How Seniors Can Get Weed Smell Out of Hair

Weed smelling hair is often an unfortunate side effect of smoking pot.  When this happens, it can easily be detected and make it difficult to keep this activity under wraps.

This guide provides a range of solutions for removing weed odor from your follicles.  By following the below tips, you can increase your chance of neutralizing the odor and enter any social encounter undetected.

Smell Removal On-The-Go

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1. Hair Down

After your hair has acquired a weedy funk, be sure to let it down.  Letting your hair down frees the stands up to allow air to sweep through and carry away the unwanted aroma.

2. Sun

The sun naturally works to neutralize weed odors.  Spend a minimum of 30-45 minutes in direct sunlight and allow UV rays to burn out much of the smoke-based residue.

3. Vodka

If vodka is available, it can be poured within your hands and rubbed into areas of hair that has been affected by the smoke.  It can also be applied with a spray bottle allowing for easy application of the substance.

4. Febreze

This product is a wonderful solution for clearing smoke odors from your locks.  Stowing a few bottles within strategic positions can be helpful for deodorizing your hair on short notice.

Smell Prevention

1. Hair Up

Keeping hair up prior to smoking weed can protect the majority of your follicles from being affected by the smoke.  After smoking, spray your hair bun lightly with deodorant or perfume and let your hair down.

2. Smoke Outdoors

By smoking outdoors, the amount of odor captured within hair is much less than smoking indoors.  The open space outdoors is a much larger area for smokey odors to dissipate into.

3. Window Fan

When smoking indoors, make sure to have a fan running by the windows.   This will sweep much of the smoke outside and prevent it from getting within your hair.

4. Use a Vaporizer

Smoking from a vaporizer is another great option for smoking indoors.  Vaporizers are virtually odorless and are great for cutting down on the weed residue that can get within your follicles.

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