How to Get Urine Smell Out of Mattress

Lets face it, there exists a learning curve to getting up within the middle of the night to make your way to the bathroom.  When our little ones have a nighttime accident, the odor can build and develop a smelly challenge when not immediately and appropriately cleaned.

The exist several household solutions for eliminating the ammonia smelling mattress even in the worse case scenarios.  The below solutions will ensure that you can deodorize your son or daughter’s mattress and erase the scent of the unfortunate accident.

Deodorizing Solutions for Urine Smelling Mattress

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1. Act Fast!

The faster you act after the accident, the better chances you will have at drawing out the urine and reducing residual odor. As a general rule of thumb, you will want to perform this task within an hour of discovering the incident. It may the middle of the night, but know that it will pay off to handle the problem on the spot.

2. Blot Dry

Your first step is to remove that existing urine from the mattress.  To do this find several old towels that you don't necessary place a high value on.  Proceed to press these towels within the urine soaked areas of the mattress in order to draw out all of the available urine from the bed.  After pressing your entire body weight against the drench location and failing to draw out any remaining fluid, move on the the following step.

3. Water Down & Blot

Next, you will need to dilute the existing urine that was not accessible through blot drying. Pour water on the location of the urine to remoisten the location and proceed to blot dry this with a new towel. Continue this process for two to three times until the towel fail to bring out any urine smelling water.

4. Enzyme Soak

Once all of the available water has been blot dried from the mattress, you can proceed in pouring a generous amount of enzyme cleaner into the affected portion of the mattress.  Allow of the enzyme cleaner to settle in for 6-8 hours and then proceed to blot dry the remaining cleaning solution from the mattress and place it back within use.  Using an enzyme cleaner is most effective at deodorizing urine due to the activated enzymes which literally eat through the smelly organics left behind from the urine.

5. White Vinegar Mixture

If enzyme cleaner is not on hand, use of white vinegar can provide good results.  Mix a solution of one part white vinegar with six parts water and pour on the affected portion of the mattress.  Similarly allow the solution to sit within the mattress for 6-8 hours before blot drying the excess away.

6. Baking Soda Sprinkle

As a final step, baking soda can be sprinkled in heavy quantities over the affected location of the mattress.  After applying this powder, proceed to cover the mattress with a fitted sheet and allow for the baking soda to absorb any remaining odors over the following 2-3 days.

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Washing soda works well at it. As a fabric softener, vinegar
can be used as well. Apart from home remedies, commercial products like,
Miracle and Simple Solution are wonderful products to deal with this problem.

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