How Seniors Can Know If You Smell

The most challenging part of personal odor is that it can be difficult to smell oneself. In such cases, you can smell quite rotten before knowing that it is time to take a deodorizing shower.

Obviously, everyone would like to prevent a nasty body odor from developing, and a handful of preventative steps have been created to do just that. By following the below solution, you can be sure that your personal funk never gets out of hand.

Personal Smell Detection Tips

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1. If You Can Smell It, Others Can Too

As a guiding principle, if you can smell the odors, other people have been able to smell it for an even longer period of time. For this reason, you should take immediate action once the smell has been detected to prevent any further unpleasantness around friends, family, and coworkers. People aren't always given the benefit of the doubt, and strangers may assume that you are a regular homeless person.

2. Ask a Trusted Friend For a Sniff Test

We are not always great at detecting our own odors, so asking a close friend for their personal opinion is a great way to check if you smell bad. The tricky part of this solution is that no one generally wants to smell another person. It can be an unpleasant and unrewarding act.  If need be, incentivize you trusted friend with a small gift if they are to drive nose deep within your armpit for a smell check.

3. Cup Hands & Breath

One highly effective way to tell if your breath smells is to cup your hands and breath within them.  After breathing within your hands via your mouth, quickly move cupped hand upwards and inhale through your nose.  In most cases when one's breath is especially bad, this test will inform the unfortunate  person that he is in need of a mint.

4. Develop a Regime

If you find that your breathe or body odors develop when you forget to brush teeth or shower regularly, make sure that you setup a regimented timetable to perform these acts.  This will help in keeping a clear conscience that you are smelling fresh and are never the smelly person within the room.

5. Do the Finger Test

If you are worried that your body odor might be higher than normal, you should try smelling your own armpit.  Though this take some flexibility, most people should be able to get close enough to their own armpit to get a fix on whether it it smelly or not.  If You are unable to tell, you can stick one finger under your armpit for 10 seconds before proceeding to smell the odor that has built up upon your finger.  If your digit is carrying an especially foul stench it may be a sign that you are in need of a shower.

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