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Angel MedFlight is a fee-for-service company with an emphasis on excellent customer service and insurance coverage for medical air transport.

Whether you are traveling in your home country or overseas, unexpected injuries and illnesses can result in hospitalization far from home. Health and travel insurance may not cover the expensive, medically-supervised transportation you need to get to a hospital close to home. Specialty aircraft and medical escorts offer this service to individuals, families and organizations through membership programs and insurance navigation support. 

Medical air transport membership programs offer emergency air evacuation and repatriation. Members pay an annual fee for the plan, which is a fraction of the cost of a medical air transport. Other medical air transport companies provide these services on a trip-by-trip basis and help clients navigate health or travel insurance.

Grandfolk Scoring
Coverage 9/10
Customer support 10/10
Age restrictions 10/10
Accreditation 8/10
Broker or fleet 10/10
Cost 9/10
Ease 10/10
Warranty 7/10
Cancellation 7/10
What services are available?
Air ambulance, patient advocacy, organ transplant, insurance
Customer support
Ease of access
Phone support available 24/7
Age restrictions
Are there age restrictions?
Accredited by CAMTS, or member of AAMS?
AAMS - Yes, CAMTS - No
Broker or fleet
Direct or indirect air carrier?
Direct air carrier
Monthly fee
None; this is a fee-for- service company
How easy to put to use?
Very easy; help is a phone call away
Is a warranty available?
No warranty
Cost or difficulty to cancel?
Check with customer support for details
Age Score:
50-64 Years
65-74 Years
75-84 Years

Travelers of all ages may benefit from medical air transportation, especially seniors. Unfortunately, age-related issues may interrupt travel and require hospitalization. This is especially difficult when traveling far from home. There are no age restrictions listed on the website for patients utilizing Angel MedFlight. Services seem to focus primarily on health concerns and do not offer many general travel benefits. 

Health Score:
Great Health
Good Health
Fair Health
Poor Health

Advancing health issues may concern seniors who are traveling far from home, whether the destination is domestic or international. Medical air transportation services like those from Angel MedFlight may provide some peace of mind should the need arise. Seniors who are in good or great health are not likely to seek medical air transportation services from Angel MedFlight, but some of its services may benefit these seniors. 

For seniors in fair or poor health, Angel MedFlight may be a great option,as medical air transportation is needed for domestic or international travel. Services are also available for people involved in organ transplants, and for those in need of a transfer to a specialty care facility.


  • The staff at Angel MedFlight are highly qualified medical and aviation professionals.
  • The company has a strong focus on its customer service, which is available 24/7.
  • Angel MedFlight staff support patients in accessing insurance coverage to pay for services, and can request pre-authorization and submit a claim to insurers including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Kaiser and Humana.
  • Many customers have left testimonials about their great experiences with Angel MedFlight, both on the company’s website and on the Better Business Bureau website.
  • Unlike with memberships, patients only pay for the services they actually utilize. 
  • Higher risk conditions, like pregnancy and organ transplant, are eligible.
  • The website does not list any age or health condition restrictions for patients.
  • Patients and family members can request quotes online prior to scheduling a transfer.


  • Angel MedFlight does not offer membership plans, so there is no option for travelers who want to plan ahead for medical air transport coverage.
  • Although staff work with each patient, it is possible that insurance and other coverage options will not be adequate for the entire amount of the medical air transport. Patients and their families could be left paying very high bills for this service.
  • Since this is a fee-for-service program, it is not possible to anticipate costs.

Bottom Line:

Angel MedFlight differs from other companies reviewed because it does not offer membership plans, but rather fee-for-service medical transportation. The company focuses on supporting patients through the insurance and pre-authorization process. It offers excellent customer service from highly qualified staff at every step of the way. The company offers domestic and international medical air transportation, military and veteran personnel transportation, organ transplant transportation, and specialty care transportation. Staff are trained in patient advocacy and offer insurance support.

Angel MedFlight has received awards and recognition for its high quality service. Angel MedFlight is a great option for patients and families who want to use a fee-for-service option, work with excellent customer service representatives, and travel with a highly certified medical staff. This option is more flexible regarding health conditions than membership plans, and may be more appropriate for patients in high-risk conditions

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I enroll for coverage?

You can request a quote online, or call the company to speak with a customer service representative. The specialists at Angel MedFlight advocate for the patient and identify insurance coverage options for the transport. Unlike membership plans, higher risk conditions, like pregnancy and organ transplants, are eligible for medical air transport through this company. 

Who decides if I am transferred?

You request a transfer with Angel MedFlight and then work with the Flight Coordination team to schedule and execute the transport. The company's staff works with you and your insurance to obtain pre-authorization and insurance coverage for the medical air transport.    

How do my current health conditions affect my eligibility for services? 

Since you request the transport, Angel MedFlight will work with your current health conditions to identify the best route. Sometimes, they will recommend an air ambulance, other times, a medical escort on a commercial flight. Unlike membership plans, Angel MedFlight works with patients who have higher risk conditions, like pregnancy and organ transplants. 

More Information:

Product Details


Angel MedFlight Support Team

  • Experienced Medical Staff
  • Professional Coordinators
  • Specially trained Flight Crew
  • Specialty Team (lawyers, insurance specialists, etc.) 

Air Ambulance Transport 

  • Domestic Air Ambulance Transport 
  • International Air Ambulance Transport
  • Medical transport for soldiers, military personnel, veterans
  • Specialty Care Air Ambulance Transports 
  • Organ Transplant Transport 

Insurance Coverage for Medical Flights

  • Support submitting paperwork
  • Support appealing denials or partial coverages 
  • Commercial carriers: 
  • United Healthcare
  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • Kaiser
  • Tricare
  • Government Employees Health Association (GEHA)
  • Humana
  • Health Net

Package Details:

Angel MedFlight is a fee-for-service medical air transport company and does not offer specific packages.

Optional Accessories or Add-on Services: N/A

Additional Company Details

Contract Details: N/A

Warranty: N/A


Angel MedFlight is a Better Business Bureau accredited business with an A+ rating. Additionally, its BBB profile includes 12 positive reviews.

Medical staff certifications

  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support
  • Certified Flight Registered Nurse
  • Basic Life Support
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation 
  • Flight Paramedic 

Recent Achievements 

  • 2017 Department of Defense Program Patriot Award
  • 2017 Distinguished CFRN Award
  • 2016 BCEN Honorary Certification Recognition Award
  • 2016 IBSC 100% Certified Recognition 
  • 2016 Emmy Nomination for “My Real Life Moment” Video Series
  • 2015 National Accreditation Alliance Medical Transport Applications (NAAMTA)
  • 2015 2nd Consecutive Platinum Rating by ARGUS International Inc
  • 2015 Achieved Stage 2 Registration from the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations by International Business Aviation Council

Company Details: Angel MedFlight is a medical transport service with an emphasis on patient advocacy and excellence. The company works with insurance companies to support the payment process. 


Angel MedFlight
17851 N. 85th Street, Suite 350
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255

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Roberta Lichtman
For parent

While visiting relatives in another state, my aunt fell and broke her hip. After having surgery, she needed to be transported to a rehab facility near her home. Thanks to the appropriately named Angel MedFlight, my aunt had outstanding care and a comfortable plane ride home. The patient coordinators, nurses and paramedics were highly efficient and compassionate. They made a difficult situation so much easier, providing warm and impeccable service. We will always be grateful to Angel MedFlight for being there during our time of need.

For friend
67 Years

Great company. Works hard to take care of their patients and get them to the care they need.