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The Maids provides one-time or regular house cleaning services thanks to highly-trained, 4-person teams. Its services are allergy-friendly, pet-friendly and customizable to meet seniors’ needs.

The Maids offers both one-time and regular cleaning services which primarily focus on dusting, bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning and vacuuming.  In 1995, The Maids became the first home cleaning business to ‘clean for health’ and today uses vacuum cleaners featuring HEPA filters, which makes The Maids a good option for seniors who have allergies and respiratory problems.  Besides standard cleaning, The Maids also offers services including carpet and window cleaning. There is no standard pricing and customers must contact The Maids for a free estimate for services.

Grandfolk Scoring
Price 10/10
Contract obligation 10/10
Risk-free trial 8/10
Cancelation Fee 8/10
Insurance 10/10
Number of Cleaners 10/10
Home access 10/10
Key security 10/10
Cleaning supplies 10/10
Fee for the service
No standard pricing; estimates are available on website
Contract obligation
Length of commitment
No contract
Risk-free trial
Full refund for trial?
No refund; work is guaranteed with a re-do if notified within 24 hours
Cancelation Fee
To terminate appointment
None, but cancellation window not specified
Replacement policy for lost or damages
Number of Cleaners
Number of cleaners per house
Home access
Access the home for cleaning
Give The Maids a key, be at home or make alternate arrangements
Key security
Company house key storage?
Yes, house keys are assigned a serial number and kept in a locked box
Cleaning supplies
Are supplies eco-friendly?
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50-64 Years
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75-84 Years

Seniors of any age will appreciate the benefits of house cleaning services from The Maids, including increased general happiness and independence from living in a clean house. As seniors age, physical chores can be more difficult and can discourage seniors from keeping a clean house. Unfortunately, dirty homes can expose a senior to bacteria and allergens. Clutter can make seniors more susceptible to falls. Both are hazards, which make The Maids’ services valuable for seniors, most particularly for older seniors.

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The Maids’ services have merit for seniors of any health, but particularly for seniors in fair or poor health who may no longer be able to clean the house due to lack of strength or mobility issues. For them, it makes the biggest difference in terms of maintaining independence and being in a clean, orderly house. The Maids’ focus on deep-cleaning HEPA-filtered vacuuming ensures that a significant amount of allergens and bacteria are removed from the house. For a senior in poor health, having a healthy ‘healing’ environment is important. However, unless they have a caretaker, seniors in poor health may find it difficult to interact with The Maids on a timely basis to cancel or reschedule cleaning services when needed.


  • The Maids provides liability and accident coverage in addition to loss and damage protection for household items. The customer’s home, the house cleaning team and The Maids are all included in the insurance coverage, so the senior does not have to worry about lost or broken items or liability for cleaning team injuries.
  • The Maids uses a unique 22-Step Healthy Touch Deep Cleaning system that cleans with a focus on health. The system uses environmentally-friendly cleaning products and specially designed vacuum cleaners which remove up to 99 percent of allergens and bacteria from the carpet and improve air quality.
  • The Maids cleaning service operates in teams of four which ensures a fast and thorough house cleaning.
  • The Maids is happy to clean houses that have pets, but the customer must contact the company beforehand to inform them of any pets. Also, pets must be secured in case they are startled around visitors.
  • The Maids offers same-day cleaning services, subject to availability, which may be useful for seniors requiring urgent house cleaning.


  • Services from The Maids may be expensive due to the lack of standard pricing for their cleaning packages. Instead, individual price estimates are generated for customers based on the services requested. However, The Maids is willing to work with customers to find affordable house cleaning solutions.
  • The Maids does not offer refunds for unsatisfactory work; customers must notify the company within 24 hours of an unsatisfactory cleaning so that a free re-cleaning can be scheduled.
  • Online review sites are not a good measure of the local franchisee’s service, even when specific complaints are cited; local vetting is more reliable, through referrals, franchise-specific BBB reviews, Yelp, etc.

Bottom Line:

The Maids is a cleaning service that offers several different ‘health-centric’ cleaning services to meet customers’ needs. One-time cleaning, recurring cleaning, spring or fall cleaning, same day cleaning and move-in or move-out cleaning are all available from The Maids. The Maids uses HEPA filters in their vacuum cleaners to remove a significant portion of allergens and bacteria from the carpet. The Maids can also, by request, reduce the amount of disinfectant used for seniors who want to limit the exposure to cleaning solvents in the home. Because The Maids seeks to have the same staff perform house cleaning visits for a customer, this company may be a good option for seniors who are looking for a consistent, reliable cleaning service.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you always send the same cleaning team to my house? Typically, The Maids tries to be sure that each home has an assigned cleaning team. However, due to illness, vacations and staff changes, this cannot be guaranteed. In cases where the same cleaning team cannot clean your house, The Maids’ team leader will train other cleaners to deliver the same quality you expect from your regular cleaning team.

Do I need to be home for the cleaning service to occur? It’s up to you. If you do not wish to provide The Maids with a key to your house, you can leave a key in a safe place each visit.  Keys provided to The Maids are kept in a safe which only The Maids managers can access. Each team leader obtains the keys required for the day at the beginning of the shift and returns them at the end of the day after the houses have been cleaned.

What qualifications do the maids have? All maids are trained before they can enter a home. Training is also ongoing as new products and cleaning methods become available on the market. Cleaning team employees are authorized to work in the United States.  

More Information:

Product Details

Overview: The Maids home cleaning system prides itself on its ‘cleaning for health’ orientation and is built around the basic services of dusting, bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning and vacuuming. The Maids Healthy Touch Deep Cleaning System was created to provide customers with the cleanest homes possible. The system features 22 steps for complete cleaning of the kitchen, bathroom, all rooms and windows. The steps include vacuuming of floors, carpets, stairs and under beds; dusting and vacuuming furniture; straightening up the living spaces; cleaning and disinfecting the bathroom; and cleaning kitchen appliances. The Maids uses specially designed backpack vacuums which are equipped with HEPA filters to provide a deep clean and remove allergens.

Package Details: Rather than relying on package pricing, The Maids provides an individualized quote which takes into account your home’s needs. Customers can call The Maids or obtain a quote online. The Maids offers one-time cleaning, recurring cleaning services, spring or fall cleaning, same day cleaning and move-in or move-out cleaning.   

Add-on Services: The Maids offers floor and carpet cleaning maintenance, as well as cleaning windows, the inside of cabinets, ovens and other services which may be available by request.

Additional Company Details

Contract Details: To cancel or reschedule your cleaning service, call your local The Maids office within the designated notification window, and they will help you reschedule or cancel. If you do not cancel before your scheduled appointment, you will be charged. Check with your local office to determine the cutoff time for cancellations and rescheduling.

Warranty: The Maids offers a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee on cleaning services; if you are not happy with an area of the house after your cleaning visit, you can call The Maids within 24 hours to schedule another visit so that the unsatisfactory area can be cleaned for free.

Accreditations: While The Maids International, Inc., is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, it has earned an A+ rating from the BBB website. Individual franchisees may also have a separate BBB accreditation and ratings and should be checked at

Company Details: The Maids was started in 1979 when entrepreneur Daniel J. Bishop entrepreneur founded the company in his hometown of Omaha, NE, and began franchising his residential cleaning business one year later. The goal of The Maids was to make residential deep cleaning accessible to everyone. Today, The Maids International offers deep cleaning services in over 90 cities in the United States and Canada.  


The Maids International, Inc.
9394 West Dodge Road, Suite 140
Omaha, NE 68114
Phone: 800-843-6243

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