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With over a century of experience, ADT is a well-known company that provides security systems, home automation systems and medical alert systems.

We all would like to consider our homesto be our castles. We want to feel safe in our homes, raise our families and create memories. Increasingly, thisperfect scenario is not alwaysthe case. We watch on T.V. or read stories about frightening situations in which an intruder breaks in while the residents are home. This can have disastrous results… and you don’t want to call for help after the fact. 

There is a way to help you feel safer in your home right now,and deter people who want to get inside without your invitation. The name “ADT” is almost synonymous with security systems; the company has been around for a very long time. ADT systems are quite flexible.In addition to protecting your home, you can create ways of connecting remotely, and even add a voice device, such as Amazon Echo or Z-Wave, to make your home responsive to your voice. With today’s busy lifestyle, adding something to make your life easier is a good idea. 

ADT is also a leader in supporting seniors and helping them stay in their homes longer. The Medical Alert System is a great product for seniors who want to have the security of knowing they can get help if they need it. ADT’s 24/7 monitoring service can save lives. If you are looking for a security system,contact ADT for a quote.

Grandfolk Scoring
Cost 10/10
Warranty 10/10
Cancellation 6/10
Customer support 10/10
Mobile app 10/10
Temperature control 10/10
Voice control 10/10
Ease 10/10
What is the monthly fee?
Monthly monitoring begins at $28.99/month for a traditional system
Can I return or replace equipment?
Yes, you can return your equipment up to six months after installation
Can I cancel the service?
If you terminate early, you must pay 75-90% of your account balance
Customer support
Is customer service available to help?
Agents are available 24/7 via social media, phone, email or live chat
Mobile app
Is a mobile app available?
Temperature control
Does the system adjust the thermostat?
Yes, you can adjust your lighting and thermostat remotely
Voice control
Can systems be controlled by voice?
Yes, with an additional device such as Alexa, Nest, Ring or Z-Wave
Is the system easy to install?
ADT systems must be professionally installed
Age Score:
50-64 Years
65-74 Years
75-84 Years

ADT has developed a strong customer base (8 million and growing), which indicates its willingness to support security systems currently in the field, as well as its success in keeping customers happy. The company’s attention to the needs of seniors became quite evident in 2004, when it introduced ADT Companion Services, a system that helps seniors stay in their homes longer. ADTcurrently offers a Medical Alert Safety System that will alert the call center and dispatch service if you fall or just need help. 

If you are computer-savvy, you can access your accountonline, access system manuals, download the mobile app and search the Help Center, which contains hundreds of FAQs and answers. The website is easy to navigate, and quite robust. You can also access help by calling an agent, sending an email or sending a message through the website or social media. 

Health Score:
Great Health
Good Health
Fair Health
Poor Health

If you are a senior in great or good health, a security system and/or home automation system can support your active lifestyle. ADT offers everything you need to secure your home, so you can feel safe inside, and confident that if you are traveling far from home, the ADT system you installed has you covered. From video surveillance and fire and smoke detection to control of your lights and temperature monitoring, you have control over your home, even from a distance. 

If you are a senior in fair or poor health, ADT offers three types of Medical Alert Safety Systems. Medical Alert Basic and Medical Alert Plus are for use in-home and come with a wristband or pendant. Both also monitor home temperature. Medical Alert Plus has a 600-foot range from the base, which allows you to spend time outside gardening or playing with a grandchild. 

ADT also offers an On-The-Go system, which is mobile, works with GPS coordinates, and can alert the call center when you have an emergency. Fall detection can be included for an additional charge. These systems can be a life-saver for someone in less-than-perfect health.


  • If your home is burglarized while your ADT system is armed, the company will pay up to $500 of your insurance deductible.
  • ADT offers 24/7 monitoring from ten monitoring centers. This enables a fast response.
  • You can arm and disarm your system remotely.
  • ADT has more than 140 years of experience.
  • The website lists specials for introductory systems, and savings if you purchase certain devices.


  • You never actually purchase the system; equipment remains the property of ADT.
  • Voice monitoring and ADT Pulse systems monitoring begins at over $50/month. 
  • It is difficult to determine prices from the website.
  • Equipment does not have a lifetime guarantee; if you want additional coverage, it must be purchased.

Bottom Line:

ADT is the largest security company in the marketplace, and it also has the greatest longevity. The company has a massive base of customers in the U.S. and Canada. Staying in business for as long as ADT hasrequires the ability to constantly reinvent the company, and to think ahead. ADT has been successful in both areas. The company hascreated a Code of Conduct to help its 18,000 employees understand the values on which the company was built. The company answers over 15 million alarm signals each year. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, it clearly work hard to maintain its values and great track record. 

In a review of systems on, ADT was rated ‘excellent’, and ‘full-featured.’ The company offers a wide range of systems and innovative products to respond to most any need you could have. Systems can be traditional, with a camera and control panel, or larger, with remote control of systems in the home, video surveillance and monitoring for fire, smoke and floods. 

ADT also offers an excellent medical alert system for someone in your home who might need constant monitoring. You cannot go wrong with a company that has developed such a strong presence in the marketplace; it is not going anywhere any time soon. If you are concerned about security in your neighborhood, you owe yourself and your family the peace of mind you will get by installing a home security system. ADT is one company worth a look.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long is the contract for service? 

ADT offers a three-year contract. 

What is the fee if I cancel before my contract has ended?

If you must cancel before your contract expires, ADT may charge you 90% of the balance of the initial contract term. 

Can I communicate with the central monitoring station during an emergency through the panel?

No, but ADT will call you in an emergency (if an alarm has been triggered) and you can talk with an agent on the phone. 

More Information:

Product Details

Overview:ADT offers a basic starter system which includes one indoor camera. A representative will help you choose the devices that work best for your needs. All systems are professionally installed and provide access to 24/7 monitoring.If an emergency occurs, ADT will call local authorities and your family, if desired.

Package Details:ADT’s systems for both home security and home automation aredesigned to work together. You have lots of options for setting up either or both. You can add one or more outdoor cameras for burglary monitoring, fire detection, flood monitoring and carbon monoxide monitoring. You can add devices like Amazon Echo to arm/disarm your system remotely, lock or unlock your doors, or even close your garage door. ADT also offer a ‘pet-immune’ motion detector for people who have pets in their homes. The options are endless. A system purchase assumes a three-year contract.

Other Services:None.

Additional Company Details

Contract Details:ADT requires a three-year contract for monitoring and a $25 activation fee when you sign up (contracts in California arefor twoyears). Actual service and installation varies depending on the configuration of your system. Should you cancel before the end of your contract, you will be required to pay up to 90% of the remaining fees on your account. 

Warranty: ADT offers a six-month refund option of installation and/or monitoring fees if you are not happy with the system and the companyis unable to resolve outstanding issues. 

Accreditations:ADT is accredited bythe Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating. The company also received a Bronze Award for home security systems

Company Details: ADT was founded in 1874 — over 140 years ago. It was originally founded as a telegraph company: the American District Telegraph Company. The company’s first ‘monitoring center’ was a watchmen’s signal timer, which was monitored from a central office so help could be dispatched. In 1909, ADT and Western Union came under the control of AT&T, which began the company’sgradual transition to ADT Security Services. In 1940, ADT used technology available at the time to develop a fire detection system, an automatic intrusion system and an ultrasonic burglar alarm. It became a publicly owned company in 1969. 

Soon after, in 1974, ADT celebrated its 100th birthday. Then, in 1981, the Safewatch residential system was introduced, followed by ADT Focus, Unimode fire system and CentreScan, a computer-based security system. In the late 1980s the company dropped its old name of American District Telegraph and became ADT Security Systems, Inc. ADT introduced Companion Services in 2004, to enable seniors to stay safe in their homes for as long as possible. In 2010, ADT introduced Pulse, which allows users to access and control home systems with a smartphone. In 2016 the company merged with Protection One, another home security company. Today, the company services8 million customers in almost 200 locations throughout the U.S. and Canada.


ADT Security Services
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Tel: 800-817-2358

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