How Seniors Can Remove Cigarette Smell From Toys

When smoke laden toys gain a new life in a smoke-free home, it’s noticeable. Instead of directly sending them to the Island of Misfit Toys, truly give them a new life with these toy saving, odor eliminating, and all around helpful tips on removing old nicotine smells from plush and plastic toys.

Plush toys soak up cigarette smells like a sponge does water. Using these tips will make a difference of the relation of your smoky find and the term “can”.

Cigarette Toy Smell Removal Tips

1 Air it Out!

UV rays aren’t all bad! The rays that are bad for us are great for neutralizing those nasty cigarette smells. By placing the plush toy in direct sunlight for a couple days the sun’s UV rays help remove a lot of the soaked in smell.

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2. Vinegar Time

Using ¼ vinegar to ¾ water mixture, place concoction in a spray bottle. Be sure to test a small area on your plush toy to ensure that the mixture will not affect the fabric. If all systems are go proceed to lightly mist the plush toy all over. (No worries folks! Vinegar smells dissipate when dry.) Lemon juice may also be used in place of vinegar. Finally, place back in the sun to dry!

Using a combination of UV rays and the vinegar/water mixture proved to be some of the best ways found to remove smells out of plush toys. (Not to mention chemical free!)

We all know that plush toys don’t rule the toy box; plastics have played a key role in the production of toys for decades. Don’t let the mass production and availability of plastic toys to eat a new hole in your wallet. Save money and revitalized plastic toys with these tips.

1. Bleach Water Bath

Using 1 tablespoon of bleach per gallon of warm water; create a bath for your plastic toys. Let plastics sit in the solution for two or three minutes. Upon removing the toys, rise thoroughly with water and dry with a clean towel.

2. Baking Soda Confinement

Take a plastic storage container and fill with smoke laden toys. Open a box of baking soda (fabric softener sheets also work well) and place in the storage container with the toys. Seal the box with the toys inside and play the waiting game. After about three to four days the toys will be free of the stale smoke smell.

3. Drink and Deodorize

Letting plastic toys soak in a ten parts water to one part vodka mixture is a quick fix for light smoky smells. Soak the toys for around an hour and faint cigarette smells will vanish!

4. Dawn to the Rescue!

Fill a free sink with warm water. Add two tablespoons of Dawn and a ¼ cup of oxygen bleach detergent. Let the plastic toys soak for an hour. After their long bath scrub them with a plastic brush. If you feel that the toys just aren’t up to par, refill the sink with warm water and add one cup of vinegar. Let them soak overnight and all those stale smoky smells will be eliminated.

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"Nicotine" smells? Nicotine doesn't smell, it's the burning of the tobacco leaves that smells. Just exactly like when you're out camping and you smell like the campfire. It's harmless, but tobacco haters don't like it, so you've got to get rid of the smell.

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You can eliminate odors by four methods, open windows and air out the rooms,
odor eliminating sprays. An air ionizer or an ozone generator introduces
negative ions that negate odors. A permanent way to keep odors away and your
home smelling fresh and clean is repainting the walls in a room.

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