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Progressive,one of the most recognized insurance agencies in the country, provides extensive coverage options to boat owners.

Aiming to provide accessible and affordable coverage to automobile owners, Joseph Lewis and Jack Green established the innovative auto insurance agency, Progressive Mutual Insurance Company, in 1937.

Progressive was the first auto insurance company to offer drive-in claims service, to provide installment plans, and to launch a company website. 

Progressive has since evolved into one of the United States’ largest insurance agencies, offering policies for homes, RVs, businesses and more. The agency has provided boat insurance for over 35 years, and insures over one million watercraft.

Grandfolk Scoring
Cost 9/10
Ease of enrollment 9/10
Customer support 9/10
Discounts 8/10
Payments 9/10
Add-on options 9/10
Boats covered 8/10
Coverage 9/10
Waiting period 9/10
Annual cost of coverage
Coverage options as low as $100/year, varies by selection
Ease of enrollment
Ways you can enroll
Online, by phone, or with the assistance of an independent agent
Customer support
Ease of access
Customer support is available 24/7 by phone and email
How can premiums be reduced?
Accident and violation-free record, boat safety courses, and more
How are payments completed?
By phone, online, or through the app. EFT can also be set up
Add-on options
What types of coverage can be added to my policy?
Fishing equipment and personal property, loss replacement, and more
Boats covered
What types of boats are eligible for coverage?
Most boats up to 50 feet long and valued up to $350,000
What services are covered?
Wreckage removal, repair and replacement, and more
Waiting period
How soon can services be used?
Dependent on chosen policy effective date
Age Score:
50-64 Years
65-74 Years
75-84 Years

Progressive’s website is well-designed. Seniors who are not tech-savvy can easily locate relevant information. Links to additional details are demarcated by bold and colored font. Blog posts with resources and information are available to customers. Seniors may find these details helpful for selecting coverage options and learning about boat maintenance and similar topics.  

Customer support services are accessible 24/7 by phone. This is beneficial to seniors who would prefer someone to guide them through the payment process and assist with policy and claims management. Seniors who regularly use the internet and/or mobile apps can also access customer support with their online account portal, via e-mail or chat and with the Progressive app. 

Progressive does not offer senior discounts. However, seniors who are original boat owners can earn reduced rates. Seniors who own their homes can also earn reductions. Most other options are equally feasible. Safety classes, however, may not be ideal for seniors who are uncomfortable with regularly utilizing the internet and participating in online courses. Some states may offer on-site classes, but accessibility to these programs will depend on the needs of each individual.

Health Score:
Great Health
Good Health
Fair Health
Poor Health

Seniors who must limit their physical activity, or are otherwise restricted from engaging in recreational activity, may not find value in a boat insurance policy. However, customers are entitled to forgiveness of small accidents that cost $500 and less, and to forgiveness of large accidents (provided they have been Progressive policy holders for a minimum of four years and have not filed a claim in the last three years). 

Policy holders are also eligible for medical payment and liability coverages. These insurance featuresare helpful for seniors concerned about incurring costs related to accidents on the water and suffering boating-related injuries.


  • Accident costs less than $500 are not penalized. 
  • Medical payment coverage is available for all policies. 
  • Under comprehensive and collision coverage, Progressive covers the remaining cost of repairs for a stolen or damaged boat, after deductibles are paid. 
  • Total loss replacement is available for boats less than one year old. 
  • Trailer coverage provides reimbursement up to $500 for food and travel accommodations for individuals whose trailers or tow vehicles break down more than 100 miles from home. 
  • Policy holders can earn a 25% reduction on their deductible cost each year that they do not file a claim. 
  • Customer support is available by phone 24/7. 
  • Policies and account details are manageable online or with the Progressive mobile app. 
  • Progressive does not require a navigation plan or boat inspection prior to coverage.


  • 24/7 assistance is only available by phone. While this may be beneficial to many seniors who prefer direct interaction with representatives, this could be an inconvenience to those individuals who prefer to communicate by e-mail or online chat. 
  • Progressive policies are not ideal for yacht insurance.
  • There are various limitations on boat coverages.

Bottom Line:

Progressive is one of the most recognized insurance agencies in the United States. The company insures several types of boats, and offers numerous coverage options to its policy holders. Whereas some customers express satisfaction with their policies and the responsiveness of customer support staff, other customers report extensive issues with these services.

Progressive offers competitive premium rates, considering the range of coverage options provided. 

Progressive is not BBB accredited but does feature a BBB rating of A+. This rating is not reflective of the boat insurance division in particular, but rather of Progressive as an overall corporation. The agency holds top scores from many insurance rating organizations including an AA rating from Standard & Poor Financial Services, an AA “Very Strong” rating from Fitch Ratings, and an A+ “Excellent” rating from A.M. Best.

Progressive is likely a good insurance option for most boaters, but it may not be ideal for individuals with large, expensive boats.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much will boat insurance coverage cost?

Coverage costsare determined by the specifications of your boat and the policy and coverages you select. To receive a personalized quote, you can visit Progressive’s website, contact an agent by phone, or visit an independent agency location. 

How can I decrease my premium rates? 

If you have multiple policies with Progressive, you may be able to earn a discounted rate. This works even if you have policies on more than one boat. Homeowners are eligible to receive reductions to their premium raters, regardless of whether or not Progressive insures the property. You may also pay your policy in full to receive a discounted rate, or enroll in boat safety courses. 

Boaters with an accident-free record or who have avoided accidents within the last three years may also be eligible for discounted rates. Additionally, you can claim a reduction to your premium simply by being an original owner of your boat. 

What type of coverage am I guaranteed?

Progressive boat insurance policies automatically include coverage for wreckage removal, repair costs (without depreciation when you select comprehensive and collision coverage), costs incurred from water sports-related injuries and damages,and oil spills. If you have a trailer on your policy, you are also automatically eligible for roadside assistance.You can select your desired coverage for costs related to medical fees and liability costs.

More Information:

Product Details 

Overview: All Progressive boat insurance policies automatically include coverage for wreckage removal, injuries and property damage related to water sports activities, fuel spills, small accidents costing $500 or less, qualifying large accidents and roadside assistance (if you have listed a trailer on your policy). Certain boats that fail to meet value, length, speed and age requirements may not qualify for coverage.

Package Details:

Powerboat, price varies (potentially as low as $100 a year)

One of the most commonly-insured boat categories, which includes cuddy cabins, deck boats, and bowriders. 

•    Boats with maximum speeds of 75 mph, up to 50 feet in length, and $350,000 in value 
•    Included coverage for popular recreational activities such as fishing, water sports and cruising

Sailboat, price varies (potentially as low as $100 a year)

This category includes boats that may utilize a motor, but feature at least one sail for power. 

•    Agreed Value coverage
•    No depreciation on partial losses
•    Excludes sailboats longer than 50 feet in length and valued over $350,000
•    Sailboats used as a primary residence or sailboats that feature wood or steel hulls do not qualify 
•    Sailboats must meet U.S. Coast Guard standards 

Bass Boat, price varies (potentially as low as $100 a year) 

Bass boats comprise another popularly-insured boat category. These boats tend to include various modifications. 

•    Typically includes coverage for mechanical breakdowns, fishing equipment, and trailer towing
•    Excludes commercial fishing boats (with an exception of boats used for fishing tournaments), boats with a maximum speed greater than 90 mph, charter boats, racing boats and homemade boats (and other boats constructed from kits) 

Pontoon, price varies (potentially as low as $100 a year)

Nearly every type of pontoon boat is eligible for coverage. 

•    Commonly includes coverage for water sports-related injuries and property damages, medical payments and replacement costs for personal items 

Optional Accessories or Add-on Services

Full coverage for fishing equipment and other personal property items, total loss replacement, mechanical breakdown coverage, reimbursement for fees related to trailer or tow vehicle breakdowns, on-water towing and disappearing deductibles.

Additional Company Details

Contract Details: Policy contracts are implemented on an annual basis. Policies may be paid in full or paid monthly (either manually or automatically). 

Accreditations: Progressiveis notaccredited by the Better Business Bureau, but maintains a rating of A+. The agency has received an AA rating from Standard & Poor, an A+ “Excellent” rating from A.M. Best and an AA “Very Strong” rating from Fitch Ratings. 

Company Details:Progressive, one of the most renowned insurance companies in the United States, was created by Joseph Lewis and Jack Green on March 10, 1937. The agency was first created as an auto insurance agency with the goal to provide affordable and accessible insurance coverage to U.S. consumers. 

Currently headquartered in Mayfield, Ohio, the agency is comprised of over 33,000 employees represented atnearly 400 different office locations throughout the United States. 


The Progressive Corporation
6300 Wilson Mills Rd.
Mayfield, OH 44143
Tel: 800-776-4737

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