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Gold’s Gym is a full-service worldwide fitness center franchise. It has been in business since 1965. The gym offers cardio and weight training equipment. Members can also enroll in one of the gym’s many fitness classes, work with top-rated personal fitness trainers,and benefit from a variety of personal fitness choices. Guests can receive a free pass to check out everything that Gold’s Gym has to offer before purchasing a membership. 

Gold’s Gym was originally started in Venice, California in 1965 by Joe Gold. The original Gold’s Gym was the first of its kind. It catered to bodybuilders and was dubbed the “Mecca of Bodybuilders.” Arnold Schwarzenegger and Drave Draper have frequented the Venice Beach gym. It was also featured in the docu-drama Pumping Iron. Nowadays there are Gold’s Gyms located around the world in countries such as Egypt, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Costa Rica, Japan, Australia, the United Kingdom, Peru, Indonesia, Venezuela, the Philippines, Mongolia, Germany, India, and Spain. 

In 2017, the largest Gold’s Gym in the world opened in Amman, Jordan. It spans 150,000 square feet. Today, Gold’s Gym offers a wide assortment of cardio and strength training equipment. Members can also enroll in exercise classes. Membership prices vary depending on the Gold’s Gym location. 

Gold’s Gym is an ideal fitness center for seniors seeking to get into shape or maintain their physique. Upon membership, seniors can build their own fitness profile, which includes a 3D scan (which is available a participating Gold’s Gyms), and set fitness goals. Gold’s team of fitness experts and coaches will work with the senior to outline an attainable fitness regime. Satisfaction is always guaranteed, or the senior has the benefit of getting their money back. Seniors can learn the various weight and cardio equipment or enroll in a class. 

Grandfolk Scoring
Ease 10/10
Cost 7/10
Cancellation 5/10
Customer service 6/10
Package options 7/10
Financial strength 10/10
Warranty 10/10
How do I get started?
You should contact your local gym directly
How much does membership cost?
Membership prices vary by location, but they average $16.99-$79.99
Can I cancel my membership?
Yes, with a written notice. A cancellation fee may apply
Customer service
Yes, contact your local gym for customer service
Yes, members should contact their home Gold’s Gym for customer service
Package options
What packages are available?
A monthly membership package and an annual membership pass
Financial strength
Is the company financially strong?
Yes, the company has 700 franchises located around the world
Is a warranty available?
A 30-day guarantee is offered
Age Score:
50-64 Years
65-74 Years
75-84 Years

Although Gold’s Gym has a reputation for drawing serious fitness fanatics and bodybuilders, the gym truly has something for every age and level of physical fitness. Many Gold’s Gym locations participate in the Silver Sneakers program, which is a free fitness program for seniors. Medicare Advantage and other health insurance companies may cover the membership fees or provide discounts at participating fitness centers for qualifying seniors. 

The friendly staff, fitness instructors, and coaches at Gold’s Gym are always available to answer any questions that a senior might have. The gym focuses on supporting its members no matter their age or level of experience. All exercises are easily modified to fit each individual’s skill level. 

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With advancing age, many seniors start to experience health problems. In an effort to improve their overall physical well-being, many turn to fitness centers to find the inspiration they need. At Gold’s Gym, seniors are never alone working out. The staff at Gold’s Gym are knowledgeable and helpful. Seniors can workout on the many machines focusing on cardio, balance improvement, or strength training to improve bone density. They can also opt to join an exercise class or work with a personal trainer.

There is little doubt that even modest exercise once a week or more dramatically improves a person’s overall health. The heart is a muscle, and cardio workouts are ideal to improve its capabilities. After a cardiac episode, many cardiologists advise their patients to workout and start a dedicated fitness regime to improve the heart’s function. 

Bone density is also an issue for many women after menopause, and exercise can help reduce bone loss and even build new bone. Overall, the health-related value of working out a gym is abundant for seniors. 


  • Rarely a wait for the machines.
  • Many Gold’s Gyms support the Silver Sneakers program
  • Offers a one-day free pass to ensure that Gold’s Gym is the right fit. 
  • Gold’s Gym’s fitness experts work with a member one-on-one to outline a workout plan.
  • Seniors can benefit from a variety of classes.


  • Gold’s Gym is a franchise, so membership fees often vary by location.
  • Enrollment fees vary by membership plan.
  • Most Gold Gyms require that members sign a one or two-year contract.

Bottom Line:

Gold’s Gym is a wonderful place for a senior to find the motivation they need to start a concise exercise program. Working with the coaches, fitness trainers, and staff at the gym is beneficial to seniors just starting out at a fitness center. They can learn about all of the machines, join an exercise class, and even work one-on-one with a trainer. Depending on the gym, they can also enjoy swimming, a sauna and spa services. Seniors can choose from Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum memberships.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I pay for my membership?  

Your membership is paid monthly via a recurring electronic debit from your checking account or savings account. 

Can I change my plan?  

Memberships can be upgraded.

Can I cancel at any time?

Membership cancellation must be presented in writing to the management of your Gold’s Gym. It can also be mailed to the local management. Gold’s Gym does not accept cancellation over the phone or email. Members who cancel within their one or two-year contracts may have to pay a cancellation fee. The cancellation fee varies by location. 

More Information:

Note: The cost of membership varies by Gold’s Gym location. Gold’s Gym is a franchise and each one is operated slightly differently. 

Overview: Gold’s Gym offers four levels of membership. Membership fees vary by location. 

Package Details: Gold’s Gym has four membership levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The Bronze membership gives members unlimited general gym access, sauna privileges, steam room benefits, and a free personal training consultation. The Silver membership provides the same perks as the Bronze membership, plus access to hydromassage, indoor track access, and circuit programs. Members also get free guest workouts. Gold members get all the benefits of the Bronze and Silver memberships, plus group exercise glasses, unlimited spinning and access to the women’s only fitness studio and kids club. The Platinum membership offers all the perks of the other memberships, plus unlimited Fit Force X (FFX) Classes and 20 percent off the smoothie bar and pro shop. 

Individual Plans: All of the membership plans at Gold’s Gym are individual. 

Family Price:Gold’s Gym has no family plan. 

Gold’s Gym App: Gold’s Gym offers the myPATH app for members. The app helps members track their fitness and health. Members can check the exercise class schedule, get pro shop deals, connect to fitness tracking devices and record workouts. They can also book a class using the app.

Discounts: Gold’s Gym offers no discounts, although individual gyms in various locations may run their own promo events. 

Add-On Services: Some one-on-one fitness training is an add-on service for certain membership levels. Members must consult with their local Gold’s Gym to confirm prices. 

Additional Company Details:

Gold’s Gym is a full-service fitness center that offers four unique membership tiers. Membership prices vary by location. 

Payment Policies: Membership fees must be paid electronically with a checking or savings account. Members can opt to pay monthly or yearly. Gold’s Gym typically requires members to sign a one year or two-year contract. If you are within your one or two-year contract, then you may have to pay a fee to cancel. The fee varies by location. 

Cancellation Policy: To cancel your membership, you must submit a letter of cancellation in writing to your local Gold’s Gym management. You can also mail the cancellation via certified mail. If you are still in your one or two-year contract, then you will probably have to pay a cancellation fee. The rate of the cancellation fee varies by location. 

Warranty:Gold’s Gymoffers a 30-guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, you can cancel within this time frame. 

Accreditation: Gold’s Gym is not accredited through the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The company currently has an F rating with the BBB. 


Gold’s Gym was first founded in 1965 in Venice, California. Since those early days, it has become an American franchise with 700 locations across six continents. It has more than two million members.  


Gold’s Gym
4001 Maple Ave STE 200
Dallas, TX 75219-3249
Tel: (214) 574-4653

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Al Simpson

Great gym for seniors. Silver Sneakers accepted in the Rock Hill location. I workout almost every day.