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Frontpoint Security has one of the best DIY systems on the market, and the company offers excellent customer service.

If the last time you checked out home security systems was a few years ago, you will be pleasantly surprised by the improvements that have been made to today’s systems. In days past, equipment was hardwired directly to the control panel. Now, every piece of equipment is wireless (cellular). Not only that, it's now possible to control all the systems in your home remotely from your smartphone or tablet. This is convenient, and it also keeps burglars and other intruders from interfering with the system. There are no wires to cut. Even outdoor camera do not have wires. This gives you a lot more flexibility in choosing and installing your system. 

Imagine being able to turn the lights on and off from across town, or across the state. Or, you could be on vacation and you could let a neighbor in to check on the cat. This flexibility can improve your quality of life, no doubt. If you are an active senior, this type of control can actually change the way you think about being away from home. Frontpoint Security is a highly-rated security company that focuses on giving you the freedom to live your life without worrying about your home. 

Grandfolk Scoring
Cost 10/10
Warranty 10/10
Cancellation 6/10
Customer support 10/10
Mobile app 10/10
Temperature control 8/10
Voice control 5/10
Ease 8/10
What is the monthly fee?
Monitoring begins at $34.99/month
Can I return or replace equipment?
Yes, within a 30-day risk-free trial period
Can I cancel the service?
If you cancel, you must pay 80% of your contract balance
Customer support
Is customer service available to help?
Agents are available 8 AM-11 PM EST Mon-Fri and 10 AM-7 PM Sat-Sun
Mobile app
Is a mobile app available?
Yes, and an app for Apple Watch is also available
Temperature control
Does the system adjust the thermostat?
You can adjust the thermostat with home automation
Voice control
Can systems be controlled by voice?
Is the system easy to install?
Equipment is easily self-installed
Age Score:
50-64 Years
65-74 Years
75-84 Years

Having a security system is a great idea for most anyone. Seniors are oftenin the ‘empty nest’ portion of their lives, which may mean that they have more freedom and time to explore the world. A security system should give you peace of mind in knowing that your home is safe. With the number of companies in the marketplace selling security systems, it’s hard to know the best one for you. Frontpoint Security is a national company with a reputation for excellent customer service. You can purchase the equipment online, starting with a basic package and adding sensors or cameras as needed. The system is shipped using next-day delivery at no charge. 

You will need to install the security system yourself, but about 96% of new customers surveyed said that the system was easy to install. The company has a 30-day risk-free guarantee. If you are unhappy for any reason, you can receive a refund after shipping the equipment back to the company — also free. There is nothing to lose. For younger seniors who have an active lifestyle, the freedom offered by a system that you can install yourself may help you feel more in control. However, for older seniors who have lost some fine motor skills or are easily confused, self-installing a system will be difficult. In these cases, a friend or family member may be needed to do the installation. 

Frontpoint has been rated  #1 by for the past ten years, so the company is obviously doing something right.

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Great Health
Good Health
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Poor Health

A security system is a great idea for any family. Young families with children are always on the go, and will likely feel better if they don’t have to worry about their home and its contents. Seniors in great health may be busy with grandchildren and volunteering in the community. If they are on their way out of town but forgot to set their alarm, the system can be set so that when they pass the ‘geo-fence’, an alert will notify them that their alarm is not armed. The geo-fence feature uses the GPS in your phone to determine if you are outside of a radius from your home. The alarm can then be armed using a smartphone. 

Seniors who are in fair health will appreciate knowing that when they aren’t feeling well, they don’t need to be concerned about the status of their alarm system. Everything can be set from a smartphone or from the main panel. If the person is in bed and the doorbell rings, he or she can see their front entrance through a mounted camera. If the visitor is welcome, the door can be unlocked remotely to let them in. The system can be expanded at any time by purchasing additional parts on the website. This allows the system to be quite flexible for optimal use in your home.


  • Next-day shipping is free; return shipping is also free.
  • Crash and Smash Protection is available with most plans. This protection maintains the operation of your system even if the panel is smashed by an intruder.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • The company offers Geo-Services, a feature which works with your smartphone’s GPS to alert the system when you are near your home. This system also automatically adjusts the thermostat.
  • No activation fee and no installation fees.


  • Equipment purchased has a three-year warranty. Some competitors offer lifetime warranties on their equipment.
  • If you would rather have a professional installation, this isnot the company to use.
  • There isn’t a broadband or landline option if you are in a remote area without cellular service.

Bottom Line:

Frontpoint Security is rated #1 on several sites for its quality customer service. That is not to say that there aren’t negative reviews to be found. However, any company that has a large customer base will most likely have some who are unhappy. But time and again, this company is revered for its ability to listen to the customer instead of trying to sell the system. The value of this kind of customer service cannot be understated. 

The equipment is of high quality but only has a three-year warranty, while many other companies provide lifetime warranties on their equipment. One of the best features of the system is the “Crash and Smash” technology in the panel. If a burglar tries to disable your system by destroying the panel, an alarm will be sent to the monitoring center. 

The system must be installed by the homeowner. Even so, over 96% of customers have indicated that it was easy to do and would recommend the company. Besides plugging in the control panel, the sensors and cameras are placed using a peel-and-stick process. Most people can install the system in about an hour. Then, all you need to do is call the company to have it activated. There is a 30-day risk-free trial period. Shipping to you is free, and if you decide to return the system, shipping it back to the company is free. Furthermore, there are no hidden fees. There is no activation fee and no installation fee. There is nothing to lose if you want to try out this highly-rated security system. 

The Better Business Bureau has given Frontpoint an A+ rating. The only concern that one might have is the lack of information available about the company, its history and the folks who are running it. It seems that if you have something good to share, you should share it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long is the contract for service? 
Frontpoint's service contracts are for three years. 

Is there a fee if I cancel before my contract has ended?
If you must cancel before your contract ends, you will need to pay 80% of the remaining balance on the contract.

Can I communicate with the central monitoring station through the system during an emergency? 
No, Frontpoint’s control panel does not have built-in two-way communication. An agent will call you on your phone if an alarm is tripped.

More Information:

Product Details


Frontpoint offers security systems that are sold as packages, but you can always include additional items to further customize your system, such as another outdoor camera or door lock. Frontpoint will assist you with getting the best system for your needs. Once you have paid for the system, it will be shipped directly to you. Frontpoint will configure your system before shipping, so it will be ready to install when you receive it. 

Frontpoint's systems are self-installed. You will also need to choose a monitoring plan, of which there are three. The pieces of equipment you purchase may affect which plan you need. Frontpoint suggests that if you can follow the step-by-step installation instructions online, testing and activation can be completed in about 30 minutes.

Package Details:

Frontpoint offers three equipment packages. The Pro package (the smallest package) includes a keypad panel, three window/door sensors, a motion sensor, a glass break sensor and a keychain remote. This package has a retail price of about $500, but the price is reduced by $300 if you also purchase a three-year monitoring plan. 

The ProPlus package (mid-range plan) includes a keypad panel, five door/window sensors, two motion sensors, a glass break sensor and a smoke/heat sensor. This package retails for almost $700, but is cut to about $350 if you also purchase a three-year monitoring plan. 

Finally, the ProCam package (the largest package offered) retails for almost $1,000, but is reduced to a little over $600 if you purchase a three-year monitoring plan. This package includes a touchscreen panel, five window/door sensors, two motion sensors, an indoor camera and a doorbell camera. The monitoring plan needed for this package is $50/month, to allow for video streaming and recording. 

Frontpoint offers three different monitoring plans. The most basic plan (Protection) begins at $35/month, and includes fire protection, environmental protection (flood detection, carbon monoxide detection, and monitoring for intrusion). The Interactive plan includes everything in the Protection plan but adds alerts via email, text notifications and alerts, and the ability to arm and disarm your system remotely. This plan is $45/month. Finally, the Ultimate plan, which is $50/month, includes all the features of the other two plans, and adds live video streaming, motion activated recording, automated locks and energy management (thermostat control). 

Other Services: None

Additional Company Details

Contract Details:Frontpointoffers three-year contracts, which are standard in the industry. If you need to cancel before the end of your contract, you will need to pay 80% of the remaining balance on your contract. The company offers a 30-day risk-free trial. If you are not happy with the system, you will be refunded everything you have paid. Next-day shipping of the equipment is free, and return shipping is also free. 

Warranty: All equipment sold by Frontpoint comes with a three-year warranty. If a part is not working, the company will troubleshoot it with you and replace it if necessary.

Accreditations: Frontpoint is accredited by theBetter Business Bureau and has received an A+ rating. The company has been rated #1 in home security systems by for 10 years in a row. 

Company Details: Frontpoint was founded by three people: Aaron Shumaker, Chris Villar and Peter Rogers. The company believes in making decisions that are best for its customers and employees, even if they don’t necessarily benefit the bottom line. 


FrontPoint Security
1595 Spring Hill Rd. Ste. 110
Vienna, VA 22182
Tel: 855-705-5071

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