How Seniors Can Get Weed Smell Out of Backpack?

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"Sooo.... I'm in college and work at a medicinal marijuana distribution facility. I am very straight edge, and my friends, family and roommates have no idea of this part of my life. I'd like to keep it this way! My problem is that my schooling backpack continually smells of a fresh weed odor. Last night, my roommate Jordy actually asked me if I had been around an area of a skunk spray. I worry that they will soon find out about this additional income source if I don't take measures to prevent it from happening. Can you help me? Many Thanks! - Kevin"

A Smell Removal Answers

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1. White Vinegar Wash Cycle

As a preliminary step, you will want to work to deodorize the backpack to eliminate any musty weed odors. You can accomplish this by adding an deodorizing boost to your normal detergent washing machine cycle of the backpack. Once you have checked to see if your backpack is machine washable, you will want to place the machine settings accordingly, and proceed to add in a additional cup of white vinegar within the cycle. Once completed, hang the backpack outside to air dry rather than opting for the drying machine. This will help to avoid unwanted shrinkage and will help to lift away any additional odors.

2. Baking Soda Detergent Boost

If you do not have white vinegar, baking soda can work well as a deodorizing alternative. Measure one cup of baking soda and add it within a normal wash cycle along with normal washing machine detergent. The baking soda will work to absorb some of the deep weed odors within the fiber and leave it smelling fresh. Similar to white vinegar, you will want to hang to backpack outside to naturally air dry rather than using the drying machine.

3. Vodka Spray

If you are on the go, spraying your backpack down with vodka can be highly effective at cutting through many of the odors. The high alcohol content neutralizes many weed odors on contact and works to dry away odorously. Pour a small amount of vodka within a spray bottle and proceed to spray down your backpack. Once you have sprayed down the entire backpack, put the backpack in the sun to allow the alcohol to quickly evaporate and lift much of the unwanted aroma away.

4. Deodorizing Product Spray

As another fast solution, the use of a store bought deodorizing product can work well at covering up the odor within the short term. Whether it is Glade or Febreze, will need to give the backpack a thorough spray down and place it within the sun to quickly evaporate. In many circumstances, this will be sufficient to properly cover the scent of weed.

5. Trash Bag the Backpack

As a preventative solution, you may want to consider always having a trash bag within your backpack. Any time that you anticipate being around weed, simply place the backpack within the enclosed trash bag. This will ensure that no weedy residues will make their way within the canvas material.

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For myself
18 Years
226 jaws court

I had a edible in my bookbag and I’m gonna eat in the morning too. But my bookbag smells like weed. What do I do. So that I can leave my house in the morning with the smell gone.

For myself
49 Years
Oakland, California

I have had trouble getting the smell of weed out of my and my best friends
book bag and we need help to get the smell away

Dylan King
For myself
61 Years
Henderson, Nevada

Step 1: put your backpack in the wash machine.

Step 2: buy a mason jar and put all your weed in it. The mason jar will not
let any smell at all out. But when you crack it open be outside because it
will burst of smells of wonders.

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