How Seniors Can Get Weed Smell Off

The are many reasons to avoid smelling of weed.  It carries a social stigma, and can bring undesired consequences among certain social crowds.  After we smoke, this residue often lives long after our session within our clothing, hair and hands.

Fortunately, there are several solutions for neutralizing the odor while on the go.  In this guide, several tips are provided for wiping out these odors to ensure that you smell fresh no matter where you are.


Clothes often capture the majority of weed residue.  If you are trying to keep your extra-curricular activities under-wraps, it is recommended that you treat your stinky threads as your first priority.

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1. Toke Outdoors

By smoking outside, you will be able to vastly reduce the amount of odor that can find it's way within your clothing.  This preventative measure works best in remote areas where the smell will not bring any unwanted attention.

2. Window Fan

As an additional preventative step, run a fan by the window to push much of the wanted aroma outside.  This will cut down of the amount of residual weed residue that makes it's way within clothes, hair and even hands.

3. Cigarette

When all else fails, simply cover up the odor with the smell of tobacco smoke.  By lighting up a cigarette, you can cut down on the detection of weed odor.  As an added benefit, this provides an excuse for carrying around a lighter.

4. Febreze

This product works magic in getting deep within clothing fiber to wipe out smoke related odors.  By spraying yourself down head to toe, you can enter any social engagement with a clear conscience.  Place multiple bottles within strategic positions around the house, car and even office to be prepared for any occasion.

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Getting weed smell caught up within ones hair is a constant concern for many people with long hair.  It is rather difficult to avoid getting some smell caught within your follicles, but there are solutions to prevent and remove the odor.

1. Hair Up

As a preventative measure, put your hair up in a bun before smoking weed. This creates a tightened environment, that makes it difficult for weed to find it's way into follicles.

2. Hair Down + Sun

By going outside with your hair down and sitting in the sun up to 30 minutes, it can have a wonderful effect on removing smoke-based odor.  The fresh breeze and UV rays that exist outside can work miracles in wiping out odors.

3. Vodka

This drink has natural capabilities of wiping out smoke residue odors.  Pour a small portion into your hand and run it through the affected hair.  As the vodka evaporates, it will work to remove much of the odor causing residue.

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Having your hands smelling of weed can be a dead giveaway to your friends, family and colleagues.  While many do not place a priority on keeping hands fresh, it is an important action to avoiding detection.

1. Antibacterial Soap

If you are within range of a sink with antibacterial soap, be sure to first give this a try.  It should be able to wipe out the smokey odors and return your hands smelling fresh again.

2. Alcohol Splash

For the hard to get weed odors, splash your hands with any kind of alcohol you can get your hands on.  Vodka or even rubbing alcohol will work in neutralizing the odor and carrying it away as it evaporates.

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Dryer sheets work really well. Rub one on your clothes to mask the smell. You
can also attach a dryer sheet to the end of a toilet paper roll by rubber band
and puff through that so the room doesn't stink up.

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