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TotalProtect is a nationwide company that offers home warranties. It has been in business since the late 1970s, and has developed a large network of local technicians that provide service. 

Maintaining a home can be expensive. In addition to keeping the house itself in good condition, you also need to consider the costs of keeping appliances operating as they should, and the systems you rely on running as expected. As we all know, the things we have in our homes eventually wear out. This is why it’s a good idea to consider purchasing a home warranty. A home warranty is a contract you make with a company that agrees to service or replace your appliance or system when it breaks down. 

There are several companies that offer home warranties. TotalProtect is an outlier compared to other companies, asit offers a 180-Day Workmanship Guarantee on repairs. This company is one you may wish to consider if you are in the market for a home warranty.

Grandfolk Scoring
Cost 7/10
Coverage period 6/10
Additional fees 5/10
Exclusions 8/10
Contractors 8/10
Service response 8/10
Payment 8/10
Claims 8/10
Cancellation 10/10
Ease 10/10
warranty 9/10
Customer Support 9/10
Is there an annual fee?
This depends on the plan you choose as well as where you live
Coverage period
When will my coverage begin?
Coverage begins after a review period of about 30 days
Additional fees
Are there any additional expenses or fees?
You must pay a deductible per trade per service call
Are there any items that are not covered?
All plans cover normal wear and tear of appliances and systems only
Who will the company send to my home?
Service providers that are pre-screened for licensing and insurance
Service response
How quickly can the company resolve my issue?
A technician will be sent within 2-24 hours
What types of payment are accepted?
Credit card and check
What is the process for filing claims?
You can place a call or enter a request online for service
Cost or difficulty to cancel?
You can cancel your contract within 30 days for a full refund
Ways you can enroll
Very easy; help is available by phone or online
What warranties are offered?
Appliances, systems or a combination of both
Customer Support
Ease of access
Contact customer support by phone or online
Age Score:
50-64 Years
65-74 Years
75-84 Years

Home warranties can provide a sense of confidence that your home is covered if something fails. Still, you must be completely clear about what is and is not covered in a warranty contract. Younger seniors who can carefully read and understand the contract and note any exclusions are appropriate customers for a home warranty company. 

Older seniors who may be in a declining mental state are advised to beware of such contracts, as emergencies are at the company’s discretion.However, if an older senior has a family member who can assist in the purchase of the contract, the coverage may still be a good value.

Health Score:
Great Health
Good Health
Fair Health
Poor Health

Seniors in excellent or good health who can get around their homes to maintain their systems and appliances may find excellent value in this product. If you can make alternative arrangements for food preparation, or cooling your home if the air conditioner is not working, you will likely not find waiting for service to be a deterrent to purchasing a home warranty. 

However, seniors in poorer health may not find value in a home warranty. The company reserves the right to determine what is or is not an emergency. If someone’s health is dependent on the operation of one of the covered items, waiting could prove dangerous.


  • The company has more than 40,000 service providers who are pre-screened for licensing and insurance.
  • Service providers are graded through the company’s Dynamic Vendor Rating System, which rewards providers for quality work. 
  • The company stands by their service with a 180-Day Workmanship Guarantee on covered repairs.
  • The website is mobile-friendly, so you can open a claim with a mobile phone.
  • All plans cover rust and corrosion, and include unknown pre-existing condition coverage under certain conditions.
  • The company offers Appliance Buyline at no additional cost, for significant discounts on brand-name products.


  • Plans cover only mechanical failures and do not include seals (refrigerator), structural appliance components, or ice makers built into refrigerators, for just a few examples.
  • TotalProtect will cover single family residences, including condominiums or townhouses, but will not cover residence income properties with more than two units. Additionally, the company will not cover homes that are listed in any historical register. 
  • The contract does not cover any costs incurred to gain access to a covered item.

Bottom Line:

Generally speaking, a home warranty may be a good investment if you have kept receipts for regular service to your appliances for at least three years. This company, like its competitors, will only cover appliances and systems that are in good working order when you sign the contract. Be sure you completely understand the terms of the contract before you sign. Like other home warranty companies, TotalProtect follows the exclusions in its contract to the letter. Evidence indicates that this company rates among the top ten out there, so it is one to consider if your situation is appropriate for a home warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I request service?

Once your contract is effective (30 days after you sign and pay for your contract), you can call the company anytime (24/7/365) or submit a request through the website.

Besides the plan price, are there additional out-of-pocket expenses?

You will need to pay aTrade Service Feeper trade for each call you make.The minimum amount per trade is $75.

Does the company cover old appliances?

Yes, as long as all covered systems and appliances were in proper operating condition on the date your coverage started, and have been properly installed and maintained.

More Information:

Product Details

Overview:All plans include a flexible deductible and premium option to fit your budget. All plans includea 180-Day Workmanship Guarantee on covered repairs. You can add optional equipment (such as pools and spas) to your plan. All plans cover rust and corrosion, as well as unknown pre-existing condition coverage under certain conditions.

Package Details:The company offers three plans: an Appliance Plan, a Systems Plan and a Combo Plan. The Appliance Plan covers 13 standard appliances, including trash compactor and range exhaust hood.

The Systems Plan covers various systems including air conditioning and heating, toilets, whirlpool, exhaust fans, interior electrical lines, interior gas lines and central vacuum. 

The Combo plan covers all the items listed under the other two plans.  

Other Services: Appliance Buyline is included with your warranty at no additional cost. If you purchase the Combo Plan, the company includes a $500 benefit towards your deductible on a homeowner’s insurance claim.

Additional Company Details

Contract Details: If you cancel within 30 days, you will get a full refund if no claim has been made. If you have made a claim, there is a $25 service fee to cancel. 

Warranty: TotalProtect has a 180-Day Workmanship Guarantee on covered repairs. 

Accreditations: TotalProtect is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and maintains a B rating.

Company Details: TotalProtect is offered by Cross Country Home Services, Inc.The company has been in business since 1979. Service is not available in all states. Total Protectstates that it will never use deceptive practices to deny your claim.


TotalProtect Home Warranty
1625 NW 136th Ave.
Sunrise, FL 33323-2842
Tel: (800) 474-4047

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