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LA Fitness International, LLC, is a chain of gyms that features 700 clubs located in the United States and Canada. For a monthly fee, members can enjoy many fitness amenities such as fitness classes, basketball, indoor cycling, sauna, whirlpool spa, indoor pooland Kids Klub. Most of these perks are included free with membership. 

In 1984, Chin Yi and Louis Welch founded LA Fitness. At that time, there was only one gym location, at the corner of Hollenbeck Avenue and Arrow Highway in Covina, California. By the mid-1990s, the company had purchased several fitness centers in southern California. It also opened newly constructed properties around the area. In 1995, LA Fitness launched its specially designed multipurpose sports and fitness club, which became the company's hallmark floor plan for all of its gyms. These gyms feature strength and cardio equipment, free weights, a swimming pool, court sports and group exercise rooms. 

Seniors can visit LA Fitness to work out on the multitude of fitness equipment, swim, play court sports, lift weights, focus on cardio, or join one of the many exercise classes. Seniors will undoubtedly benefit from one of the senior-focused exercise classes offered at the gym. They can join the Senior Fit class, which is geared only towards the special physical needs of seniors. There are also many other classes to choose from, such as kickboxing, Zumba, yoga, Pilates, cardio, cycle, Latin heat, hip-hop, aqua fit and belly dancing. Personal training is also available for an additional fee. 

Grandfolk Scoring
Ease 10/10
Cost 10/10
Cancellation 6/10
Customer service 6/10
Package options 8/10
Financial strength 9/10
Warranty 5/10
How do I get started?
The gym is user friendly and the staff is onsite to assist
How much does membership cost?
Initiation Fee $99.00 Monthly Membership: $24.99 or $29.99
Can I cancel my membership?
Yes, you can cancel for free with a written notice
Customer service
Yes, contact your local gym for customer service
9 AM-6 PM PST Mon-Thurs, 8 AM-5 PM Fri
Package options
What packages are available?
Membership plans are $24.99 or $29.99 per month
Financial strength
Is the company financially strong?
Yes, it has 700 fitness centers in the U.S. and Canada
Is a warranty available?
Age Score:
50-64 Years
65-74 Years
75-84 Years

Joining LA Fitness is not just about staying fit. It is also an opportunity for seniors to socialize by taking a class or playing a court sport. A senior simply pays a set membership fee to gain unlimited access to virtually all of the features offered at LA Fitness. Senior Fit is one of the classes available at LA Fitness that is geared towards seniors. It is an easy-to-follow workout class. Instructors focus on building a senior’s strength and stamina. They also use free weights, which help improve bone density and build overall physical strength. 

LA Fitness offers two types of membership plans. One membership plan features unlimited use for one specific LA Fitness center, and the other available membership plan allows members to visit any of the 700 LA fitness centers. Both memberships have a one-time initiation fee.Senior Fitness is a free health club membership offered for qualifying seniors 65 years and older. Insurance providers such as Medicare may pay for the program. 

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Aging and a decline in physical health often go hand in hand. However, seniors can battle the downward spiral by staying physically active. Exercise is good for the cardio system, the respiratory system, bone density, muscle strength and mental awareness. LA Fitness offers fitness options for every skill level. There are even senior classes that go at a slower pace than those geared for a younger generation. Many seniors also benefit from the heated pool, spa and sauna to relieve joint pain caused by aging and arthritis. 

At LA Fitness, seniors can work out at their own pace. They can spend an hour, or eight hours, at the gym. Their workout regime is their own choice. Some seniors might find it valuable to hire one of the specially-trained LA Fitness personal trainers to assist them with learning the ins and outs of the multitude of exercise equipment. A personal trainer also helps push the person to achieve their workout goals. 


  • Very good hours of operation that fit just about any schedule. Hours vary by gym, but LA Fitness is typically open from 5 AM-11 PM seven days a week. Some locations are open 24/7. 
  • Unlike most other gyms, LA Fitness has ball courts, a swimming pool, sauna and a large locker room.
  • The gyms have weights with up to 120-pound dumbbells.
  • Most exercise classes are included in the monthly membership fee. 
  • You can book courts and reserve bikes in advance.


  • La Fitness is very popular, so it tends to be crowded. 
  • Membership cannot be canceled online. A form must be filled out and mailed in to cancel. 
  • The initiation fee is costly. 
  • You must pay first and last month, plus the initiation fee, upfront when you join. 
  • The gym is so busy that you often need to reserve a bike well in advance. 
  • No senior discounts are offered.

Bottom Line:

LA Fitness is a great way to stay active, get out of the house and socialize. Seniors who want to lose a few pounds, focus on cardio, maintain a toned body, or just interact with other individuals in a sports setting will benefit from an LA Fitness membership. Membership gives seniors the advantage of being able to schedule a personal training session online, reserve a court, manage workouts, watch fitness videos, reserve Pilates, schedule a stretch session and join leagues. 

Seniors who remain uncertain about if a gym is the right choice can schedule a free tour to explore LA Fitness. During the tour, the senior can ask questions and learn about the gym and its various activities. Membership does not cover racquetball, Kids Klub, personal training or the juice bar.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I pay for my membership?

Membership must be paid monthly either in person at the gym, via the mail or electronically. In order to join LA Fitness, you must pay first and last month membership plus an initiation fee of $99.00. There are two kinds of monthly memberships available. A multi-state, multi-gym membership is $29.99 per month. Single club access is $24.99. 

Can I change my plan? 

You can upgrade from the single club access membership to the multi-state, multi-gym membership at any time. You can also downsize. If you will not be using your membership plan, then you can place it into limbo for only $10 per month. 

Can I cancel at any time? 

You can cancel membership at any time, but it must be done in writing. Members can find the required form online under their account information. You must mail the completed cancellation form. LA Fitness must receive the form at least five days before your membership is due to bypass the payment. 

More Information:

Note: LA Fitness members can add up to four individuals to their gym membership for additional membership fees. 

Overview: LA Fitness offers unlimited services to its members. Members get unlimited access to strength and cardio equipment, free weights, the swimming pool, court sports and group exercise rooms. Personal trainers, court reservations, and some exercise classes have additional fees. 

Packaging Details: LA Fitness offers two memberships. One membership is for one specific LA Fitness. This membership costs $24.99 per month. The other membership offers unlimited use of any LA Fitness center for $29.99. Both memberships require the initiation fee of $99.00 be paid before membership starts. First and last month membership must also be paid when joining the gym.

Individual Plans: Individual membership plans are $24.99 and $29.99 per month. Both memberships allow you to add additional family members to your account. 

Family Price: You can add up to four family members to your account. Each family member costs an additional monthly membership fee. 

LA Fitness App: The LA Fitness smartphone app lets members check their workout schedule, book personal training sessions, reserve a court, access favorite clubs, reserve bikes, make a Stretch appointment, and check their personal workout schedule, which includes class times, reservations, and court reservations. 

Discounts: AAA members pay no initiation fee. 

Add-On Services: Some exercise classes are additional. Personal training is additional. 


Payment Policies: Payments can be made electronically with a major credit card or debit card. Members can also make payments in person at the fitness center.  

Cancellation Policies: A cancellation form must be filled out and mailed to the company. The form must be received at least five days before the member’s monthly fee is due. 

Warranty: None

Accreditation: LA Fitness has been an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 04/11/1989. The company maintains an A rating. 


LA Fitness founder, Chin Yi, remains CEO and Chairman of the company. Co-founder Louise Welch is acting president and CEO. The company remains privately owned, but a large chunk of the company is owned by private equity firms Seidler Equity Partners and Madison Dearborn Partners. All 700 locations in the United States and Canada feature cardio equipment, weight equipment, fitness classes, indoor heated lap pool, sauna, spa, basketball and racquetball courts, locker room facilities, babysitting, juice bar and optional personal trainers. 


LA Fitness
Corporate Headquarters
3161 Michelson Dr #600
Irvine, CA 92612-4406
Tel: 949-255-7330

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Luz McCarty

My husband and I have tried to rejoin la fitness under the same conditions we were before one member plus two guest , guest using pass anytime without member having to be there. I enjoyed going to the water aerobics

But we canceled in May due to personal situations, we were unaware we could put the membership on hold for 10.00 dollars a month . My husband and I want to rejoin . We are both over 70 can you offer us any special promotion. Thank you ps we don't qualify for silver sneakers.