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Pacific Debt, Inc. provides debt relief consultation and settlement. The company’s services result in an average reduction of unsecured (non-collateral) debt by 30% after fees.

Pacific Debt offers debt settlement services for debts of $7,500 or greater; only unsecured debts, or debts which do not use collateral, such as credit card bills, may be settled. Pacific Debt’s customer service team helps consumers through all steps of the settlement process; expert debt negotiators help consumers save a significant amount of money. To obtain a free debt consultation, seniors can contact the company by phone or by filling out a web form. 

Pacific Debt settlement services enable seniors to pay a single bill per month rather than several separate monthly bills. Seniors seeking to reduce their debt and simplify their monthly bills may benefit from this service.

Grandfolk Scoring
Cost 9/10
Ease 8/10
Customer support 8/10
Services offered 8/10
Settlement period 10/10
Minimum debt 8/10
Warranty 1/10
Cancellation 7/10
Upfront and/or monthly costs
No upfront fees; the service fee is 15-25% of the total enrolled debt
How easy is it to use the service?
Easy; the service involves making one payment each month
Customer support
How does one contact customer service?
Phone and email
Services offered
What services are offered?
Debt settlement
Settlement period
How long does it take to settle the debt?
24 to 48 months
Minimum debt
What is the minimum debt considered?
Is a no-risk or money-back guarantee offered?
How easy is it to cancel the service?
The service cannot be cancelled; loans must be paid in full
Age Score:
50-64 Years
65-74 Years
75-84 Years

Pacific Debt is a good option for seniors of all ages who are seeking to reduce the stress associated with managing their monthly bill payments. The services offered by Pacific Debt are particularly suited for seniors who are experiencing difficulty making their minimum credit card payments. 

Age-related issues such as a decrease in energy level, cognitive decline and vision problems can also affect a senior’s ability to pay various bills on time. Seniors seeking greater financial independence and a single monthly payment for several different bills will benefit from Pacific Debt’s services.

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Poor Health

Pacific Debt offers debt services, which are a good idea for seniors with high credit card debt, but seniors with severe health issues may become unable to make the service’s monthly payments. Pacific Debt does attempt to negotiate better terms for unsecured debts including credit cards, medical bills, or personal loans, so the company may be a good choice for some seniors seeking to manage and pay off medical bills due to a health condition.

However, seniors should consider consulting with a financial planner before using the service in order to make sure that they will be able to make the payments on time.


  • The average savings using Pacific Debt is approximately 30% after fees.
  • Pacific Debt’s website enables users to easily monitor their settlement account and see how much they are saving through the debt settlement program.
  • The Pacific Debt website offers a debt management blog with helpful financial tips.
  • Pacific Debt does not charge an upfront fee, and service fees are not collected until its debt specialists successfully negotiate lowered bill payments.
  • Pacific Debt is one of the few debt relief companies which offers services in Washington, D.C.
  • Pacific Debt reduces stress and anxiety related to one’s finances and increases financial independence by reducing the amount of bills paid each month and combining them into a single monthly payment.


  • Pacific Debt does not offer a debt consolidation program, although it does offer counseling on alternatives to debt settlement.
  • Pacific Debt requires customers to have at least $7,500 of debt, and at least $500 of debt in each enrolled account. Seniors who do not qualify for Pacific Debt’s services can be recommended to one of the company’s credit counseling affiliates.
  • As with any debt settlement program, the services offered by Pacific Debt can lower a consumer’s credit score in the short term due to the risk involved; however, paying off debts improves one’s credit score in the long term.

Bottom Line:

Pacific Debt does not offer a standard debt consolidation program, but instead offers debt settlement, which involves negotiating with lenders to obtain lower interest rates over a two to four-year period. While all seniors may not qualify for Pacific Debt’s debt settlement services, seniors with a minimum debt of $7,500 who have demonstrated a financial hardship may be eligible for the program. 

Pacific Debt has been ranked #1 on and #5 on TopTenReviews’ Best Debt Consolidation Companies of 2018 list.The company is #2 on Best Company’s list of debt settlement companies. Pacific Debt is a good option for seniors seeking to lower their interest rates and pay off their debts faster.

Frequently Asked Questions:

In which states is this service available?

Pacific Debt offers services in 27 states within the United States as well as in the District of Columbia. The company does not offer services in CO, CT, DE, GA, IL, KS, LA, ME, MS, NV, NH, NJ, ND, OH, OR, RI, SC, TN, VT, WA, WV, WI and WY.

What types of debt are accepted for settlement, and what services are offered?  

Pacific Debt offers debt settlement for unsecured debts—that is, debts which do not require collateral, such as credit card debts.

Are free resources, such as a consultation or other free tools, available? 

Yes, a free consultation is available by calling customer service or by filling out a form on the Pacific Debt website.

More Information:

Product Details

Overview: Pacific Debt operates in various states and Washington, D.C. Pacific Debt does not offer debt consolidation, but instead offers debt settlement services with no upfront fee and a service fee.Each customer has a dedicated Personal Account Manager to help with all aspects of the debt relief process. Fees are not due until debts are settled.

Package Details:

Pacific Debt employs dedicated agents—Personal Account Managers and Certified Debt Specialists—who help consumers with all aspects of the debt relief process. Consumers enrolling in the debt relief program must have a minimum debt of $7,500, and a minimum of $500 of debt in each enrolled account. The company does not charge fees until debts are successfully renegotiated and settled, and fees typically run from 15-25% of the total enrolled debt.

Debts eligible for Pacific Debt’s settlement program include unsecured loans, which include non-collateral loans such as credit card bills. Consumers should speak with a customer service associate and obtain a free consultation in order to determine whether their debts are eligible for this program.Pacific Debt’s specialists can also inform consumers about various other debt management options.

Debts settled by Pacific Debt may affect the consumer’s credit score, as they reflect a financial risk and can appear on one’s credit report in the short term. However, debt settlement may be a good option for some seniors who are not concerned about their short term credit score and wish to save a significant amount of money when repaying their debt. 

Optional Accessories or Add-on Services: N/A

Additional Company Details

Contract Details:

Pacific Debt does not charge any upfront fees. The company charges a service fee of 15-25% of the total enrolled debt, but this fee is not charged until the customer sees results (i.e. when debts are negotiated at a lower rate).

There is no cancellation procedure for settled debts. Failure to pay the monthly payment can result in late fees or additional consequences for each of the enrolled debts negotiated by the debt settlement.

Debt settlement contract details are subject to a consumer’s credit rating and debt amount.Not all consumers will qualify for a debt settlement. Consumers should speak with a debt consultant by phone to learn more about the details of this debt settlement option. 

Warranty: N/A


Pacific Debt is ranked #1 on and #5 on TopTenReviews’ Best Debt Consolidation Companies of 2018 list.Pacific Debt is also ranked #2 on Best Company’s list of debt settlement companies. Pacific Debt is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau and has earned an A+ rating with the organization.Pacific Debt, Inc., is also accredited with both the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators and the American Fair Credit Council.

Company Details:

Pacific Debt was founded by Kevin Landie in 2002 to cater to the needs of an increasing number of Americans who are saddled with debt. The company currently has an annual revenue of millions of dollars every year, and, since its founding, it has settled over $175 million in consumer debt.The goal of Pacific Debt is to help people better manage their monthly debt payments through debt settlement; consumers who face debt can use Pacific Debt to negotiate with creditors to create affordable monthly payments.


Pacific Debt, Inc.
750 B Street, Suite 1700
San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: 877-722-3328

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