and avoid use of drying machine.

3. Shower With Them On

This is a fun and effective solution to removing odor from your Toms.  Place Toms on before entering the shower, and proceed within the shower as normal.  For an added effect, you can apply some shampoo to each shoe, making sure to rub it in and rinse them to remove the soapy formula.  After showering, keep the shoes on throughout your day.  Within a 4-5 hours, they should be completely dry and smelling fresh.

4. Walk Odor Out with Baking Soda + Baby Powder

When smells develop, you can simply walk the odor out with the aid of baking soda and baby powder.  Mix a powder formula of baking soda and baby powder, and pour within a container to be kept in an easily accessible location.  Before using Toms, scoop a teaspoon of this powder and place within each shoe.  As you walk the baby powder will absorb new sweat, and the baking soda will neutralize the long-lasting odors with the Toms.

5. Freeze Them

Freezing the shoes will have an effect of killing the odorous bacteria within the shoes.  Place the Toms within a ziplock bag and place within a freezer for 48-72 hours.  After 2-3 days, remove them from the zip lock bag and place within direct sunlight for 1-2 hours to thaw out.

6. Coffee Grounds

This remedy works fantastic at absorbing odors and replacing them with a subtle coffee aroma.  Place two coffee filters on the counter, and pour half a cup of coffee grounds within each.  Strategically bring the edges of the coffee filter together and fasten each with a rubber band.  Next, place the coffee ground enclosed filter balls within the end of each shoe, and place shoes within an enclosed paper bag.  After 48-72 hours have passed, return to remove the freshen Toms and place back into use.

7. Anti-Monkey Butt

This is a fun new product that can help in deodorizing your shoes.  Pour a small portion of this product within each shoe, and give it a good shake allowing the powder to cover the interior of the shoe.   Provide 24-48 hours for the powder to set in before knocking the product powder out from the interior of the Toms shoes.

For myself
68 Years
Santa Rosa, California

Also if you put dryer sheets in your toms it's just as comfy and gets rid of
the smell

Maja Fuchs
For myself
92 Years
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Some good tipps… but what about special insoles made from cedarwood (e.g.
zederna insoles)? It's considerably less complex than using sprays and cremes
every day. You just put these antibacterial insoles in your TOMS and then just
wearing them. It works pretty good for me.

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