Medical Alerts for Seniors in Mesa, Arizona

Medical Alerts for Seniors in Mesa, Arizona

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Medical alert systems provide safety to seniors living an independent lifestyle and those who have opted to live alone. The senior wears a pendant that features a small button. In the event of an emergency, the senior must press the button on the pendant to be placed in immediate contact with a highly skilled and trained operator who will evaluate the situation and summon help. Many medical alert pendants also feature fall detection and GPS components for additional protection and peace of mind. 

Population Density

Mesa is a city in Maricopa County, Arizona. It has a population of 484,587, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. The city boasts a large senior population. Over 16 percent of the town’s population is made up of individuals over the age of 65. It has become a popular retirement mecca. As the baby boomers start to age, the projected population of elderly people in Mesa is expected to double or even triple in the coming years. 

Emergency Response Time

In recent years, Mesa has been focused on improving emergency response times. Community Care Units are now being dispatched, which contain four EMTs and a nurse. Best Life lists Mesa as the third best city in the United States for emergency response times. In almost all cases, emergency assistance arrives within 2.67 minutes. The short time frame is phenomenal considering the national average is eight minutes. 

Medical Facilities in Mesa, Arizona

The U.S. News & World Health Report lists Banner Medical as having one high performing specialty. Banner Desert Medical also has been honored with a high performing rank for a procedure. Within Mesa’s city limits, there are not many high performing and ranking hospitals to meet the demands of the city’s burgeoning population. However, the close proximity of Mesa to Phoenix means that residents can easily pursue other hospitals. 

Senior Health Rating in Mesa

Seniors in Mesa tend to live relatively healthy lifestyles. Throughout the region are numerous independent living communities that are geared towards the 55 plus crowd. Many seniors in the area also maintain an active travel life. When the desert heat starts to increase, they leave the area until the mild autumn, winter, and spring months. However, in the state of Arizona, one in four adults is obese. This is a significant ratio of seniors. Obesity may lead to a wide array of health problems such as cardiac issues, diabetes, stroke and arthritis. 

Other City Considerations

Mesa has a strong retiree population that is only projected to grow substantially as the baby boomers continue to retire over the coming years. Most seniors seek to live independent lifestyles, and medical alert services help that goal become a reality. With a medical alert pendant, help can quickly be summoned in an emergency situation. Medical alert services are available throughout Mesa and continue to grow as the demand and senior population expands.  

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