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National Debt Relief offers only a debt settlement consolidation. The company operates in all but nine states, making it a convenient choice for many seniors.

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National Debt Relief is a debt relief company which provides debt settlement consolidation.This service enables seniors who have significant debts, such as credit cards or medical bills, to use the company’s services to obtain lower interest rates and pay off loans in a two to four-year period.Unlike many other companies, National Debt Relief offers a 100% money-back guarantee: if a customer is unsatisfied with the service, they can cancel at any time without a penalty (although the customer will still be responsible for paying off their loans).

National Debt Relief’s debt settlement consolidation option is a good choice for a senior trying to simplify their debt payments.

Grandfolk Scoring
Cost 8/10
Ease 8/10
Customer support 9/10
Services offered 7/10
Settlement period 5/10
Minimum debt 8/10
Warranty 9/10
Cancellation 10/10
Upfront and/or monthly costs
No upfront costs; fees are 18-25% of enrolled debt
How easy is it to use the service?
Easy; you’ll have only one monthly payment once you enroll
Customer support
How does one contact customer service?
Phone and email
Services offered
What services are offered?
Debt settlement consolidation
Settlement period
How long does it take to settle the debt?
Contact the company for details
Minimum debt
What is the minimum debt considered?
Is a no-risk or money-back guarantee offered?
Yes; cancel without a penalty if unsatisfied with the service
How easy is it to cancel the service?
If you are unsatisfied, you can easily cancel
Age Score:
50-65 Years
65-75 Years
75-85 Years

The services offered by National Debt Relief are a good option for a senior with significant unsecured debts, such as credit card debts or medical bills. The company negotiates with the credit card companies to lower the overall debt, which can remove the stress and anxiety involved in managing one’s finances. 

National Debt Relief’s debt settlement consolidation services can increase a senior’s financial freedom.The company’s services can also make it easier for seniors to pay their bills; it may be more challenging for seniors with age-related problems such as vision, energy, and cognitive problems to manage many different accounts.

Health Score:
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Poor Health

A senior’s advancing health condition can affect the utility of the services offered by National Debt Relief. While medical bills can sometimes be settled and consolidated in this program, a senior with escalating medical problems and corresponding medical bills may have trouble making their monthly payments in this program. Seniors may wish to obtain the advice of a financial planner before choosing to enroll in this service. 

In general, seniors who are relatively healthy and who feel burdened by paying many creditors’ bills each month may find this service useful and easy-to-use.Seniors in relatively good health will benefit from the lower interest rates and increased financial freedom.


  • National Debt Relief does not charge fees until after the debt has been successfully negotiated down to a manageable amount.
  • National Debt Relief is highly rated by consumer review sites for exceptional customer service.
  • National Debt Relief is available in 41 states.
  • The company does not charge upfront fees and charges a monthly fee that is 18-25% of the total enrolled debt.
  • National Debt Relief offers a 100% money-back guarantee: fees are not charged until debts are settled, and if a customer is unsatisfied with the program, they can cancel at any time without penalties or fees (although unpaid debts will affect their credit score).


  • Unlike conventional debt consolidation programs which simply consolidate several debts into a larger debt with lower interest, National Debt Relief employs debt settlement negotiations with each individual creditor. This does lower the creditor’s interest rate for a period of time, but will adversely affect a senior’s credit score.  In addition, creditors may still make collection calls or impose fees.
  • National Debt Relief does not provide debt consolidation for mortgages, car loans or other loans with collateral.
  • Seniors with bad credit or without demonstrable financial hardship may not qualify for the service.
  • Seniors will not be able to use their credit cards while enrolled in the program.

Bottom Line:

National Debt Relief is a good option for a senior with significant credit card or other unsecured debt greater than $7,500 who feels overwhelmed by writing several different checks each month to various creditors.While National Debt Relief does not offer a traditional debt consolidation loan, the debt settlement consolidation program enables seniors to have National Debt Relief renegotiate interest rates for a two to four-year period to make monthly payments more affordable. 

National Debt Relief offers a money-back guarantee, and fees are not paid until debts are settled successfully.National Debt Relief was ranked #1 Best Debt Settlement Company of 2018 by TopTenReviews and was awarded a five-star rating from in 2017. National Debt Relief’s debt settlement consolidation services are a good option for seniors who seek to renegotiate their interest rates and simplify their monthly payments.

Frequently Asked Questions:

In which states is this service available?

National Debt Relief is not licensed to operate in CT, GA, KS, ME, SC, OR, VT, WV, or NH. Service is available in all other states.

What types of debt are accepted for settlement, and what services are offered?  

Conventional debt consolidation, in which many loans are condensed into one large loan with a low-interest rate, is not offered. Instead, consumers can opt for a debt settlement consolidation loan which enables them to renegotiate the terms of several smaller loans and pay these loans, with reduced interest rates, in a single monthly payment each month.Secured loans such as car loans or mortgages, as well as student loans and payday loans, are not eligible for this program.

Are free resources, such as a consultation or other free tools, available? 

Yes, a free consultation is available on the National Debt Relief website, or by telephone.

More Information:

Product Details

Overview: National Debt Relief offers a variety of debt management programs including debt consolidation settlement.National Debt Relief does not offer typical debt consolidation loans and instead offers the settlement consolidation option, in which the company directly negotiates with credit card companies and other lenders to lower the interest rate for two to four years to make the loans easier to pay off. The terms of several loans are renegotiated and lumped together, or consolidated, so that the customer can make one monthly payment to pay down all of the consolidated loans.Customers can contact National Debt Relief for a free debt analysis by phone or online.

Package Details:

National Debt Relief offers a debt consolidation settlement program.This program enables consumers to consolidate many debts into a single manageable debt. Debt consolidation settlement can lower interest rates and monthly payments, nd can allow seniors to concentrate on one lowered monthly payment instead of paying several smaller debts each month.  

This program enables seniors to move many of their debts into one single account, but not all debts are eligible. Unsecured debts, credit cards, medical bills, and other credit lines are eligible for the program; however, student loans and payday loans cannot always be consolidated.

To qualify for National Debt Relief’s debt settlement consolidation program, a senior must have $7,500 of outstanding debt and a financial hardship such as a divorce, unemployment, loss of income, death of a spouse and/or unpaid taxes. The financial hardship is used by the company’s debt negotiators to obtain lower interest rates on the debts.

After successful debt settlement negotiations and consolidation, customers can expect an average debt reduction of 30% after fees. The company charges fees which are 18-25% of the overall debt.

Optional Accessories or Add-on Services: N/A

Additional Company Details

Contract Details: 

There is no cancellation policy for consolidation loans obtained from National Debt Relief. In general, all loans must be repaid in full over the term of the program for the contract to end (unless there is a problem, in which case, contact customer support). National Debt Relief does not charge any upfront fees until debts are settled; fees can range from 18-25% of enrolled debt.

A customer’s creditors have no obligation to work with National Debt Relief and can still make collection calls or sue to obtain outstanding debts.

Warranty: National Debt Relief offers a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee.The company does not charge fees until the debt is settled successfully.

Accreditations: National Debt Relief was the recipient of the 2017 TopTenReviews Gold Award, and was ranked #1 Best Debt Settlement Company of 2018 by TopTenReviews. The company was also awarded a five-star rating from in 2017. National Debt Relief is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and currently holds an A+ rating with the organization.National Debt Relief is also a member of the American Fair Credit Council and the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators.

Company Details: 

National Debt Relief was founded in 2009 by Tom Leydiker, an investor and entrepreneur who previously worked in various roles in the finance sector. The mission of National Debt Relief is to help “individuals achieve freedom from financial debt through debt settlement.”Today, National Debt Relief has tens of thousands of customers.


National Debt Relief, LLC
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Tel: 800-300-9550

Sheeva Azma - Senior Advisor