How Seniors Can Get Wine Smell Out of Carpet

Once wine makes it’s way with the carpeting it can be quite challenging remove.  After the visible signs of the spill have been lifted, the odorous wine residue can remain within the carpeting and work to fill the room with an unpleasant musk.

Fortunately, there are several things that can be done to treat the carpeting and keep the wine related odor within check.  By following some of the below suggestions, all scents of wine can be removed to add a bit of freshness back within the room.

Traditional Deodorizing Solutions

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1. Enzyme Cleaning Solution

This cleaning solution is highly effective in combating organic-based wine odors through the use of active enzymes.  Though this solution is more regularly used for pet related odors, the active enzymes will similarly go to working in eating up any odorous wine residues that may be found within the wine or underlying padding.  Pour a heavy amount of enzyme solution over the affected are of the wine spill and provide 1-2 days for the solution to make its way within the carpeting and padding to work it's magic.  Once this time has passed, you can return to blot dry the deodorizing solution from the carpeting.

2. Baking Soda Remedy

This household substance is wonderful at absorb difficult odors and can work well in treating wine odors within the carpeting.  Mix a solution of one part baking soda with10 parts hot water and pour the contents over the location of the wine spill.  Allow for the moisture to soak in for 2-3 hours before returning to blot dry the area with a clean towel.  Proceed to sprinkle baking soda over the location of the spill and provide 2-3 days for the powder to absorb any remaining aroma from the carpeting and underlying padding.

3. White Vinegar Mixture

This household acid is cheap and effective at cutting though wine related odors within carpeting.  Mix one part white vinegar with eight parts hot water and pour a heavy amount of this solution over the affected area within the carpeting.  Provide 1-2 days for the solution to sit within the carpeting before returning to blot dry the location with a towel.  Be sure to press with your entire body weight while blot drying to ensure that you remove the maximum amount of vinegar as possible.  Though vinegar dry odorless, it will continue to smell so long as it remains wet.

4. Pour Kitty Litter

This solution works for more than your sanitizing your kittens droppings.  Sprinkle a heavy amount of unused cat litter over the location of the accident.  Provide  2-3 days for the solution the absorb any remaining odors before returning to vacuum the pet product from the carpeting. Be sure to vacuum thoroughly as the product can get deep down within the carpeting fiber.

5. Carpet Cleaner

If you have not had luck with the above methods, you may consider renting a carpet cleaner to treat the wine-related odor.  Carpet cleaners work well at getting deep-down within the carpeting and underlying padding to clean and deodorize spills.  Also, many carpet cleaning rental locations offer enzyme cleaning solution that works within the device.  This is an effective way of giving the machine an extra boost over the traditional shampoo.

Unconventional Deodorizing Solutions

1. Vodka Spray

While it may sound crazy to treat a wine odor with vodka, this party drink has been used for generations within eastern europe for its deodorizing properties.  The alcohol within vodka cuts through difficult odors and leaves the affected areas smelling fresh.  Mix vodka and hot water within equal parts and pour within a spray bottle.  Proceed to spray down the affected area of the spill and provide 3-4 hours for the solution to settle in before returning to blot dry the location.

2. Coffee Ground Absorption

Coffee grounds can be used to absorb odors from a variety of spills.  Place a paper towel over the affect area of the carpeting and pour a hefty amount of coffee grounds of the the location.  Provide 2-3 days for the coffee grounds to slowly absorb the odor and replace it with the subtle aroma of morning brew.  Please note: This solution is meant to treat the odor and not the spill itself.  When applying this solution the affected area of the carpeting should be dry.  If the area is wet, the is potential for the coffee ground to stain the underlying carpeting.

The above solutions work great at removing the smell. However, the you may find that the difficult to remove wine stain remains. In such cases, you can have help by usingin some of the following carpet stain removal tips.

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