Seniors Turning Tech Savvy


Seniors are the largest growing segment of the population, with baby boomers retiring at ever-higher rates every day. This burgeoning population means that many seniors are turning tech savvy at even greater speeds than ever before. Previously, smartphone use, web browsing, and internet surfing were viewed as being something only required by the younger generation, but now just about everything is technology-driven, and it has become mandatory for most seniors to learn a variety of devices.

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Nowadays, 70 percent of seniors have smartphones, according to data collected from Aging in Place. They are using their devices to stay in touch with family through calls, texting, and social media. Additionally, seniors are turning to their phones to shop, play games, stream movies, and even utilize dating sites. Modern seniors are becoming very tech savvy.

Years ago, seniors would have to wait for the morning paper to get the latest crossword puzzle, but nowadays, there are a variety of apps that provide crossword puzzles, chess games, and solitaire. Just about everything is at a senior’s disposal with smartphones, tablets, computers, and voice-activated personal computerized electronic assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Seniors are Learning to be Tech Savvy

In recent years, the technological breakthroughs our world has seen have been staggering. Many tech inventions assist and benefit seniors.

  • Smartphones: Smartphones have never been easier to use, and seniors are getting in on the action. Many smartphones are now made more prominent and brighter than ever before. Known as, ‘phablets,’ they feature large, comfortable-to-see screens with big icons. Seniors can use their phones to text, talk, use social media, play games, search the web, and even facetime with loved ones. Many seniors who have difficulty reading the traditional newspaper now get their daily news through a variety of news apps that are free and feature large, easy-to-understand fonts.
  • Tablets: Tablets are a great way to read books or stream movies. The tablet is lightweight and comfortable for a senior to hold. The aging adult can adjust the font, so they can read books without straining to see small print.
  • Computers: Computers have opened up a world of possibilities for seniors who want to research various topics, email people, read reviews, look up phone numbers, Skype with loved ones, play games, or enjoy social media. Seniors are even entering the online dating game.
  • Computerized Home Electronic Assistant: Amazon Alexa and Google Home are both top-of-the-line computerized home electronic assistants. Speakers are placed in each room of the home. The speakers are voice activated. A senior merely asks the system a question, and immediately gains answers. Computerized home electronic assistants can control a home’s security system, lights, thermostat, stereo, and television. If a senior wants to make a call, they can ask the device and be put in immediate contact with loved ones. These inventions can also remind the aging adult of doctor’s appointments, medication reminders, or the ingredients in a recipe. The systems can also serve as a wake-up reminder or even read a book to a senior. In many ways, these devices are alleviating loneliness in seniors.

Tech-savvy seniors are living independent lifestyles longer than ever before. Technology is enabling them to live with very few limitations. It is, in many ways, opening up a world of possibility by allowing aging individuals to feel less lonely and more in contact with the world around them.

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