Ways to Stay Feeling Young

Ways to Stay Feeling Young

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Listen – Let’s forget about your age for a second.

I mean it – no numbers.

There are so many things that can keep you feeling young despite stereotypical chains holding you back. Don’t buy into the hype!

Despite our old rickety bones, finding new things to enjoy, adapting to change, and being socially active can actually be the key to a long, happy life.

Staying Active

Having an active lifestyle will keep you feeling young by keeping your body in good condition. Many physical challenges associated with aging can be overcome or mitigated with the proper diet, taking care of yourself and exercise. Regular exercise will help you stay feeling young. Find an activity that you like and that will motivate you to continue and overcome exercising excuses. It does not have to be strenuous. In fact, walking is a wonderful way to stay fit. The best part about walking is that it does not cost anything and you can walk anywhere. You may want to exercise in a group dance or yoga class or more of an individual activity such as swimming.

Laughter is Strong Medicine

”Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion” – Dolly Parton.

Bring more humor into your life – it’s that simple. Laughter helps to stay balanced, healthy, full of life and joyful. Spend time with people who are fun. When people share laughter it increases happiness and triggers healthy changes in the body and increases the immune system. Create opportunities by watching a funny movie or making time for activities that are fun. The best part is this medicine is free and easy to use.

Enjoy Nature

Fresh air and sunshine rejuvenate the soul. Enjoying the beauty of nature boosts your mood. Simply just take a walk or enjoy a scenic view.

Find a Passion

One of the main ingredients to feeling young is the capability to find joy and meaning in life – simply put – find exciting new activities and experiences. Finding an activity that you are truly passionate about should bring enthusiasm. This can be anything meaningful to you from getting involved in your community by volunteering to a neglected hobby. Everybody has diverse ways of expressing joy. The activities you get pleasure from may vary over time, so try something new when the mood hits you!

The prospects are never-ending. The most essential thing is to find meaning and joy no matter what your preference is, whether you enjoy a walk, volunteering or laughing these are just some of the many ways to stay feeling young, both inside and out.

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