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Ovid Life is an online platform that was created to connect policyholders with likely investors for the completion of life settlement transactions.

Simply explained, a life settlement is the sale of a policyholder's life insurance policy to a third-party investor.In 2017, Ovid Life announced the launch of its platform, which introduces policy owners interested in a life settlement to licensed life settlement providers or buyers. The company does not negotiate on behalf of either party and is not involved in the transaction. The company also does not act as a life settlement broker. 

Ovid Life’sgoal is to make the completion of the life settlement process more affordable, faster, and more accessible. Ovid Life recognizes that many life settlements are delayed by middlemen or layered with additional fees. The company decreases the costs associated with each transaction by introducing lower fees and speeding up the process by directly connecting each policyholder with a licensed buyer who is interested in the policy.

Grandfolk Scoring
Cost 7/10
Ease 7/10
Customer support 9/10
Age qualification 10/10
Estimates 10/10
Established 2/10
Online tools 10/10
Direct buyer 8/10
Accreditation 1/10
Cancellation 7/10
Are there any fees involved?
Unclear; check with an agent to be sure
Is it easy to get started?
Yes, for web-savvy seniors
Customer support
Ease of access
Agents are available 7 AM-8 PM PST Mon-Sun
Age qualification
What ages qualify for services?
If the client is healthy, a minimum age of 65 is required
Does the company offer estimates?
Yes, the Yes, the company provides an online calculator
Is the company well established?
This is a young company, founded in 2017
Online tools
Are there online tools available?
This life settlement calculator is available online
Direct buyer
Is the company a direct buyer of life settlement policies?
No, but it connects clients with licensed life settlement buyers
Is the company accredited?
The company does not have an accredited profile with the BBB
What if I change my mind?
All sales are final once paperwork is signed
Age Score:
50-64 Years
65-74 Years
75-84 Years

You may pursue a life settlement for a variety of reasons, such as funding a better retirement, upgrading your living arrangement, paying debts or buying a home. Choosing to take the first step towards a life settlement can be quite intimidating, as it is a very important decision. Fortunately, Ovid Life has created a reliable online guide to direct you throughout the process. The guide covers all aspects of life settlements, in hopes of answering any questions you may have. The guide was created to be as comprehensive and user-friendly as possible. The company’s goal is to help you feel informed and confident in your decision.

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Receiving an immediate cash payout in exchange for the sale of a life insurance policy is known as a viatical settlement. Usually, the insured will receive a value that is more than the cash surrender value, however, the amount will be less than the value of the death benefit. Unfortunately, to qualify for a viatical settlement, the insured must be ill, with a 24-month life expectancy or lower. Many seniors choose viatical settlements as an option to maintain their living expenses or to fund medical treatments. 

Seniors interested in the viatical settlement option should definitely consider Ovid Life. The company has gained a reputation of continually helping seniors across the U.S.receive the fair market value for their life insurance policies in their times of need.


  • Seniors interested in obtaining an offer can complete the process online, with no commitment or sales pressure.
  • Ovid Life boasts that over 800 people utilized its services last month.
  • The company’s goal is to match policyholders directly with interested, licensed policy buyers. 
  • Ovid Life has a nearly perfect customer service rating. Customer reviews rave that Ovid Life made the selling process as easy as possible and matched them to a variety of reputable buyers. 
  • When compared side by side to its competitors, Ovid Life has the lowest fees in the industry. 
  • The website offers a selection of useful tools, such as a life settlement calculator.
  • The company offers to handle all paperwork and complete the process as quickly as possible
  • Ovid Life boasts transparency with consumers and strives to help the consumer get the best offer. 
  • Ovid Life provides its services in 46 states.
  • Receiving a settlement offer is 100% free to all insureds. 


  • A business that is accredited by the Better Business Bureau receives instant recognition and is trusted among consumers. Ovid Life does not have a business profile with the Better Business Bureau. 
  • The company recently launched in 2017. Some consumers are discouraged by a company that has not yet been established in the industry. A number of consumers have stated that they prefer an established company that has already been entrusted by thousands of consumers.
  • Ovid Life is not a life settlement broker or buyer. The company introduces policyholders to life settlement providers or buyers. Ovid Life also does not negotiate on behalf of either party and is not involved in the transaction process.

Bottom Line:

Nearly 90% of permanent life insurance policies lapse each year. When a policy lapses, all of the paid premiums are received as profit by the insurance companies. Ovid Life believes that seniors should have an option toreceive a fair cash value for life insurance policies they no longer need. Ovid Life reduces all costs associated with life settlement transactions by offering lower fees and speeding up the process. This is achieved by connecting consumers and licensed buyers directly. 

The company’s website also provides a thorough source of life settlement information for consumers who are eager to learn throughout the process. Ovid Life has worked diligently to reinvent the life settlements process, making it accessible to all consumers who qualify. Ovid Life is in the business of helping seniors gain access to funds in order to enhance their quality of life.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the face value range that the company can purchase?

Ovid Life does not purchase policies, however, the minimum policy size is usually $100,000 in face value. Additionally, there is no maximum face value amount that would limit a sale. Ovid Life boasts having helped policyholders with policies of $5 million in face value find buyers.

What type of life insurance policies does the company purchase?

To qualify for Ovid Life’s services, the policyholder must have a Whole Life, Universal Life or Convertible Term Life policy. 

What decision timeframe does the company provide?

The overall process, from the beginning to end, can take up to eight weeks to complete. The timeframe can vary, since most of the process is dependent upon receiving paperwork, and how quickly the insurance company can transfer the ownership and beneficiary of the policy. 

More Information:

Product Details

Overview: Ovid Life is a platform that introduces clients who are interested in selling their life insurance policies to potential buyers.

Package Details: N/A

Optional Accessories or Add-on Services, if any:  N/A

Additional Company Details

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Warranty: N/A

Accreditations: Ovid Life does not have an accredited business profile with the Better Business Bureau. 

Company Details: Established in 2017 and based in San Francisco, Ovid Life was created to simplify the life settlement process. This allows seniors to have access to the equity in their life insurance policies. 


Ovid Life
301 Rhode Island St, Unit B10
San Fransisco, CA 94104
Website: www.ovidlife.com

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