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Rocket Lawyer allows members to manage all of their legal needs in one online location. Members have unlimited access to legal forms and documents. They can save safely save and store the documents for future e-signatures online. The documents are also available for a lawyer’s review.

Rocket Lawyer is an American-based corporation located in San Francisco, California. This online legal technology company offers legal services to individuals and small to medium-sized businesses. The company was founded in August of 2008 by Charley Moore. Rocket Lawyer has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception. In 2012, the company launched its services in the United Kingdom. By 2016, it had also expanded into continental Europe and formed a partnership with Éditions Lefebvre Sarrut, a legal publisher. 

The company offers convenient monthly membership plans which give seniors access to legal documents, a lawyer’s advice, online legal storage and legal discounts. If a senior runs a small to mid-size business, Rocket Lawyer can assist with incorporation. 

Seniors can opt to purchase a Premium or Accelerate monthly membership. The Premium membership is geared towards a senior and their family members. The Accelerate membership plan provides legal services to business owners. Both monthly membership plans give seniors unlimited access to thousands of legal documents which can be printed or saved online. Digital signatures can also be instigated with the service. 

If a senior has any questions, they can quickly ask an attorney through the service. Seniors can also benefit from a 30-minute one-on-one consultation with an attorney for any individual legal matters. Rocket Lawyer members are also provided with discounts on retaining local attorneys. 

Grandfolk Scoring
Cost 10/10
Ease 10/10
Cancellation 10/10
Customer service 9/10
Policy options 10/10
Financial strength 10/10
Warranty 5/10
How much does the service cost?
Premium plan: $39.95, Accelerate plan: $49.95
Is the service easy to use?
Yes, very easy
Can I cancel the service ?
The service can be canceled at any time for no fee
Customer service
When is customer service available to help?
6 AM-6 PM EST, Mon-Fri
Policy options
What options are available?
The Premium policy and the Accelerate policy
Financial strength
Is the company financially strong?
Yes, the company is strong and growing
Is a warranty available?
No warranty
Age Score:
50-64 Years
65-74 Years
75-84 Years

Rocket Lawyer provides seniors with easy online access to thousands of legal documents. Seniors can readily fill out documents for a living will, complete estate planning, trusts, Medicare documents, health care power of attorney, banking forms, real estate deeds, bill of sales and many more personal documents. After filling out the documents, seniors may also have a qualified lawyer review the finished paperwork to ensure that it has been completed properly. 

All finished documents are stored safely online for members. If a senior has any legal questions, they can utilize the ‘On Call’ feature to speak directly with an attorney. Seniors can even be connected directly with an attorney to help enforce any legal documents that they have created. 

If a senior is thinking about starting a small or midsize business, Rocket Lawyer will help with all the necessary steps needed to gain incorporation. 

Health Score:
Great Health
Good Health
Fair Health
Poor Health

Seniors often face a bevy of health-related issues as the years advance. These medical situations often require costly legal documents. At Rocket Lawyer, a senior can fill out a healthcare power of attorney, living will, medical documents, Medicare forms, affidavit of death, affidavit of heirship, estate planning, trusts, and numerous other health and estate-related documents

Some seniors may also benefit from other numerous documents that include financial, traffic related forms, identity theft, consumer issues, elder care authorization, insurance claims, medical records transfer, and many health-related forms. Having the necessary legal forms readily available provides peace of mind for most seniors.


  • At Rocket Lawyer, seniors can gain access to thousands of documents for a monthly membership plan. After filling out a document, a senior can then opt to consult with an attorney to make sure that the forms have been completed correctly. They can even sign online using e-signature services. 
  • Rocket Lawyer offers easy and fast access to any legal question. If a senior has a question, they can visit the site and simply type the question into the easy template to gain an answer within 24 hours, if the question/answer are not already stored in the site’s vast legal forum.  
  • The company provides personal customer service by phone.
  • Rocket Lawyer offers a seven-day free trial period before membership starts. If a senior is not happy with the service during the first seven days, they can cancel without having to pay the first month’s membership fee. 
  • If a senior requires local legal representation, they can gain significant discounts as a member of Rocket Lawyer.
  • Rocket Lawyer’s Document Defense allows a senior to connect with a lawyer if they have any questions about how to fill out the document.


  • Rocket Lawyer disavows all liability when it comes to its documents. If a senior uses one of these documents and then discovers that it is unenforceable, Rocket Lawyer cannot be held accountable.
  • The documents are often not updated promptly to reflect any sudden changes to certain laws.
  • Rocket Lawyer offers no senior discounts, or discounts of any kind, prior to becoming a member. 

Bottom Line:

Rocket Lawyer is an excellent way for a senior to gain access to thousands of legal documents that they can easily fill out themselves. It is a huge cost-saving legal service that many individuals find indispensable. The legal professionals and the company’s customer service representatives are available to help a senior fill out any forms and answer any questions that they might have. 

Even after filling out the legal forms, seniors no longer need to worry about keeping track of paperwork, because all of the documents are stored by Rocket Lawyer. A senior has ready online access to any of their documents 24/7. They can quickly download and print the document, which is a huge benefit to an often-forgetful senor who might misplace physical paperwork. 

No one likes to face estate planning or health care directives such as a living will, but as we age and enter our golden years, planning for the advancing years becomes a reality. Having the documents available for estate planning, health care documents, Medicare forms, power of attorney does, and many more issues an indispensable benefit for most seniors. The service’s monthly fee is low compared to the cost that a senior would face going to an attorney to have the documents drawn up. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I pay for my policy?

Membership to Rocket Lawyer is paid monthly via a credit card or Paypal. Each month, the membership fee is electronically deducted from whatever payment option that the senior chooses. 

Can I change my plan?

You can opt to change your plan from Premium to Accelerate, or vice versa, at any time. To make changes to your plan, call customer service.

Can I cancel at any time?

You can cancel the membership plan at any time, even during the free trial period. When canceling your plan, you will face no cancellation charges. 

More Information:

Product Details: 

Overview: Rocket Lawyer offers affordable access to thousands of legal documents that can be downloaded, stored online, e-signed, and reviewed by an attorney. It also gives members access to an attorney for document consultation. Members also benefit from discounts when retaining an attorney for legal matters.

Package Details: The company offers two membership plans. One is designed for individuals and their dependents. The other plan is tailored for small to mid-sized business owners. 

Individual Plans: The Premium plan is designed for individuals and their dependents. Members are provided with unlimited access to thousands of legal documents, digital signature capabilities, Document Defense (which consists of an attorney reviewing all documents to ensure their accuracy, plus assistance enforcing the document), 30-minute consultation on each legal matter, access to Q&A with a lawyer, discounts when retaining an attorney, and secure cloud storage for all documents. The Premium plan costs $39.95/month. 

Business Plan: The business plan, known as the Accelerate plan, is designed for small to medium-sized business owners. It provides all the services of the Premium plan, plus offers reduced rates for incorporation and access to a free registered agent service for the first year of business. The Accelerate business membership plan costs $40.95/month. 

Rocket Lawyer App: With the Rocket Lawyer app, members can ask questions using their phones and receive an answer within one business day. They can also create an e-signed non-disclosure documents on their phone or tablet. If a member needs to speak directly with an attorney, the app will help locate legal representation within your area. Members can call and request a lawyer with one push of the button using the app on their phone. When using the app, members also receive free consultations and pre-negotiated rates.   

Discounts: Members of the Rocket Lawyer app receive discounts when retaining a lawyer. 

Add-on Services: None

Additional Company Details:

Rocket Lawyer offers convenient monthly membership billing. New members receive a free seven-day trial membership. Members are free to can cancel at any time, even during their trial membership. 

Payment Policies: The monthly membership fee is electronically deducted from a major credit card or Paypal account each month. The services are billed in convenient monthly payments. 

Cancellation Policy: Members can cancel at any time without incurring any fees. Cancellation can even occur during the initial seven-day trial period. 

Warranty: Rocket Lawyer offers no warranty. The company is not responsible for any legal advice or services that a member might receive from a Rocket Lawyer attorney. 

Accreditations: Rocket Lawyer is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. The company maintains an A+ rating. 

Company Details:

Rocket Lawyer was formed in August of 2008 in an effort to make legal documents and services affordable for everyone. Since the company’s inception, it has assisted over 20 million members with legal matters. The company expanded to the United Kingdom in 2012. In 2016, the company partnered with Éditions Lefebvre Sarrut, and started to offer legal services to much of continental Europe.


Rocket Lawyer
182 Howard Street #830
San Francisco, California 94105
Tel: (877) 881-0947 

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