How to Get Smell Out of Washing Machine

For a household appliance built to leave laundry “Downy Fresh“, it is surprising that washing machines can develop their own set of odors.  However, with time and build up, washing machines can develop a distinctive mildew odor.

Often this smell is so strong, that those doing their laundry are unfortunate enough to inherit some of this unusual odor within their clothing.  To avoid smelling of mildew in your daily routine, it is important to solve this problem at it’s source.  In this instructional guide, there are a series of tips and techniques shared for eliminating this odor, and regaining control of your periodic laundry load.

Smell Removal Solutions

Using one or more of the below methods will help in removing any odor that may have developed within the washing machine.

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1. Leave Washer Door Open

Leaving the door of the washing machine open while not in used helps to aerate the washer.  If the door is left closed the washing machine can grow more stagnant and unpleasant.

2. Hot Wash

Run an entire wash cycle on the hottest water setting.  Hot water helps in breaking down residues that cling the the walls of the washer and within the drain.

3. Vinegar

The chemical compounds within vinegar does a great job of cutting through odors and returning washing machines to normal.  Measure a full cup of vinegar and pour within and washer to run and empty cycle.

4. Baking Soda

This household powder works fantastic at absorbing odors and works well at freshening a washing machine.  Add a full cup of baking soda within the washing machine and run an empty cycle without clothing.

5. Bleach

This strong substance immediately goes to work in eating through built up residues. Measure a cup of bleach and pour within washing machine for an empty wash on it's hottest setting.

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