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Gobble is a simple-to-prepare, somewhat-more-expensive, gourmet meal delivery service currently only available to residents of certain states in the western United States.

While only currently serving the western United States, Gobble is one company in the category of meal delivery services that ship all the ingredients and recipes needed to prepare cooked-at-home meals. Customers sign up online and choose from a variety of chef-designed menus according to their dietary preferences. Unlike other services in this category, Gobble’s 15-minute dinner kits can be prepared in three simple steps, thanks to pre-chopped, par-cooked and vacuum-sealed ingredients. As the website says, "We shop, chop, and deliver." Everything arrives by mail in an ice-packed box. Nutrition information is provided for each meal. Gobble offers gluten-free, low-carbohydrate and vegetarian options. Customers can choose their meals, skip weeks or cancel online on the Gobble website.

Grandfolk Scoring
Shipping 10/10
Cancellation 8/10
Dietary Restrictions 8/10
Nutrition 7/10
Taste 8/10
Preparation Difficulty 9/10
Customer Service 8/10
Average price per portion 6/10
Variety of meal options 8/10
Shipping fee for delivery service
How easy is cancellation?
Quite ease
Dietary Restrictions
How flexible is this service about dietary restrictions?
Multiple options
Nutritional information meets Federal guidelines
Good adherence
Taste of prepared meals
Very tasty meals
Preparation Difficulty
Ease of meal preparation
Quite ease
Customer Service
How responsive is this company to consumers?
Mostly responsive
Average price per portion
Cost of each portion
Variety of meal options
Number of recipes to choose from each week
Very good variety
Age Score:
50-64 Years
65-74 Years
75-84 Years

Healthy seniors who do not have the time or energy to go to the grocery store for a long list of ingredients, but who love to cook, will find this service ideal. However, advancing age can affect the ‘friendliness’ of this service to seniors due to the meal preparation work required, although Gobble does much of the work for you. On the plus side, Gobble boasts a very low food preparation time: just 15 minutes per meal. Assembling and cooking ingredients may pose a challenge for seniors dealing with vision or dexterity issues. The fact that the meal delivery service is controlled via a website can pose a challenge for older seniors who are uncomfortable going online.

Health Score:
Great Health
Good Health
Fair Health
Poor Health

An advancing health condition makes this service much less useful. Gobble sends shipments of ingredients to one’s house, which raises the risk of food spoilage due to missed delivery shipments in cases of unexpected hospital visits or trips to visit family. Unlike other similar services, Gobble’s recipes are simple to prepare, but a senior in poor health may find even the 15-minute preparation time challenging.


  • Gobble simplifies meals and meal planning: it eliminates grocery shopping trips with long, complicated lists by sending all of the ingredients needed to create meals in 15 minutes or less.
  • This is ideal for seniors who do not have regular access to a car: Gobble ships perishable ingredients in an ice-packed box, and everything arrives on your doorstep.
  • The meals are portion-controlled – each serving is 700-900 calories – and the nutrition information is included on the recipe cards found on the Gobble website.
  • The meals are available in low-carbohydrate, gluten-free and vegan/vegetarian options for those who may have dietary restrictions.  
  • The meal delivery subscription service is managed online on the Gobble website where changes or cancellations are easy.
  • Each shipment contains a variety of different meals, so seniors will not get tired of eating the same thing every day.


  • Gobble is only available in a handful of states in the western U.S.: California, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Idaho and Utah.
  • While the meal preparation is easier for Gobble than for rival meal delivery services, the per-serving cost for Gobble is above average.
  • Gobble is not good for seniors who are frequently away for extended periods and who may forget to cancel the automatic delivery of perishable ingredients.

Bottom Line:

Gobble belongs to a category of meal delivery subscription services in which the ingredients are mailed to the subscriber so they can cook home-cooked meals with minimum inconvenience. Gobble aims to simplify the cooking process by offering only 15-minute, 3-step, 1-pan meals. Meals can be chosen to fit most diets, such as low-carbohydrate, gluten-free and vegetarian/vegan. The meals cost $11.95-13.95/serving, all included. Gobble seeks to provide ingredients that are as fresh and as local as possible. It packs its herbs directly from growers the day before the kits are sent out to subscribers’ homes. Currently, Gobble only delivers its kits to California, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Idaho and Utah. For seniors living in these states, Gobble takes both the inconvenience of grocery shopping and complicated preparation out of cooking and can be a simple solution for seniors to the question of what’s for dinner.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you offer a mobile app?  

No, Gobble does not currently offer an app. Meal selection and delivery are controlled through the Gobble website.

What happens if I am not home for my shipment?

Your Gobble package is delivered by third-party shipping/courier services, such as OnTrac, and thanks to insulated liners and ice packs, your ingredients will remain cold for several hours. Gobble recommends that you bring in and refrigerate your ingredients by 9 PM, at the latest, on the day your meal ingredients are delivered.

Do you have nutrition information available for your meals?

While Gobble states on the website that each meal is designed to contain 700-900 calories, it does not provide comprehensive nutritional information for its meal kits.

More Information:

Product Details

Overview: Gobble has very straightforward pricing; subscribers are charged a flat fee per meal, with a discounted rate for larger orders.
Package Details: Gobble offers two subscription packages initially: three meals for two people (six servings/week) and three meals for four people (12 servings/week). After the first week on Gobble, the order minimum drops to four servings/week. Gobble charges $11.95/serving for ordering six or more servings/week, and $13.95/serving for ordering only four servings/week. There are no hidden fees (tax or shipping) and no maximum number of meals that can be ordered per week.

Additional Company Details

Contract Details: Currently, Gobble only delivers to the following states: California, Nevada, Washington State, Oregon, Arizona, Idaho and Utah. Gobble charges a flat fee per meal and does not charge tax, shipping or gratuities. Skipping a delivery week entails logging into the Gobble account and following clear instructions. A confirmation email will be received indicating that the week has been skipped. Canceling a Gobble subscription requires visiting the website and following the instructions there; a confirmation email will verify that a subscription has been canceled. (To start the service back up after canceling requires subscribing once again.) There is a weekly deadline to modify or cancel any delivery for the following week; if not canceled or modified by then, the delivery will be made and charged to the subscriber.

Warranty:  Gobble offers a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee. If a customer is not satisfied with a meal for any reason, they can contact Gobble within seven days of the delivery date for a replacement meal or an account credit. Gobble customer service can be reached by filling out the form on the website or by phone.

Accreditations:  Gobble has not received accreditation by the Better Business Bureau and does not have any rating on the BBB website. Gobble has been featured in the San Francisco Chronicle, TechCrunch, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal. Gobble prides itself on sourcing its ingredients from the same suppliers as those of Michelin star restaurants.

Company Details: Gobble was founded in 2014 by Ooshma Garg who, tiring of her normal diet of fast food, wrote a Craigslist ad looking for chefs to cater home-cooked meals for $8 a plate; she was pleasantly surprised when she received 70 responses. Gobble successfully raised $10.75 million from investors in 2015. Gobble’s mission, as stated on its Facebook page, is “to create love through food.”


170 University Ave. Unit A
Palo Alto, CA 94301

Phone: 888-405-7481
Website: www.gobble.com
E-mail: N/A; 
Contact Gobble at https://gobble.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

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