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Having a lush, green lawn is a desire of nearly all homeowners—Lawn Doctor can make that happen.

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If you have a home, you likely do your best to keep it in excellent shape, both inside and out. However, those outdoor tasks can be very time consuming and back-breaking. The grass needs mowing, seeding, and fertilization. The trees and bushes should be pruned and fertilized. This all takes time and some knowledge of what each plant needs to make it thrive. Keeping up with all of this can be a chore that can become overwhelming. It’s often better to leave it to professionals. 

Lawn Doctor is one such company.The company can provide monthly service to keep your lawn green and lush. Lawn Doctor can fertilize your lawn, provide seeding and aeration, and keep the weeds at bay. It also offers outdoor pest control to tame mosquitos and ticks. If you are in the market for lawn maintenance services, you should check out Lawn Doctor.

Grandfolk Scoring
Cost 8/10
Warranty 10/10
Ease 10/10
Cancellation 7/10
Customer support 8/10
Frequency 8/10
Website 7/10
What are the monthly costs?
Cost will vary depending on where you live, and the services you need
Is the service guaranteed?
Lawn Doctor guarantees that you will be satisfied with service
Is the service easy to use?
Yes, the company will come to your home to provide an estimate
How difficult is it to cancel the service?
You may be able to cancel the service with written notice ahead of time
Customer support
How easy is access to customer service?
Each office has its own hours, generally the standard 8AM-5 PM Mon-Fri
How often will my lawn receive treatment?
At least once every other month
Is there a website?
Yes, but only minimal information is provided
Age Score:
50-65 Years
65-75 Years
75-85 Years

Lawn maintenance services can be used by a senior of any age, since maintaining your own lawn is time-consuming and requires significant energy. As a younger senior, you may still be quite active with no time to give to maintaining your lawn. This is the perfect time to use a service like Lawn Doctor. As you age, you may still need such a service. You may not have the energy or physical strength to commit to maintaining your lawn and shrubs. 

If you have begun to have cognitive issues, the tasks related to maintaining your lawn could prove very difficult. Handling chemicals and evaluating the needs of your lawn could be extremely challenging, so calling a professional service is a good idea.

Health Score:
Great Health
Good Health
Fair Health
Poor Health

When you are in great health, it’s easy to dedicate some additional time to maintaining your property. You can even make it a family project. But if you prefer going on trips or visiting relatives, you may not have time to devote to these kinds of tasks. This is a great time to invest in professional lawn care. Being able to count on someone to maintain the beauty of your yard is extremely valuable. 

As you age, you may lose the ability to deal with pruning and fertilizing due to arthritis or respiratory problems. Your health takes priority, and those tasks that take away from rest are less important. This makes professional lawn care extremely valuable for seniors in any state of health.


  • Results are guaranteed. The company will return if you are not happy with the results and redo the work or refund your payment.
  • Saves time to spend with family, or travel.
  • Lawn Doctor has 50 years of experience in the lawn care business.
  • Each office is locally owned and operated, helping you avoid the big business runaround.
  • The company has very high reviews on TrustPilot.
  • All services are handled by professionals.


  • Each Lawn Doctor location is independently owned and operated, which can result in uneven service.
  • The company will not mow your lawn—that is still your responsibility.
  • The company guarantees its services but does not cover problems related to drought or heat stress on turf.

Bottom Line:

Lawn Doctor has become one of the largest lawn care services in the country. It was recently named among the top 500 franchises for 2017 by Entrepreneur Magazine. The company is focused on growing its brand while supporting its franchisees. It has received many recognitions over the years by Entrepreneur Magazine and Success Magazine. Its CEO, Russell Frith, was also recognized by Landscape Management magazine. 

The company began in 1967 with two small town businessmen who wanted to help their neighbors. Over the years, Lawn Doctor has tried to stay true to this mindset. Of course, there are complaints of poor or inadequate service. This can be expected with locally owned and operated businesses, as each one has an owner with his or her plans for the business and variable ability to manage it properly. When checking the BBB rating for each individual office, it’s important to consider how it addresses complaints and concerns that customers have raised. Lawn Doctor offices are not BBB accredited, but each will have its own rating. 

If you have decided to hire a lawn maintenance company, it is a good idea to keep tabs on the work, and call the company if you notice changes or lack of attention. Only then will you be able to relax and trust the service provider.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are the chemicals used on the lawn safe?

Generally, chemicals used on lawns are toxic and must be handled with care. If you are looking for organic lawn care, Lawn Doctor can set up a custom set of treatments that are organic and non-toxic.  

Does the company have a professional agronomist on staff? 

Lawn Doctor does not advertise the scientific side of the operation. Training and support is provided to franchisees, but most of that training is in marketing, sales and administration. Only a small portion of the training is on the ecology of lawn care.

How will the company know what my lawn needs?  

Each team is comprised of local experts who can tailor a program for your individual yard with consideration for the local climate and rainfall averages.

More Information:

Product Details

Overview: Lawn Doctor will provide a recommended plan to service your lawn and treat problems upon request. That plan may include lawn fertilization, seeding and aeration, tree and shrub care, and outdoor pest control.

Package Details: Depending on the recommendations of the lawn care professional, you will sign an annual or seasonal contract for services you would like to have done. This will include the number and type of treatments to be provided.

Other Services: Pest control services, lawn mower maintenance.

Additional Company Details

Contract Details: The company will quote you for services to maintain your lawn, and shrubs and trees (if desired). If you agree, you will sign a service contract. This will include the number of treatments the company recommends for the covered period, along with its expectations for improvement. If you have problems along the way with any treatments, you should call the company. Lawn Doctor guarantees its work, so it will either re-treat your lawn or give you a refund. If you want to cancel service at some point before the contract ends, you may need to pay the remaining amount on the service agreement. 

Warranty: Lawn Doctor guarantees that if you are less than 100% satisfied with the results of treatments, it will make it right.

Accreditations: Lawn Doctor has been recognized as one of the most successful franchises in the U.S. Success Magazine named it one of America’s best franchises; Entrepreneur Magazine recognized it as #1 Lawn Care Franchise; and Fran Survey stated that it was a World-Class Franchise in 2007. Russell Frith was recognized as “Man of the Year” by Landscape Management, and has served as president of the Professional Lawn Care Association of America. 

The company is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau, but the home office has a rating of A+.

Company Details: Lawn Doctor was founded by Bob Magda and Tony Giordano in the mid-1960s in Matawan, NJ. Bob was an apprentice at Singer Sewing Machine Manufacturing, and Tony owned a small hardware store. A housing development was being built nearby, and Tony was constantly being asked by homeowners about how to improve their lawns. Tony began running weekly workshops, but became frustrated when he saw his customers spending so much money on lawn care without getting desired results. When he discussed this with his friend Bob, the two decided to start their own lawn care company. 

The company was originally named Auto Lawn, but became Lawn Doctor when local businessmen began calling them the lawn doctors. Bob built the first tractor combine in 1966 in his basement. Tony marketed the business through his hardware store. When Tony died unexpectedly in 1983, Russell Frith was promoted to the president and CEO, and directed the company’s strategy for the next 25 years. 

Russell Frith passed his love of lawn care to his son, Scott Frith. After working his way up the company’s ladder, Scott was named President and CEO in 2011. Scott has been instrumental in advancing the Lawn Doctor brand, which now has over 500 locations in about 40 U.S. states.


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