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Molly Maid offers various services in their one-time and regular house cleanings which are highly customizable and can be tailored to seniors’ health and cleaning needs.

Molly Maid is a house cleaning service that, like many other franchised cleaning operations, does not provide standard pricing. It requires customers to obtain an individual quote based on their house’s size and the cleaning required. Cleaning can occur once or on a regular schedule, and can be adapted to fit a senior’s health needs. Regular cleaning is less expensive and enables seniors to live in a more allergen-free or bacteria-free environment. However, a one-time deep cleaning also has its role when cleaning has been overlooked for some time. Seniors, especially those who cannot clean their house due to mobility issues or who wish to delegate their cleaning responsibilities to a professional service, may benefit from Molly Maid.

Grandfolk Scoring
Price 10/10
Contract obligation 10/10
Risk-free trial 8/10
Cancelation Fee 6/10
Insurance 10/10
Number of Cleaners 10/10
Home access 9/10
Key security 10/10
Cleaning supplies 10/10
Fee for the service
Call the toll-free number to reach your local Molly Maid branch for the most accurate estimate
Contract obligation
Length of commitment
No contracts
Risk-free trial
Full refund for trial?
No refunds; satisfaction guaranteed with a re-do if contacted within 24 hours
Cancelation Fee
To terminate appointment
None, if cancellation is processed at least 72 hours before scheduled service
Replacement policy for lost or damages
Number of Cleaners
Number of cleaners per house
Home access
Access the home for cleaning
Giving a house key to Molly Maid or being at home
Key security
Company house key storage?
Keys are tagged, coded and stored securely at the Molly Maid office
Cleaning supplies
Are supplies eco-friendly?
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50-64 Years
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75-84 Years

Molly Maid’s house cleaning services are a good option for seniors of all ages who do not have time or energy for maintaining a clean house. As seniors age, however, they become more frail and will find physical chores to be an increasing challenge. Beyond basic cleanliness issues, not cleaning one’s house can lead to clutter and can create potentially dangerous situations for seniors, including tripping and falling over obstacles. In a senior’s later years, having an outsider’s presence in the house on a regular basis can also serve a monitoring function. Molly Maid is good for seniors of all ages who want to ensure they can remain independent by getting assistance on an easy-to-delegate set of responsibilities.

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Molly Maid is ideal for seniors of any health status who are wishing to transfer their house cleaning responsibilities to a professional service. Seniors may have mobility problems from conditions such as arthritis or a stroke that do not allow them to handle heavy cleaning equipment. Because of Molly Maid’s ability to customize services to tackle the home’s allergens and bacteria, Molly Maid is a particularly good option for older seniors with weakened immune and respiratory systems who may be more susceptible to health problems arising from a dirty house. However, seniors in very poor health may encounter challenges communicating with the company to cancel or make modifications to the service when necessary.


  • Instead of offering standard house cleaning packages, Molly Maid works with the senior to develop a house cleaning plan that fits unique and specific needs. 
  • Molly Maid offers options such as limited use of disinfectants, plus regular dustings and wipe-downs, to create a healthy environment for seniors who may require deeper cleaning due to health issues.
  • Molly Maid’s employees bring all of the supplies necessary for any cleaning job.  
  • The seniors’ key is kept anonymously in a locked box at the local Molly Maid office, so the senior does not need to be home for the house cleaning.
  • Molly Maid offers a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee, but the customer must contact the local branch within 24 hours of service to schedule a free re-cleaning.
  • In its franchise literature, Molly Maid states that it has a 97-percent customer retention rate.


  • Molly Maid does not offer house cleaning packages but instead gives customers a quote based on the specific house and the level of cleaning necessary. Larger houses and more complicated cleanings will be more expensive.
  • Molly Maid may charge a fee for cleanings that are not canceled at least 72 hours before the scheduled house cleaning.
  • Molly Maid’s corporate office is not accredited or rated by the Better Business Bureau; however, Better Business Bureau website can be checked for the ratings of individual branches of Molly Maid.
  • Online reviews are not the best way to gauge a local branch of a large franchised operation such as Molly Maid; local vetting is required.

Bottom Line:

Molly Maid offers both one-time and recurring house cleaning services and can work with the senior to accommodate special requests and develop a cleaning plan that meets the senior’s needs. Molly Maid also offers move-in and move-out cleanings. The company prides itself on professionalism, dependability, affordability and flexibility. Molly Maid may be a good choice for seniors who do not have the time or energy for house cleaning and are looking for a customizable housekeeping service.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you always send the same cleaning team to my house? Molly Maid tries to send the same team for each cleaning visit; however, due to employee turnover, vacations and illnesses, a replacement team may be sent if necessary. All teams are trained uniformly to meet your cleaning needs.

Do I need to be home for the cleaning service to occur? No. Most of Molly Maid’s customers are not home for the cleaning service because the company’s cleaning hours are typically 8 AM-5 PM. Most customers give Molly Maid a key to their home. All keys are encoded with a serial number and cross-referenced; your address and name are not written on the key.

What qualifications do the maids have?  All maids have the authorization to work in the United States, have completed a comprehensive background check and have been trained extensively as a Molly Maid cleaner.

More Information:

Product Details

Overview: Molly Maid offers services that can be useful for seniors, including both one-time move in/out and special event cleaning, and regular apartment and house cleanings. Molly Maid works with you and your budget to determine the right house cleaning plan and schedule for cleaning. All of Molly Maid’s services – both regular and one-time cleanings – have a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee.  

Package Details:

Regular Cleaning – Molly Maid services can be scheduled weekly, alternating weeks or monthly. Regular house cleaning may be a good option for seniors who are seeking to minimize the effect of allergens and bacteria on their health. Regular cleaning services are the most cost-effective cleaning option offered by Molly Maid.

Occasional Cleaning – Occasional or one-time cleaning costs more than a regularly scheduled clean because the home requires a deeper clean, but can be a good option for seniors who require infrequent house cleanings.

Housekeeping Services – Molly Maid housekeeping services are ideal for houses, apartments, AirBnB’s and rental properties. Housekeeping services include vacuuming, dusting, mopping, sanitizing toilets and cleaning of countertops, doorknobs and other surfaces. 

Apartment Cleaning -- Molly Maid offers apartment and condo cleaning services that can occur weekly, alternating weeks or once a month.

Move In/Out Cleaning – Molly Maid offers a printable move-out checklist on its website. It includes dusting everything, cleaning kitchen appliances, cleaning out cabinets, cleaning sinks and countertops, scrubbing toilets, shower and bathtub, wiping down baseboards, and vacuuming and sweeping of all floors.

Add-on Services: Molly Maid can accommodate special requests such as using certain green cleaning products, extra dusting and washing to reduce allergens, limited use of disinfectants, or to not clean a certain room or item. Molly Maid can fulfill special requests such as a one-time residential housekeeping service, to a recurring monthly or weekly task or a surprise need. Molly Maid is also happy to accommodate requests for cleaning refrigerators and ovens. Gift certificates of $100-$2,000 are also available.

Additional Company Details

Contract Details: There is no contract, so there are no associated fees unless a customer fails to cancel a cleaning at least 72 hours before the scheduled date. To cancel, call your local Molly Maid. Molly Maid may charge a fee for cancellations processed less than 72 hours before the scheduled house cleaning.

Warranty: Molly Maid offers a 24-hour satisfaction guarantee: if a customer is unsatisfied with the cleaning service for any reason, they can contact Molly Maid within 24 hours for a free re-cleaning.

Accreditations: Molly Maid has not received accreditation by the Better Business Bureau, but it has earned an A+ rating on the BBB website. Individual franchises of Molly Maid also may have their own accreditations and ratings that can be checked on the Better Business Bureau website.

Company Details: Molly Maid was founded in Canada in 1979 by Adrienne and Chris Stringer. The two named the company after the character Molly Brown in the 1964 film the Unsinkable Molly Brown. Entrepreneur David McKinnon brought Molly Maid from Canada to Ann Arbor, MI, in 1984 to give the residents of Ann Arbor a professional and affordable house cleaning service. Today, the company has over 450 active franchises across the globe and, in 2016, the company performed 1.7 million house cleanings. In 1996, the founders of Molly Maid created the non-profit organization, The Ms. Molly Foundation, to help victims of domestic violence, as well as local shelters and agencies that support victims in the local community.


Molly Maid, Inc.
3948 Ranchero Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48108
Phone: 1-800-MOLLYMAID

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