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You’ve Got Maids offers a variety of eco-friendly one-time or regular house cleaning services based on a detailed checklist. The company also offers a seniors’ discount.

You’ve Got Maids offers a variety of house cleaning services based on a detailed checklist and also offers a la carte services. While You’ve Got Maids does not offer standard pricing, customers can visit the You’ve Got Maids website for a free estimate. You’ve Got Maids offers a seniors discount, but it must be requested when obtaining the estimate. The maids at You’ve Got Maids undergo drug testing and background checks, thus making this service a good option for seniors concerned about the security and safety of their homes. You’ve Got Maids utilizes eco-friendly practices, such as using reusable microfiber towels and HEPA-filter backpack vacuums that remove allergens and that are also better for the environment.

Grandfolk Scoring
Price 10/10
Contract obligation 10/10
Risk-free trial 10/10
Cancelation Fee 10/10
Insurance 8/10
Number of Cleaners 9/10
Home access 10/10
Key security 10/10
Cleaning supplies 9/10
Fee for the service
An individualized quote is available on the website
Contract obligation
Length of commitment
Risk-free trial
Full refund for trial?
No refunds; work is guaranteed with a re-do if notified within 24 hours
Cancelation Fee
To terminate appointment
None, unless you cancel at the last minute
Replacement policy for lost or damages
Number of Cleaners
Number of cleaners per house
Home access
Access the home for cleaning
Give the key to You’ve Got Maids or be at home
Key security
Company house key storage?
Encoded and stored in a locked box
Cleaning supplies
Are supplies eco-friendly?
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50-64 Years
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You’ve Got Maids offers a seniors’ discount, so this cleaning service may be a more affordable choice for seniors. As seniors age, they can easily allow house cleaning chores to build up until they become overwhelming. It often reflects their growing inability to handle the physical exertion required to clean a house effectively, which is a discouraging admission for many. You’ve Got Maids can help ensure a senior’s ongoing independence by taking on house cleaning responsibilities. Also, seniors who always prided themselves on keeping a clean house will be far happier in a clean house, regardless of who cleaned it. A cluttered home can also be dangerous for anyone who is unsteady, so this service could be a good option for older seniors as well.

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You’ve Got Maids could be a good house cleaning service for seniors regardless of health. Particularly for those with poorer health who cannot clean the house due to mobility issues, this service can help raise their spirits and allow them to remain independent for longer. You’ve Got Maids uses cleaning products that are healthy for humans, pets and the environment, which makes it one of the more health-centered cleaning services available. In addition to using nontoxic, non-chemical-based products, the company uses vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters, which filter out 99% of allergens and bacteria from carpets. Seniors of any health who wish to direct their limited energy to other tasks besides house cleaning would benefit greatly from the services offered by You’ve Got Maids.


  • The company offers a seniors’ discount, but seniors must ask for the discount when getting a price estimate. It is not automatically applied and must be mentioned when enrolling in the service.
  • You’ve Got Maids has a very selective employee screening process, hiring only one percent of applicants. All maids at You’ve Got Maids are graduates of Maid University, You’ve Got Maids’ training program for their house cleaning staff, and have undergone background checks. Therefore, seniors can have confidence that the individuals making house cleaning visits have been thoroughly vetted.
  • Women undergoing treatment for any cancer can receive free house cleaning from this service, which allows them to focus on their health during cancer treatment.
  • You’ve Got Maids uses eco- and health-friendly cleaning practices, such as reusable microfiber cleaning cloths and HEPA-filtered vacuum cleaners. These can be beneficial for seniors who suffer from allergies, asthma and any age- or health-related breathing difficulties.
  • You’ve Got Maids offers a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee; if you are not satisfied with the service, you can contact the company within 24 hours of the service to complain and have the unsatisfactory areas re-cleaned at no additional cost.


  • You’ve Got Maids requires that you contact the company within 24 hours of the house cleaning visit to complain about poor service, so if a senior misses the timeframe, no refunds are available.
  • Online reports of individual complaints or issues (for this or other cleaning services) carry very little weight since the companies are so large and have so many customers. Instead, local vetting of the operation you will be using is where the research focus needs to be.
  • You’ve Got Maids does not rely on standard pricing, but rather relies on price estimates for individual customers, which could get expensive for larger homes.

Bottom Line:

You’ve Got Maids is focused on health and eco-friendliness. The selection and training process for house cleaners in You’ve Got Maids is more stringent than most. This is due to the criminal background check and drug screening required for all incoming housecleaners, as well as the training of the cleaners through attendance at Maid University. You’ve Got Maids offers both one-time and recurring cleaning services, including a detailed and thorough 52-Point Spring Cleaning Service. You’ve Got Maids offers a seniors’ discount so it may be a more affordable option for seniors than other cleaning services, but seniors must ask for the senior discount when obtaining a price quote.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you always send the same cleaning team to my house? You’ve Got Maids aims to send the same house cleaning Supervisor for every cleaning visit. The Supervisor is assigned to your account and will change only in rare circumstances; the role of the Supervisor is to ensure that your home is cleaned regularly to your preferred specifications.

Do I need to be home for the cleaning service to occur? No. You can choose to be home for the cleaning service, or you can give a copy of your key to You’ve Got Maids. If you do not provide a house key, you can leave the key in a safe location to be returned there after the visit. Most clients, however, supply You’ve Got Maids with their key to be free to schedule their time. You’ve Got Maids encodes your key with a serial number and stores it in a safe. 

What qualifications do the maids have? The maids at You’ve Got Maids are screened thoroughly through a demanding recruitment process, and each maid completes Maid University training school. All maids are also required to pass a criminal background check and drug screening.

More Information:

Product Details

Overview: You’ve Got Maids offers weekly, bi-weekly or one-time cleaning services.  The company uses a comprehensive cleaning system to create a cleaning plan customized to the needs of each household, paying attention to kitchen and bathrooms, floors and dusting. To make house cleaning more affordable for seniors, who often require fewer services than other age groups, You’ve Got Maids offers a senior citizens’ discount.

All of You’ve Got Maids house cleaning services are friendly to humans, pets and the environment and are backed by a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee. You’ve Got Maids uses Green Seal certified cleaning products which are nontoxic, non-carcinogenic and not corrosive to teeth or skin. Also, the microfiber cleaning cloths used by the company remove 99 percent of all dirt, bacteria and germs. You’ve Got Maids also uses industrial strength HEPA backpack vacuum cleaners which remove nearly all dust and allergens from the home.

Package Details: You’ve Got Maids does not offer standard pricing and instead requires that customers go to their website or call You’ve Got Maids directly to obtain a price quote.  Seniors wishing to benefit from the seniors discount must mention it to You’ve Got Maids when getting a price quote because the discount is not automatically applied.

52-point Spring Clean Service is a one-time service that cleans every room of the house according to a 52-point checklist including cleaning and sanitizing floors, countertops, kitchen appliances, bathroom fixtures and furniture. Dusting and vacuuming services are also included in the 52-point checklist.

Weekly Maid Service is a weekly service in which housecleaners from You’ve Got Maids clean bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms and every room. Weekly maid service is the most inexpensive service offered by You’ve Got Maids. Biweekly Maid Service is also available.  

Move-In House Cleaning and Move-Out House Cleaning services are also available. These services are one-time, top-to-bottom cleaning visits in which You’ve Got Maids will clean and sanitize every surface.

Add-on Services: You’ve Got Maids will accommodate special requests. They also offer gift certificates from $200-$2,500.

Additional Company Details

Contract Details: You’ve Got Maids does not charge a fee unless the customer fails to cancel the house cleaning visit in the specified timeframe. To cancel a house cleaning visit, contact the company in advance of the scheduled house cleaning. Different branches may have different cancellation periods, so make sure to check with your local You’ve Got Maids office.  If you do not cancel the house cleaning during the cancellation window, you will be charged for the cleaning.

Warranty:  You’ve Got Maids does not offer refunds, but it does offer a satisfaction guarantee: if you are dissatisfied with the service provided by You’ve Got Maids, you can call the company within 24 hours and they will re-clean the unsatisfactory area free of charge.

Accreditations: You’ve Got Maids’ corporate office does not have a rating or accreditation with the Better Business Bureau, but many local franchises are BBB-accredited and rated.

Company Details: Frank and Cynthia Berger founded You’ve Got Maids in 2005 after spending years in the franchise industry. Their mission was to provide safe, detailed, environmentally-friendly cleaning services.  Today, You’ve Got Maids operates over 50 locations across the United States. You’ve Got Maids was named an A+ Service Professional by Thumbtack. 


You’ve Got Maids
3015 Dunes West Blvd, Ste 102
Mount Pleasant, SC 29466
Phone: 855-747-1600 

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