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Avvo offers legal services. It provides a database with thousands of legal questions and answers. The company also offers an online directory with lawyer referrals, profiles and reviews that covers 97 percent of the lawyers practicing in the United States.

Mark Britton founded Avvo in 2006 in Seattle, Washington. Rich Barton, the founder of Expedia and Zillow, served as a key advisor during the early stages of Avvo’s creation. He still serves on the company’s board of directors. The company’s name,“Avvo,” was derived from the Italian word “avvocato,” which translates to“lawyer.”

Avvo posts lawyer profiles that feature information on client reviews, disciplinary actions and peer endorsements. Also, there are lawyer-submitted guides available. Seniors can quickly locate top rated lawyers within their area. For a fixedfee, seniors can also gain timed legal advice over the phone with an attorney. A multitude of legal packages are also provided,which give access to low-cost legal representation, review of documents, filing of all court documents, plus court representation if necessary, all for one set price. 

Legal services include business, family, immigration, criminal defense, estate planning, real estate, landlord/tenant laws, bankruptcy/debt, employment and labor. Seniors visiting the site can ask free questions to get brief advice from a variety of online lawyers on the site.

Grandfolk Scoring
Cost 10/10
Ease 10/10
Cancellation 10/10
Customer service 9/10
Policy options 9/10
Financial strength 9/10
Warranty 9/10
How much does the service cost?
$39/15 minutes for a call with an attorney. Package prices are $39-$895
Is the service easy to use?
Yes, the service is very user-friendly
Can I cancel the service ?
Cancel within 90 days of purchasing a package for a full refund
Customer service
When is customer service available to help?
Customer service is available 7 AM-7 PM PST Mon-Fri
Policy options
What options are available?
Users can pay for a phone conversation with an attorney, or buy a package
Financial strength
Is the company financially strong?
The company is currently very strong, and is growing
Is a warranty available?
A 100 percent satisfaction guarantee is available
Age Score:
50-64 Years
65-74 Years
75-84 Years

Avvo provides the tools that a senior needs to prepare for the future. There are affordable estate planning packages available, and many other legal packages. Seniors can also peruse Avvo’s lawyer directory and look over online recommendations to find local legal representation. The site offers access to Avvo-rated lawyer profiles, client reviews, and additional peer endorsements for 97 percent of the lawyers practicing in the United States.

There is a handy Q&A forum where seniors can get quick answers to their legal questions. The forum is managed by 75,000 participating lawyers,who are ready and able to answer even the toughest legal questions. There are also 6 million previously-posted questions and answers that a senior can  quickly reference for answers. Seniors using the site might also benefit from paying a set fee of $39 to speak one-on-one for fifteen minutes with an attorney who can quickly and efficiently answer all of their legal questions. 

Avvo’s website is easy to maneuver and user-friendly. Seniors can type in a question to search the existing database for an answer. If the question cannot be answered via the database, then the question is forwarded to an attorney for an answer. Seniors can also purchase legal packages that cover a bevy of topics such as estate planning, power of attorney, trusts and wills. For an example, if a senior picks the topic “Wills, ”they will be offered numerous legal packages that feature services such as document review, the complete drafting of a will or a simple planning and advice package, All service packages are affordable and user-friendly. They range in price from $39-$895, depending on what the senior needs completed. The company also features a phone app that puts all legal questions and answers at the senior’s fingertips 24/7. 

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Great Health
Good Health
Fair Health
Poor Health

Advancing health concerns and aging make it imperative that seniors think about subjects such as estate planning, living wills and durable power of attorney. Avvo assists seniors by providing affordable legal services. Seniors can opt to purchase a legal package from Avvo, or find a local, affordable attorney using the directory. They can also use the readily-accessible online Q&A service. If a senior only wants to speak briefly with an attorney about any legal topic, they can pay the affordable $39 for a 15-minute consultation. 

End-of-life planning is never easy, but most seniors want to tackle it head-on with top-notch legal services, so they don’t leave their loved ones with any burdens. With Avvo, a senior can retain affordable legal services that they can depend on to take care of difficult healthcare and estate planning obstacles.


  • Avvo is a top service to quickly and efficiently find a reputable lawyer. With the Avvo rating system, peer reviews, and client reviews, a senior can quickly decide if the lawyer is a good fit for their specific needs. 
  • Many seniors still prefer to verbally converse with an attorney instead of exchanging emails or text messages. With Avvo, a senior gains access to 15 minutes of a lawyer's time. They can also purchase legal packages that give them even more time to verbally discuss issues and concerns with an attorney,and gain valuable legal advice. 
  • With advancing age, many seniors are faced with making the decision to create a durable power of attorney, living will and last will. With the legal information available on Avvo, a senior can opt to create the documents themselves and have them reviewed by an attorney, or they can choose from several different affordable packages that provide all the necessary steps to finalize all legal estate issues. 
  • Avvo is like an online library of legal questions and answers. A senior simply types in the legal question and can quickly peruse a variety of answers. If the question that they are asking is new, then it will be promptly answered by one of the many attorneys that work with Avvo.


  • Avvo offers no senior discounts.
  • Avvo offers so much legal information in its Q&A section that seniors may become confused. 
  • The client reviews posted on each attorney’s page at Avvo may not be accurate, because anyone can make a review — the reviewer does not necessarily have to be a client. 
  • Many people say that Avvo is just simple internet marketing for attorneys and cannot be completely trusted. 
  • Clients have complained that when they try to leave a subpar rating for an attorney, the company refuses to publish the review.

Bottom Line:

Avvo is an excellent tool to find affordable legal services and to gain access to thousands of legal Q&A documents. The service’s thrifty price tag is an superb option for seniors seeking legal assistanceon a fixed income. The lawyers working with Avvo are available to speak with a senior about any legal matter for a very affordable, fixed 15-minute rate. Seniors can also save a considerable amount of money using one of the legal packages offered by Avvo to plan their estate, draft their will, or create a power of attorney. Avvo’s app also lets seniors peruse the Q&A section, or ask a legal question with a simple text input system via their smartphones. 

The low-cost legal services, attorney directory, and legal questions/answers all help provide peace of mind to any senior seeking legal counsel. Cost-effective legal service during a senior’s golden years, when they are typically living on a very tight budget, is highly valuable.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I pay for my policy? 

You can opt to purchase a one-on-one legal consultation with a lawyer for $39 per 15minutes. You can also purchase legal packages for a variety of services such as immigration, estate planning, family, landlord/tenant, business, employment and real estatefor prices that range from $39-$895, depending on the level of legal assistance you require. The services can be paid for electronically online. 

Can I change my plan?

If you are not happy with the service that you receive, you can switch attorneys at no cost to you.Or, you can opt to receive a full refund. 

Can I cancel at any time? 

Customer service at Avvo will work if you if you have started legal services using Avvo, but are unhappy.You can cancel and receive a full refund. In order to request a refund or file a complaint, you must contact customer service by by email or phone. You must request the refund within 90 days of purchase. If you purchase a phone call but do not receive the call within 24 hours of paying for the service,you can cancel your service request a full refund. 

More Information:

Product Details: 

Overview: Avvo offers affordable legal services.The company also provides a detailed directory that features peer reviews, client reviews and a detailed rating score. There is an online Q&A forum where visitors have access to thousands of detailed legal questions. If the answer to the question is not published online, then the question will be forwarded to an attorney for a detailed answer. Legal advice prices are billed in 15-minute increments. Users can also purchase legal packages. 

Note: If you pay for legal services using Avvo and you do not receive a return call within 24 hours, then you may request a different attorney be assigned to your case. 

Package Details: Avvo has a variety of legal packages that range in price from $39-$895. Packages may be limited and only include a review of legal documents, or they may be in-depth and include legal representation from start to finish. Users can also opt to purchase a consultation with an attorney for $39 per 15minutes. 

Individual Plans: Individual plans are not available on Avvo. 

Family Plans: Family plans are not available on Avvo. 

Avvo App: There is a phone app for Avvo that allows users to post questions to the forum and search the site’s online legal Q&A. 

Add-On Services: Avvo does not offer monthly membership plans. Users simply purchase one-on-one legal advice in 15-minute increments, or they purchase legal packages that fit their individual needs. 

Additional Company Details:

Payment Policies: All legal services can be purchased online using electronic funds transfer. 

Cancellation Policy: If not completely satisfied, all services can be canceled within 90 days of purchase for a full refund. 

Warranty: Avvo offers 100 percent customer satisfaction. If not completely satisfied, you can request to be provided with a new attorney, or request a full refund. 

Accreditation: Avvo is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, but maintains an F rating.

Company Details: 

Mark Britton, who formerly worked for Expedia as a legal counselor, thought up the idea of Avvo while vacationing in Italy. Rich Barton, the founder of Expedia, Inc., helped Britton develop the company by acting as an advisor. In its infancy, the company was financed by Benchmark Capital and Ignition Partners for 13 million. 

Ultimately, in 2015, the company raised 71.5 million in financing and then went on to achieve a total financing of 132 million. Avvo has faced some difficulties in recent years. The company has been sued by attorneys who claim the ratings bestowed by the company’s algorithm are not accurate. 


720 Olive Way Ste 1400
Seattle, WA 98101-1833
Tel: 800-441-3596
Website: https://www.avvo.com/legal-services

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