How Seniors Can Get Smell Out of Wet Carpet

During the rainy season water can easily slip within the home and moisten the carpeting.  In many cases, this leads to odorous mildew inhabiting the carpeting fiber and the underlying padding.  This musty stench can create an uncomfortable environment and a challenge to remove.

By using some household ingredients and some industrial rental gear, you will be able to rescue your fiber flooring from the grasp mildew. The following household solutions will ensure that you remove the carpeting odor and make sure it never returns.

Smell Removal Solutions

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1. Remove Moisture Fast

When carpeting and the underlying padding gets wet, it is important to dry the flooring as quickly as possible.  The longer that it remains moist the greater the chance the mildew will inhabit it grow in intensity.  As a general rule of thumb, you have 24 hour to dry the carpeting before the first scent of mildew odor develops within the carpet.  Make sure to handle the problem within this timetable to prevent a challenging issue later on.

2. Run Fan Pointed at Moist Carpeting

After blot drying the carpeting with old towels, there will almost always remain some level of moisture within the floor fiber and underlying padding.  Place an area fan so that it is pointed directly at this location for 24 hours.  After this period of time has passed, proceed to feel the carpeting to remaining moisture.  If the carpeting still has some level of moisture left in it, continue to run the fan for an additional 24 hours.

3. White Vinegar Spray

As a chemical solution, this household acid can be helpful in cutting through the existence of mildew within the carpeting.  Mix a solution of one part white vinegar with five parts warm water win a large generic spray bottle.  Once the carpeting has been dried from the initial moisture that cause the musty odor, proceed to  spray down the carpeting in heavy quantities with the formula.  Make sure that no area is left untouched and open the windows to allow for chemical compounds to work their magic and then evaporate away as soon as possible.

4. Enzyme Solution + Carpet Cleaner

While white vinegar has failed to do the job, running a carpet cleaner and running a enzyme cleaner will have much more success.  Although it will cost money to rent the equipment and buy the cleaner, the active enzymes within the cleaner will make a huge difference in directly eating through the mold spore within the fiber and underlying cushioning.  Allow the enzyme cleaner to work its magic for 24 hours before running fans within the room and opening the room's windows to air dry.

5. Baking Soda Sprinkle

As a final solution to help absorb any remaining moisture and mildew odor, baking soda can be sprinkled through the the affected carpeting in high quantities.  Once all of the mildew inhabited carpeting has been covered in this powder, and allow it to set in for 24-48 hours. Finally, once this time period has passed, proceed to vacuum the powder from the freshened flooring.

6. Rent a Dehumidifier

If no success has been had from the above solutions in drying the carpeting, a dehumidifier can work to dry of the affect room and ensure that the carpet fiber and underlying padding is completely dry.  Since mildew relying on moisture to persist, this machine will also have a hand in lowering some of the odor within the room.  For reasons of health, be sure to read instruction in full before running within the household.

7. Rent an Ozone Machine

If all available methods for removing odors within carpeting have come up short, consider renting an ozone machine for your mildew affected room.  The ozone machine will work to suck all oxygen from the room and eliminate any odors.  Only run this machine once the carpeting has completely dried and you have run out of options.  Additionally, be very careful to read all of the instructions, as improper use can lead to health problems or even death.

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