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Straightforward, no-frills auto insurance coverage with the benefit of a large network of great coverage options and good discounts

21st Century Insurance offers straightforward, no-frills auto insurance coverage. The company was established in 1958 as an inter-insurance exchange. As of 2009, 21st Century is part of the Farmers Insurance Group of Companies® which insures 10 million households and has written more than 20 million policies. 21st Century’s website provides helpful information for potential customers with a focus on folks who are new to online insurance shopping or car insurance. Standard discounts are available. Unlike many other online insurers, 21st Century offers several offline bill payment and policy management options

Grandfolk Scoring
Premium 8/10
Deductible 8/10
Customer service 10/10
Customer satisfaction 9/10
Policy options 7/10
Additional benefits 8/10
Financial strength of insurer 9/10
Discounts 7/10
Payments 9/10
Digital interface 7/10
Annual cost of coverage
Varies with personal factors
Annual deductible to be met
Depends on policy selected
Customer service
Customer responsiveness
Very responsive - highest BBB score
Customer satisfaction
Satisfaction with insurance
Ranked above average by J.D. Powers
Policy options
Auto insurance policy types
Average policy options
Additional benefits
Benefits and add-ons types
Average benefit/add-on options
Financial strength of insurer
Claim pay ability
Top rated – A.M. Best
Discount types
Average range
Payments methods
Above average options
Digital interface
Digital interface accesibility
Functional but not clean
Age Score:
50-64 Years
65-74 Years
75-84 Years

21st Century has some benefits geared towards seniors but may become less friendly with advancing age. The website is helpful and offers a great “Search” feature to go through the troves of information. For example, there are lots of FAQs and even articles geared towards seniors. However, the type is very small, and it can be difficult to navigate through the site. Unlike some other insurers, 21st Century offers offline payment options including by Western Union money orders. You can also send written requests to 21st Century through the mail or fax.

Health Score:
Poor Health
Fair Health
Good Health
Great Health

Advancing health conditions may make it difficult for some seniors to drive safely, and to maintain this auto insurance coverage, you must have a valid driver’s license. Seniors may take advantage of 21st Century’s Mature Driver discount or Safe Driver discount. If you drive below a certain number of miles each year, you may also be eligible for a reduced rate. Comprehensive coverage through 21st Century may cover equipment which is permanently attached to the vehicle, but other equipment used by disabled drivers or passengers may not be covered.


  • 21st Century offers a reasonable, but not exceptional, range of discounts. These include Mature Driver and Safe Driver discounts.
  • Gap insurance covers the amount of money left on a loan when a car is totaled. Gap Insurance with 21st Century also includes a new car replacement if the totaled car was less than a year old. 
  • When using the no-frills website and mobile smartphone app to manage your policy, the tools are fairly straightforward to navigate, and the phone-based Interactive Voice Response system is available 24/7.
  • Customers benefit from the Farmers Group network and get more coverage options and discounts from affiliate organizations. 
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance is included in Standard auto coverage at no extra charge for each driver and vehicle. AAA and OnStar members are not eligible. 
  • 21st Century has more payment and contact options than other auto insurance companies, including payment by money order.


  • While many policy options can be added from the Farmers Group network, many popular policies are not issued by 21st Century directly. For example, Mechanical Breakdown coverage, which protects you when you need serious repairs, is not written by 21st Century, but by another company in the Farmers Group.  
  • Unlike some other auto insurance providers, 21st Century does not offer an Accident Forgiveness program, which protects customers from increases in their premium after the first at-fault accident.  
  • Some seniors may enjoy a more polished online interface and, while the website and mobile smartphone app are both functional, they are not stylish. 

Bottom Line:

21st Century writes Standard auto insurance policies and offers additional coverage options through its network, the Farmers Insurance Group of Companies®. J.D. Powers ranks 21st Century as “above average” for overall customer satisfaction but among “the rest” (the lowest rating) for overall purchase experience. Keynote® ranked 21st Century #1 in Auto Insurance Website Responsiveness. Seniors may enjoy some - but not many - special benefits with 21st Century. This company is ideal for a straightforward policy management experience, Standard insurance coverage and low prices.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I pay for my policy? You can pay with a checking or savings account, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover), debit card or Money Order. Payments can be made over the phone or online. To pay with a Money Order, make a transfer through Western Union and follow the instructions on the 21st Century website. 

How can I make changes to my policy? You can make changes to your policy on the company website or over the phone. 

How do I make a claim? You can make claims online at the company website or over the phone. You can submit a claim over the phone 24/7.

More Information:

Note: All programs, policies, and services may not be available in all states or to all drivers. Please carefully read all policy information for details and talk to a representative to see if you are eligible. 

Product Details

Overview: 21st Century Insurance, part of the Farmers Group of Insurance, offers Standard auto insurance policies nationwide. The company focused on providing great coverage at great rates. 21st Century’s website is very informative and gives helpful advice on selecting insurance and managing policies. Farmers has a large network of preferred repair shops available, but participation is voluntary. 

Package Details: 21st Century offers Standard auto insurance policies in 6-month terms with options to allow you to customize your coverage. Some of the following benefits make 21st Century stand out from its competitors:

21st Century Roadside Assistance: You receive automatic protection for all vehicles and drivers on the policy at no extra cost.  Note: This benefit is not available to AAA or OnStar members.

HelpPoint: 21st Century’s claim service is available 24/7 to help you navigate the process. Catastrophe teams are trained to support you during disasters. 

Farmers Group network: If 21st Century is not able to write a policy for something, one of the Farmers Group partner organizations probably can, which means you can get your boats or ATVs covered.

Add-on Services: Additional coverage options are available through the Farmers Group network. 

Additional Company Details

Contract Details:

Payment policies: You can pay for your policy either in full at the beginning of the policy, 50% at the beginning of the policy and remainder within 60 days, or through monthly direct bills. Monthly payments include an installment fee. However, if you use Auto Pay for your monthly bills, you will no longer have to pay the installment fee. You can pay for your policy online or over the phone using a checking or savings account, credit or debit card, or Western Union money order. 

Late payment: Where allowed by law, there is no grace period for late payments. Your policy may be cancelled if your payment is late.

Cancellation procedure: The cancellation process varies depending on when you cancel. You can cancel over the phone or through email, fax or regular mail. The specifics of the cancellation procedure depend on when during your policy you wish to cancel.

Warranty: None

Accreditations: 21st Century is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau. However, the company has an A+ rating from the BBB website.  

Company Details: 21st Century Insurance was founded in 1958 in Los Angeles as an inter-insurance exchange and was originally called “20th Century Insurance.” The company was purchased by AIG in 2005 and was acquired by the Farmers Insurance Group® in 2009. The Farmers insure 10 million households and have written 20 million policies nationwide. 21st Century is committed to offering great auto insurance and savings to its customers. 


21st Century Insurance
3 Beaver Valley Rd - 4th Floor
Wilmington, DE 19803

Phone: 877-310-5687
Customer Service: Mon-Sat during regular business hours

Website: www.21st.com 

Residents of California: service@21st.com
Residents of Hawaii: service@farmershawaii.com
Residents of All Other States: customer.service@21st.com 

Jennifer Brooks - Senior Advisor

Jennifer is senior researcher with Grandfolk® providing in-depth product and service reviews to empower senior buying decisions.