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Esurance provides online auto insurance and a great claims process for customers. It is recommended for its exceptional online tools and some senior-oriented benefits.

Esurance is an online insurance company which offers car, homeowners, renters, and other insurance coverage. The company was founded in 1999 with the goal to streamline the car insurance sign-up process. Esurance aims to empower customers with the online tools and information needed to make smart decisions about their insurance. It also offers 24/7 claims service and great discounts. Allstate, a Fortune 100 company which has been in business for more than 80 years, bought Esurance in 2011. Together, Esurance and Allstate combine 80+ years of financial strength with online technology.

Grandfolk Scoring
Premium 9/10
Deductible 9/10
Customer service 9/10
Customer satisfaction 8/10
Policy options 9/10
Additional benefits 8/10
Financial strength of insurer 10/10
Discounts 8/10
Payments 7/10
Digital interface 9/10
Annual cost of coverage
Varies with personal factors
Annual deductible to be met
Depends on policy selected
Customer service
Customer responsiveness
Very responsive
Customer satisfaction
Satisfaction with insurance
Policy options
Auto insurance policy types
Above average options
Additional benefits
Benefits and add-ons types
Average benefit/add-on options
Financial strength of insurer
Claim pay ability
Top rated – A.M. Best
Discount types
Average range
Payments methods
Average payment options
Digital interface
Digital interface accesibility
Well above average accessibility
Age Score:
50-64 Years
65-74 Years
75-84 Years

Esurance has some benefits geared towards seniors, but interacting with the company may make it less friendly with advancing age. Billing and policy details are available primarily on the website or mobile smartphone app. If seniors are not comfortable with these platforms, it may be difficult to manage payments or changes to the policy. Paper billing is available for an extra fee and customer service phone lines are not open 24/7. However, seniors who are comfortable with these systems will be able to manage their policies independently.

Health Score:
Poor Health
Fair Health
Good Health
Great Health

Advancing health conditions may make it difficult for some seniors to drive safely and, to maintain this auto insurance coverage, you must have a valid driver’s license. Seniors who complete specific safe driver training courses, maintain a clean driving record and/or are claim-free may earn a discount on their premium. Esurance also offers a policy which includes up to $4,000 worth of coverage on equipment for disabled drivers and/or passengers. A policy is only valuable as long as a senior can drive or find someone else who will.


  • Esurance has a very informative and well-organized website with helpful information about coverage and policies. 
  • The company has an A+ rating from A.M. Best, indicating its high financial strength. 
  • Esurance offers lots of ways for customers to save money, including good driving discounts and discounts for signing up online. 
  • The company offers great policy coverage and a very helpful claims process.
  • While you can choose your repair shop, if you choose one in Esurance’s E-star network you will be able to monitor your repair online, and the repairs will be guaranteed for as long as you have the car.


  • While looking at billing and policy information online or on the mobile application is free, it costs extra to have this information mailed directly to members. Some seniors may prefer paper copies over online statements, and they will have to pay an extra free.
  • Esurance is an online-based company and policies are only available in 40 states. If you prefer to visit an office in-person, there are only 17 locations nationwide.
  • Your personal belongings are not covered, so if they are damaged or lost to theft, you will not be reimbursed. 
  • If you owe money on a loan when your car is totaled, Gap Insurance will cover the balance of the loan, but not a new car. 

Bottom Line:

Esurance, a subsidiary of Allstate, is an online-based insurance company with strong financial ratings, a versatile smartphone app and lots of discounts. Its tech-based options are excellent, and its claims service is average for the industry. Esurance offers Standard auto policies with an emphasis on personalizing coverage. A few of its optional policies may benefit seniors in particular. This auto insurance may work well for you if you are comfortable with managing your policy online or through a smartphone app. It offers a few perks for senior drivers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I pay for my policy? You can pay for your policy with a checking/savings account or credit/debit card. Payments are scheduled automatically to maintain coverage. You can set up an annual or monthly payment schedule. If a payment is late, you will be charged a fee. 

How can I make changes to my policy? You can make changes to your policy either on the website or over the phone. While claims service is 24/7, customer service hours are limited.

How do I make a claim? You can make a claim 24/7 over the phone, online or through the Esurance mobile smartphone app. The website provides helpful information on how to process a claim. If you use the Esurance mobile app, it may speed up the appraisal process.

More Information:

Note: All programs, policies, and services may not be available in all states or to all drivers. Please carefully read all policy information for details and talk to a representative to see if you are eligible. 

Product Details

Overview: Esurance, a subsidiary of Allstate, streamlines the car insurance process through its website and mobile smartphone app. Standard auto insurance policies, like Collision and Comprehensive coverage, are available but the company promotes its options for personalization. Esurance offers some discounts for policyholders, including some for older adult drivers. You can sign up for coverage either through the website or by calling the toll-free number. 

Package Details: Esurance offers Standard auto insurance policies in 6-month terms, with additional options to allow you to customize your coverage. Some of the following benefits make Esurance stand out from its competitors:  

Coverage My Way: This online tool on Esurance’s website helps you decide which policies may be right for you. It is built into the quote generator, so when you fill in your particulars, you will get the information you need to decide your coverage needs. 

24/7 Claims Service: You can report a claim to Esurance anytime, 24/7 by calling, filing online or filing through the smartphone app. 

Esurance Mobile App: Download the Esurance mobile app onto your Apple or Android phones or tablets. Then, you can use the app to look at your insurance ID card, manage your policy, file and track your claim, get roadside assistance and more.   
Add-on Services: Esurance prides itself on being customizable. Some options may be especially beneficial to older drivers.  

CarMatch Rental Coverage: When your car is in the shop or unavailable due to an accident, this covers the rental cost of a vehicle comparable in size and body type to your regular vehicle. (Only available in some states.) 

Gap coverage: Is your leased or financed car totaled? This policy covers the gap between the actual car value and any remaining balance. 

Customized parts and equipment coverage: Up to $4,000 worth of coverage on equipment for disabled drivers and passengers 

Additional Company Details

Contract Details: 

Payment policies: Payment policies depend on the state in which you live. In most states, you can pay with a checking/savings account, debit card or credit card. Your payment will be charged automatically on an agreed-upon payment schedule. Esurance does not accept bill pay through banks. 

You can pay-in-full or pay-per-month. You will get discounts for paying in full and will be charged a small fee if you pay monthly. Installment fees range from $3-10. For monthly payments, you can change your future billing dates. If you choose to make monthly payments, you will need to make a down payment before your policy begins.

Late payment: Payments are withdrawn automatically from your account, so any late payment is because the account has insufficient funds or the credit/debit card is expired. When your payment is late, you will get an email from Esurance. You may have up to 25 days to make a late payment before your policy is canceled. A fee will be added to your payment, and you can make the payment over the phone or online. If you are late on your payment and do not pay your premium during the grace period, your policy may be canceled by Esurance. 

Cancellation procedure: To cancel your auto insurance, call Esurance during customer service hours. Cancellation fees depend on the state in which you live. 

Other fees: You may be charged to add drivers or vehicles to your policy, get paper bills mailed to you and/or other fees, depending on your state.

Warranty: None

Accreditations: Neither Esurance nor Allstate is accredited with the Better Business Bureau. However, on the BBB website, they have been rated an A+ and A-, respectively.

Company Details: Esurance was founded during the ‘Dot Com’ boom in 1999. The company’s mission was to empower consumers to make insurance decisions with confidence. Using modern technology, Esurance streamlined the car insurance process – from getting quotes to signing up for policies to filing claims – and the company utilizes both its website and smartphone app to serve consumers in 43 states. In 2011, Esurance became a subsidiary of Allstate Insurance Company. The government has taken legal action against Allstate for playing misleading TV ads in California.  


650 Davis Street
San Francisco, CA 
Phone: 1-800-ESURANCE (1-800-378-7262) 
Customer service hours: 6 AM-12 AM CT, Mon-Sun

Jennifer Brooks - Senior Advisor

Jennifer is senior researcher with Grandfolk® providing in-depth product and service reviews to empower senior buying decisions.