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LegalShield, an American Corporation, offers legal products via convenient prepaid monthly membership plans in the United States and Canada.The company was originally founded in 1972 as the Sportsman’s Motor Club. It covers a bevy of legal services such as traffic, consumer finance, estate planning (which many seniors find beneficial), and landlord/tenant matters. The company offers convenient monthly membership plans, which give seniors access to a network of local attorneys and legal professionals for a set monthly fee. 

Seniors can opt to purchase a personal plan or a small business plan. Most seniors find the personal plan the most beneficial for their specific needs. Seniors can purchase a cost-saving individual plan or opt for the family plan, which covers an individual and their spouse. The cost of monthly plan premiums varies by state. Seniors can also add certain perks to the base plan, such as trial lawyer defense.

Grandfolk Scoring
Cost 10/10
Ease 10/10
Cancellation 10/10
Customer service 10/10
Policy options 9/10
Financial strength 9/10
Warranty 7/10
How much does the service cost?
$17.95-$19-95 per month depending on state.
Is the service easy to use?
Very easy to use
Can I cancel the service ?
No fee to cancel.You can cancel any time with a written notice
Customer service
When is customer service available to help?
Customer Service can be contacted via the smartphone app, toll free number, or online chat.
Policy options
What options are available?
Members can opt to purchase an individual policy or family policy. Additional services can be added such as trial defense and home business.
Financial strength
Is the company financially strong?
Above Average — Has 1.5 million members in the U.S. and Canada
Is a warranty available?
Not available
Age Score:
50-64 Years
65-74 Years
75-84 Years

LegalShield helps seniors prepare for the future. The Estate Planning services offered by LegalShield include estate planning, will drafting, durable power of attorney, advanced medical directive (living will), retirement/disability plans, review of private/government benefits, summarization of all assets and overview of benefits. 

Seniors might also benefit from the advanced fraud protection, consumer finance, and traffic legal advice offered. The LegalShield website is easy to maneuver and understand. There is even an online chat feature, so you can quickly ask any pertinent questions while perusing the site. Seniors are also welcome to call the toll-free number directly for personalized assistance and to be placed into contact with local legal counsel. The company also offers a phone app that allows question texting and 24-hour emergency legal assistance.

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The mounting health concerns that too-often accompany our advancing years make it crucial for seniors to start thinking about an advanced medical directive (living will) and durable power of attorney. End-of-life plans must also be made, so that seniors don’t leave their loved ones with financial burdens. 

The legal experts at LegalShield are prepared to help with all stages of estate planning, medical directives, and will drafting, plus revocable/irrevocable trusts. As healthcare costs mount and seniors are faced with more significant medical bills, errors can occur.Luckily, the legal professionals at LegalShield are ready and able to help resolve any medical disputes.


  • At LegalShield, a senior can receive quality, professional legal services to help them prepare their will and estate plan. This helps ensure that whoever the senior wants to inherit the bulk of their assets will encounter no barriers. The drafted legal plan prevents state laws from taking over at the time of the senior’s death and deciding how the estate is to be split. LegalShield provides a thorough questionnaire online or via phone app to help complete the will and estate plan. The senior simply answers all the questions so that the legal professionals can draw up the necessary papers. 
  • With advancing age, it is of paramount importance that a senior makes a durable power of attorney, so that a trusted friend or family member can the make important estate and financial decisions if the senior is incapable. The legal team at LegalShield, will go over every question, so you know and understand exactly what it means to assign a durable power of attorney.
  • A medical directive lets a trusted family member or friend make all health-related decisions if the senior is physically or mentally incapacitated. The legalities behind medical directives are complex, but the attorneys that work with LegalShield are committed to making sure that the senior understands what is at stake when it comes to assigning a medical directive. 
  • Driving ability often decreases during a person’s golden years. If a senior is involved in an accident, the state’s motor vehicles division may push to revoke the senior’s driving privileges. Having professional legal representation in the event of a traffic accident is priceless, and may even end up saving the senior a substantial amount of money if the case should go to court. 
  • There are so many retirement and disability plans available that seniors often become confused. The professionals at LegalShield are available to help explain the plans in depth, so no misunderstandings should arise. Seniors are often unaware of benefits that they might be entitled to, such as government assistance programs, military programs, and other benefit plans.
  • The banking industry is constantly changing and evolving. Keeping up with the latest financial trends may be difficult for a senior. The legal team at LegalShield will create a comprehensive summary of all the senior’s bank accounts, savings accounts, CDs and other assets. 
  • Seniors are extremely vulnerable to fraud and scams that involve identity theft. At LegalShield, if a senior’s identity is stolen, the experts will assist with canceling credit cards and replacing identifications. The senior will also be provided with unlimited access to a private investigator to protect their address and other vulnerable information. 
  • The company offers member perks in the form of discounts to many major retailers, such as Kohls, Ticketmaster, IHop and Verizon. 


  • Seniors may become confused and think that LegalShield offers all of the same services as other identity theft companies, but LegalShield does not offer any monetary guarantee or insurance to cover identity theft and possible financial losses. 
  • Depending on where the senior lives, there is often a limited pool of local attorneys available. 
  • The company offers no specific senior discounts.

Bottom Line:

LegalShield is an excellent way to garner affordable legal representation. This is a substantial asset for many seniors who live on a fixed income and cannot afford the high cost of hiring an attorney directly. The legal professionals at LegalShield are available to answer any questions that a senior might have with direct and informative legal information. You don’t have to worry about how many hours the conversation or legal assistance might require, because the monthly set fee covers all expenses and time required to resolve any legal issues. You can text, call or chat with a representative 24/7. 

Estate planning, wills, power of attorney documents and medical directives are never pleasant or easy issues, but having top-notch legal advice, document preparation and even trial defense at an affordable monthly cost is priceless for many aging seniors. This service can provide peace of mind in knowing that there is one less thing for seniorsto worry about as the years advance

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I pay for my policy? 

There is a one-time enrollment fee. After you enroll, the cost of the plan will be deducted directly from your bank account or credit card via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)each month. You can cancel at any time. 

Can I change my plan? 

You can make changes to your plan online, via the phone app, or by calling a representative. 

Can I can cancel at any time?

You can cancel your policy at any time. You are not locked into any long-term contract. To cancel, you must submit a written request directly to LegalShield. 

More Information:

Note: The monthly fee for LegalShield service varies depending on the state or area you live. In some regions, the pool of available local attorneys may be limited. 

Product Details:

Overview: LegalShield offers affordable legal services to plan members throughout the United States and Canada. 

Package Details:LegalShield provides personal legal service packages, such as the LegalShield family plan, which covers your spouse and your dependents. The company also offers individual plans if you are only seeking coverage for yourself. You can add supplements to your package, such at trial defense and home business, for an additional fee per month. 

Discounts: No senior discounts are offered.

Family Price: The family plan through LegalShield covers your spouse and all dependents for one base monthly fee. 

LegalShield App:LegalShield has a specialized app that allows you to access legal services 24/7 with just a touch of your fingertips. 

Add-on Services:

In addition to your monthly plan, you can also add trial lawyer defense, small business, and identity theft protection for an additional monthly fee. 

Additional Company Details:

Payment Policies: The monthly fee for each plan is deducted electronically from your bank account or credit card.

Cancellation Policy: You can cancel your membership plan at any time, but the cancellation must be submitted in writing to LegalShield. 

Warranty: None

Accreditations:LegalShield has been an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau since 04/16/2014. The company maintains an A+ rating. 

Company Details: 

In 1969, the founder of LegalShield, Harland Stonecipher, was in an auto accident. He was unprepared for the legal costs he incurred from the accident. The hardships he faced after his mishap made him determined to make sure that no one ever had to face a lack of legal care because of the inability to pay. He founded LegalShieldas a way to create an affordable legal service that anyone can join. Today, the company boasts 1.6 million members in the United States and Canada. The company proudly provides 24-hour access to legal advice for all of its members. 


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