How Seniors Can Get Smell Out of Window Air Conditioner

We live off these appliances of modern convenience.  When air conditioners work the way they are supposed to, they can deliver a refreshing refuge from outdoor heat.  However, when they produce unfresh air, it can be quite unsettling so that no amount of cool air will make up for the odor.

Fortunately, there are several things that can be done to remove the source of the odors within the the window air conditioner.  By following the below tips, your air conditioner will be delivering clean air and your living space will be smelling fresh.

Air Conditioner Smell Removal Solutions

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1. Clean Once a Year

All window air conditioners should be cleaned at least once a year.  This not only ensure proper filtration and clean air within the living space, but it also has beneficial effects on the health of the people who need to breath the air.

2. Clean The Filter

Remove the filter from the front grill.  Some are reusable plastic filters while others are disposable and require a replacement.  With the reusable filters, fill sink with warm water and add five teaspoons of dish detergent.  Place filter within this solution and allow 1-2 hours for it to naturally release unwelcome dust particles and grim.  After time has passed, return to rinse the filter with warm water and hang to allow to air dry.  Once it has completely dried, place the filter back within the air conditioning unit.

3. Check The Drain

These units hold water within the back pan that serves the function of lifting heat from the freon lines as well as keeping the compressor unit cooled down.  However, when this water becomes too stagnant and is not draining properly, a sour mildew odor can develop that can quickly fill the room.  When this water becomes too condensed, it will naturally flow out through a drop in the back side of the AC unit.  You will want to check this rear drain hole to make sure that it is draining properly and is free from any blockage.

4. Check the Base

Water can often build up within the base interior of the air conditioning unit.  While cleaning the unit, be sure to dry out any accumulation of moisture that may have developed within this area.  As an additional preventive step, you can drill holes within the bottom of the air conditioning unit to allow for easier drainage.

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