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ID Watchdog offers monitoring and smartphone alerts for fraud and identity theft, as well as 24/7 customer support to resolve occurrences of identity theft.

While not as comprehensive as other identity theft protection companies, ID Watchdog provides a variety of credit and ‘dark web’ monitoring services relatively inexpensively compared to its competitors. ID Watchdog also boasts a smartphone app, unlike some providers, and around-the-clock customer support so that any threats can be dealt with immediately. For seniors looking for a basic identity monitoring service with credit monitoring and customer support to help resolve occurrences of identity theft, ID Watchdog is a great choice.

Grandfolk Scoring
Price 9/10
Contract Obligation 10/10
Risk-free Trial Period 6/10
Cancellation Process 8/10
Fraud Detection 10/10
Internet Monitoring 5/10
Insurance 10/10
Credit Card Monitoring 10/10
Credit Score 7/10
Monthly fee
$12-$20 per month
Contract Obligation
Commitment length
Monthly or annually
Risk-free Trial Period
Trial period for refund
No free trial is currently offered
Cancellation Process
Cancelation ease
Users must cancel by phone and will receive confirmation by email
Fraud Detection
Detection availability
Internet Monitoring
Monitoring availability
‘Dark web’ monitoring is offered, but not internet activity monitoring
Coverage availability
Reimbursement insurance for up to $1 million in identity theft-related expenses
Credit Card Monitoring
Monitoring availability
Yes, credit-related activity monitoring is included in both plans
Credit Score
Periodic review
Yes, but only in the Platinum Plan
Age Score:
50-64 Years
65-74 Years
75-84 Years

ID Watchdog is ideal for subscribers of any age because the online information monitoring service does not require much action from the user after he or she subscribes. The monitoring tools themselves are automatic. However, this identity-monitoring subscription service, like others in this category, is primarily internet-based and does require seniors to read occasional notifications and alerts regarding their accounts. Seniors who are not familiar with computers or the internet may encounter difficulty getting the most out of this service. Also, with increasing age, a senior may be less likely to respond to important alerts and may be at greater risk as a result of a false sense of security.

Health Score:
Poor Health
Fair Health
Good Health
Great Health

A senior’s health condition does not really affect the value of the ID Watchdog service unless it prohibits them from reading the identity-monitoring reports or taking action on instances of apparent identity theft. ID Watchdog automatically reviews and checks a range of sensitive personal information so that, in general, no involvement from the subscriber is required. The service is primarily web-based, so seniors who have difficulty navigating the web due to health issues, e.g., cognitive or vision problems, will be challenged using the services. However, this service is vital for older seniors of any health, because seniors are so frequently targeted by scam artists and any health concern could be aggravated by the added stress.


  • LifeLock offers LifeLock Senior, a plan designed specifically for seniors, which is pricier but provides many critical services targeted at their vulnerabilities, including their retirement accounts and home titles.
  • LifeLock Senior allows seniors to sign up with an adult child, under a special permission, so both receive alerts, and so the adult child can monitor the effective use of the service. 
  • LifeLock has a mobile app that enables users to receive notifications and alerts regarding their personal data security and privacy. They can also receive alerts by phone call or email.
  • LifeLock offers 24/7 customer service to help customers deal with identity theft occurrences quickly.
  • LifeLock plans include U.S.-based legal and restoration help if such help is necessary to resolve a case.
  • Consumers have reported satisfaction with the LifeLock service, particularly their interactions with customer service and the help they received in instances of identity theft.


  • LifeLock does not have a family plan, so covering all family members could become an expensive proposition.
  • Consumers have complained that LifeLock requires users to enroll themselves, which could be problematic for seniors in poor health or without computer skills. This concern may have been resolved with the new senior service whereby seniors and an adult child are both linked to the senior’s account.
  • Consumers have complained that the signup process is long and the website is outdated.
  • Consumer Reports states that when LifeLock finds a user’s information on the ‘dark web,’ it simply notifies the user rather than taking action to delete the information it has located. If true, some of the advertised services may not be as effective as they seem.

Bottom Line:

LifeLock, and particularly LifeLock Senior, is an ideal plan for a senior because it provides services that would be useful to an older person who is frequently the target of identity theft and scammer activity. LifeLock also offers several other plans, including a plan for children, and has received many awards. LifeLock received the International Stevie Award in 2014 from the Eighth Annual International Business Awards and was named to the Online Trust Honor Roll in 2016 for its excellent privacy and security practices. For seniors looking for a comprehensive plan with many relevant features, LifeLock can provide the much sought-after peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does this company have a mobile app? LifeLock offers a mobile app on both the App Store for Apple iPhones and Google Play for Android devices.

What should I do if my personal information has been compromised or stolen?  Customer service agents are available 24/7 to assist subscribers with identity theft.

Does this company offer a free trial? LifeLock offers a 30-day free trial.

More Information:

Product Details

Overview: ID Watchdog offers two packages, the PLUS and PLATINUM subscriptions, for a monthly fee. Both subscriptions provide basic and advanced identity monitoring, internet ‘dark web’ surveillance, email and SMS notifications, full-service identity restoration, credit report monitoring and even National Provider Identifier alerts to prevent physicians’ identity theft.  

Package Details: 

The ID Watchdog PLUS package costs $14.95/month, or $149.95/year, and offers many tools to help customers keep their identities and personal information protected, online and offline. The package features identity monitoring, ‘dark web’ surveillance and credit report monitoring.

The ID Watchdog PLATINUM subscription costs $19.95/month or $219/year. In addition to the services in the PLUS package, it offers credit report checks and credit score reporting.

Additional Company Details

Contract Details: You may be charged an Identity Verification Fee for certain product offerings. To cancel ID Watchdog, call the company. You will receive a written confirmation by U.S. mail.  Monthly fees are nonrefundable, but fees for unused months in an annual or tri-annual contract will be refunded on a prorated basis.

Warranty: ID Watchdog does not warrant any results because some third parties make it impossible, but states “ID Watchdog will diligently work with and assist you correcting your personal records.”

Accreditations: ID Watchdog is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, where it has earned an A+ rating.

Company Details: ID Watchdog was founded in 2005 and was acquired by Equifax in 2017. The company’s mission is to promote peace of mind for people by helping them control, manage, and protect their personal information affordable and securely.”  


ID Watchdog 
621 17th Street
Denver, CO 80293
Phone: 303-820-3333

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