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Medical Care Alert brings the values of a family-owned business to the medical alert industry in a unique combination of sensitivity, top quality BOSCH equipment and affordable pricing.

Several highly qualified companies are vying for your business as you look at different medical alert systems. Medical Care Alert is one of those companies, with its state-of-the-art technology and award-winning emergency monitoring centers.

Its 2-way voice communications devices are easy to operate despite the sophisticated technology being used to keep you safe in an emergency. Medical Care Alert is so certain of its ability to satisfy you with its systems that it offers a risk-free return policy.

In its effort to support seniors as they age gracefully at home – by offering “help at the push of a button” – this Michigan-based family-owned company has won the hearts of many. Medical Care Alert has been awarded the “Super Service Award” by the readers of Angie’s List for five years running: from 2012 through 2015.

Grandfolk Scoring
Price 8/10
Shipping fee 8/10
Activation fee 10/10
Contract obligation 10/10
Cancellation fee 10/10
Warranty 10/10
Base unit range 8/10
Mobile device range 8/10
Landline requirement 10/10
Risk-free trial period 8/10
Equipment cost 10/10
Fall detection button 8/10
Wall-mounted button 8/10
Water-resistant pendant 8/10
Monthly monitoring fee
Shipping fee
Equipment delivery
Only w/ quarterly plan
Activation fee
Setting up service
Contract obligation
Length of commitment
Cancellation fee
To terminate service
Replacement policy
Lifetime for defects
Base unit range
Effective signal distance
1000 feet
Mobile device range
Effective signal distance
600 feet
Landline requirement
How system communicates
Cellular option exists
Risk-free trial period
Period for full refund
14 days if activated
Equipment cost
Basic equipment purchase
Fall detection button
Is it available?
Wall-mounted button
Is it available?
Water-resistant pendant
Wearable in shower?
Age Score:
50-64 Years
65-74 Years
75-84 Years

When a medical alert system is being designed, it should take into consideration the person who will use it, as well as that person’s loved ones and caregivers. The emphasis is on the needs of the user at younger ages and of loved ones and caregivers as age increases the difficulty of using such a system.  

The Medical Care Alert is very attractive to people 50-65, especially if they live alone and are worried that an accident or unexpected health event would leave them vulnerable. The pieces are well-designed and well-made. Barring a declining physical and/or mental condition, the system continues user friendly at 65-75, especially the Home & Yard system that allows someone to be active – but protected – outside in the garden. The fall button available on two of the systems becomes more useful with age because it is automatic. At 75-85, this system should still be easy to use because there are very few complicated add-ons and the buttons are large. By 85, when the system would likely be accessed mostly by others, it lacks reliable access to distance monitoring. 

Health Score:
Poor Health
Fair Health
Good Health
Great Health

A medical alert system becomes more vital as one’s health declines. 

Medical Care Alert’s system can bring great peace of mind to someone who lives alone, regardless of health. Even healthy, active people have accidents and medical events can happen at any age. The Home & Away all-in-one pendant with GPS and AT&T wireless makes sense to someone in good health. As health declines and the radius of activity starts to close in towards the user’s home, changes to the Home & Yard might be a consideration. 

As health declines towards poor, the lack of wall-mounted buttons becomes more inconvenient. The absence of any online tools that offer easy and reliable access to distance monitoring make the system even less valuable as it becomes critical to monitor vital signs and activity levels. At some point, it will become necessary to transition to a physical caregiver to be certain that the user is not put at any risk. 


The advantages Medical Care Alert brings to seniors are plentiful. They include:

  • Three basic configurations that protect you exactly as you live your life: a landline system for at home (with a 3G cellular option), a cellular system with broader coverage that extends well outside the house and a fully mobile system for use nationwide. 
  • Instant location tracking with the GPS-enabled mobile alert pendant that saves the critical minutes spent attempting to dial 9-1-1 or having first responders trying to locate you using old cell-tower technology.
  • The equipment made by BOSCH of medical-grade materials that exceeds industry standards; its reliability is proven by over 100,000 units installed. 
  • Protection while the Home & Away pendant is charging at night, an optional (for purchase, $60) ‘Bedtime Buddy’ wrist button is available.
  • No-cost cellular service through AT&T’s 3G network that frees you from needing a landline and that means you are covered even when local telephone service might be down.
  • 24/7/365 access to top-notch emergency response operators who are US-based and highly trained.
  • Free shipping with the semi-annual and annual pay plans.
  • The use of SMS messaging to keep your loved ones and caregivers updated.
  • Immediate access to an EMT/EMD certified operator who will stay on the line with you until family members, friends or the dispatched emergency services have arrived.
  • No contracts to sign and a prompt refund of any prorated prepaid money if you cancel your service.


Medical Care Alert does face a few drawbacks in what it offers to seniors:

  • Some areas in the US where AT&T’s cellular network is not available or is spotty, in which case Medical Care Alert’s cellular systems are not a good option for you. 
  • Having to recharge the mobile pendant used in the Home & Away system every night as it has no plugged-in base unit.
  • Few accessories and limited add-on services, such as no activity tracking, medication reminders and health management systems that track vitals and share with loved ones and caregivers at a distance by computer or smart phone.
  • The burdensome requirement of having activated the system and returned it in 14 days in order to receive a full refund of monitoring fees (less shipping costs). If it was not activated, they will charge a $50 fee.
  • Limited Customer Service hours for Technical Support, Billing and Updates (not open 24/7) although its emergency monitoring centers are open 24/7/365. 

Bottom Line:

Medical Care Alert has built a good reputation in the nine years since its founding by offering creative, well-designed devices and combining them with outstanding emergency monitoring services at a reasonable price.

The company has developing an exemplary emergency monitoring system. It has state-of-the-art facilities in New York and California that boast a 99.999% up-time, thanks to redundancy and back-up system. Its operators meet rigorous requirements and are trained as EMT/EMD specialists 

The values of a family-owned business have resonated well with seniors: for the past five of its nine years of existence, the company has been awarded the “Super Service Award” by the readers of Angie’s List. That only happens if a company is watching all the details of its business very carefully.

The excellence with which this company operates has not gone unnoticed: in addition to the accolades by Angie’s List, Medical Care Alert was awarded the 2016 “Monitoring Center of the Year” by the Central Station Alarm Association, or CSAA.

We highly recommend Medical Care Alert as a company to watch as it continues to grow on the strength of its happy client base. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What exactly happens when I press the help button?
The system will get into contact with the emergency monitoring center the moment you press one of the help buttons. Your profile will appear on the operator’s screen so they know who you are, what issues they might need to be aware of and what instructions you have given for your preferred actions. If you are able to communicate, together you will determine your status and the best path to take: either to contact friends or family in a non-emergency or Emergency Medical Services in an emergency. If you cannot communicate, the operator will immediately contact the closest Emergency Medical Services. Your designated contact list will then be notified both by a call and an SMS of what actions have been taken. 

Who is this medical alert monitoring service right for?
Medical Care Alert is perfect for seniors who are striving to maintain their independence by staying in their own home, but it is also ideal for people of any age who live alone and are concerned about an unforeseen health event. Anyone recovering from major surgery and dealing with rehabilitation could be well served. And lastly, anyone who has a medical condition where a quick response would make a difference: a stroke, a heart attack or a seizure. In short, medical alert monitoring is right for anyone who would feel safer by having an easy connection to assistance.  

Can I trust Medical Care Alert’s emergency monitoring service?
Medical Care Alert’s emergency monitoring service excels in two ways: in the quality and training of its operators and in the sophistication and redundancy of its facilities. Its two state-of-the-art facilities (in New York and California) guarantee superior reliability by having quadruple backup systems so the system can never be down. The facilities are certified by UL and by the New York Fire Department. Medical Care Alert’s operators are SIA, EMT and EMD-certified, including an in-house 6-week training program. Spanish-speaking operators are available.

More Information:

Medical Care Alert System Overview

  • No cost for system equipment and no set-up fee
  • No long-term commitments; nothing to buy
  • 14-day in-home risk-free trial period; 100% refund if activated (less shipping)
  • Lifetime price guarantee
  • Lifetime warranty against defects
  • State-of-the-art technology on equipment
  • System-enhancing add-ons to tailor it to your needs
  • Direct connection to top-notch IS-based emergency response operators 24/7/365
  • Billing plans are quarterly, semi-annually and annually
  • SMS Text Messages to Notify Contacts upon Dispatching Help

Package Details

Medical Care Alert offers a choice of three different packages to reflect your lifestyle. The three packages include:

Medical Care Alert Home System ($29.95/month, or $324.40 per year, 12th month free)

The Home system is ideal for people who want to remain independent, but who do not go far from home. The system includes:

  • Landline or cellular base station with 72-hour backup battery
  • Cellular module (for Home 3G, add-on, $5/month) if a landline is not available
  • Hospital-grade materials used by German medical device manufacturer BOSCH
  • Notification of emergency monitoring center if power is lost
  •  2-way voice communication through the base station
  • Highly sensitive microphone and powerful speaker
  • 1000-foot signal range between base station and help button
  • Waterproof help button (wrist, clip-on or pendant) 
  • Optional (add-on) fall detection button
  • Fall detection not guaranteed 100% accurate despite its advanced technology
  • Free shipping on semi-annual and annual pay plans
  • Free lockbox with annual pay plans
  • Button is easily pushed with arthritic hands
  • Large, red ‘emergency’ button on the console
  • ‘Auto-test’ that confirms the console is working properly

Medical Care Alert Home & Yard System ($34.95/month or $384.48/year, 12th month free)
The Home & Yard system offers broader physical coverage for seniors who want to enjoy the outdoors, whether in the garden or the patio. The system includes:

  • Base station with 24-hour backup battery
  • Base station charger
  • Notification of emergency monitoring center if power is lost
  •  2-way voice communication through the base station
  • Highly sensitive microphone and powerful speaker
  • 600-foot signal range between base station and help button
  • Waterproof ‘voice pendant’ help button 
  • Over 4 hours of talk and 4 months on standby on a full charge
  • Pendant checks in with base every 13 hours 
  • Three carry styles: lanyard, wrist/wheelchair strap and belt clip
  • Add three more voice pendants to system, for a total of 4 ($60 each)
  • Free shipping on semi-annual and annual pay plans
  • Free lockbox with annual pay plans
  • No additional monitoring fee charged for extra people
  • Optional fall detection button not available

Medical Care Alert Home & Away System ($39.95/month or $439.45/year, 12th month free)

The Home & Away system gives seniors free rein to go where they please, and take with them the feeling of security that comes from a reliable, easy GPS medical alert system. The system includes:

  • Waterproof all-in-one 2-oz. pendant 
  • Cellular, GPS and 2-way voice communication
  • Charging cradle
  • Nationwide AT&T cellular built into plan at no cost to you
  • GPS technology locates you wherever you are 
  • Over 4 hours of talk and 4 months on standby on a full charge
  • Check-ins between the pendant and the base every 13 hours 
  • Three carry styles: lanyard, wrist/wheelchair strap and belt clip
  • Free shipping and lockbox on annual pay plans
  • Add three more voice pendants to system ($60 each), for a total of 4
  • No additional monitoring fee charged for extra people
  • Optional (add-on) ‘Bedtime Buddy’ wrist button for when pendant is charging
  • Optional (add-on) fall detection button
  • Fall detection not guaranteed 100% accurate despite its advanced technology

Exclusive Add-On Services    

Medical Care Alert Protection Plan ($60/year, paid in advance) 

Protection for loss and damage to your medical alert system, with deductibles and limits:

  • HOME Standard Button - up to two replacements per year, no deductible. $29.95 per button after two replacements
  • HOME Fall Detection Pendant - limit one replacement per year, no deductible. $50 per pendant after one replacement
  • HOME & YARD Pendant - limit one replacement per year, no deductible. $50 per pendant after one replacement
  • HOME & AWAY ELITE Pendant - limit one replacement per year, $50 deductible. $150 per pendant after one replacement
  • All systems - Electrical damage, lightning strikes or power surges, one replacement per year, $50 Deductible. $150 per system after one replacement

Medical Care Alert’s Fall Detection Button ($10/month)

  • Automatically detects when you have fallen
  • Not guaranteed 100% accurate despite its advanced technology
  • Comes as separate or integrated pendant to be worn outside of your clothing
  • Communicates with either the base station or mobile device
  • Water-resistant so it can be worn in the shower
  • Available on Home, Home 3G and Home & Away systems

Optional Accessories

  • Lockbox ($29.95): to hold your house key securely where it is accessible to emergency responders who come to your aid when you cannot unlock your door
  • Bedtime Buddy Button and Smart Charger ($60) to wear at night while your primary Home & Away Elite pendant is charging.
  • Extra Charger Station ($60) for Home & Away Elite pendant, so you have one fully charged at all times. 

Additional Company Details

Contract Details: Emergency alert service is offered on a month-by-month basis, with no contractual commitment. You only pay for the services you need. However, Medical Care Alert does offer some price breaks if you pay semi-annually or annually. Also, ask about upcoming promotions. Upon cancellation of service, any prepaid fees not used will be prorated and refunded promptly once the equipment is returned. No cancellation fees are due. 

Warranty: Medical Care Alert warrants that its equipment will be free from defect. It will replace any defective equipment at no charge. However, any equipment damaged or lost will need to be replaced at your expense, although the Medical Care Alert Protection Plan (at $5/month) covers a good part of such replacement costs, with deductibles and limitations.

Design Philosophy: Medical Care Alert’s units have a sturdy industrial/technical look to them. 

Accreditations: Medical Care Alert was awarded the 2016 “Monitoring Center of the Year” by CSAA (Central Station Alarm Association). It is certified by UL and by the New York Fire Department. The company’s rating with the Better Business is A+.

Company Size: Founded in 2008, as one of the brands of American Response Technologies, Inc., Medical Care Alert is serving thousands of clients in all 50 states. Its management has shown an unusual level of sensitivity: the operators at its emergency monitoring centers are trained to speak slowly, clearly and with a calm voice in order to diffuse the anxiety that comes with any emergency situation.


Medical Care Alert
43334 7 Mile Road, Suite 400
Northville, MI 48167
Phone: 1-855-701-5078
Email: [missing]

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Caveat Emptor! for buyers of this product! I returned their product in perfect condition as per iinstructions. The company said that they received a damaged product and provided pictures I am sure of which could not provide proof that I owned it. It could have been anyone else's. So not only they refused to refund my subscription fee, they also charged my credit card extra $120. I feel that is most unfair! I felt scammed.


Last may I subscribed to the Medical Alert System. The team were great in assisting me with the set-up. Response is quick, they are usually on the line in half a minute. The audio system is very clear. Mic can be heard all over the house. The wrist and necklace system works perfectly and has strong signal inside the house and the immediate perimeters.

Fred Hunter
For myself
65 Years

very nice customer service, even if I press the button accidentally.