How Seniors Can Get Squid Smell Off Hands

While fishing and cooking squid, touching this sea dwelling creature is unavoidable. After handling it, the squid residue will often be very challenging to remove from one’s hands.

Fortunately, there exist several home remedies for the removal of squid odors from one’s hands.  The below tips while help increase your odds of returning your hands smell back to normal.

Fishy Odor Removal Tips

These tips will bring you closer to removing squid funk from your fingers.

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1. Antibacterial Soap

This solution is not the most effective home remedy for removing smells, however it is great for getting squid grim out of nails and off hands.  While lathering up be sure to target all crevasses in and around fingernails.

2. Wash Again

If one soapy wash is not effective, wash your hands a second or even third time.  Every time you wash your hands, more slimy grim is striped from your hands, providing a fresher smell.

3. Citrus Fruit

These fruit have wonderful natural properties at eliminating unwanted odors.  The citric acid within lemon, oranges and limes works to eat through odor causing properties of squid residue.  To apply, cut open the fruit and squeeze juice within palms.  Continue by running moisture through knuckles, fingers and nails.

4. Baking Soda

This household substance is highly effective at absorbing odors and freshen hands.  Pour a small portion of baking soda within palms, and place hands under running water until baking soda becomes moist.  Rub moist baking soda through hands and under fingernails.

5. Vodka

This party beverage has more than one use around the household.  The alcohol within vodka works to neutralize much of the squid smell, and dries away odorless.  Splash hands from the bottle and rub through hands and under fingernails.

6. White Vinegar

This household ingredient combats a variety of organic odors like squid.  Splash hands with white vinegar and 2-3 times before washing the substance off under the faucet.  In-between splashes make sure to rub the liquid through hands and into areas under fingernails.

For myself
83 Years
Worcester, Massachusetts

The following (in order) are what we discovered to cure the putrid smell of
squid on the hands. This occured after a day of deep-sea fishing:

Scrub hands with, in this order…
1) Dawn didhwashing liquid
2) Liquid washing detergent
3) Mustard from a squeeze bottle
4) Soak hands in orange juice for 5 minutes
5) Remove hands and apply antibacterial soap
6) Scrub for 30 seconds
7) Rinse

Repeat until satisfied.

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