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MobileHelp offers a cutting-edge, yet user-friendly, medical alert service that employs AT&T’s cellular network and GPS technology to give you or your loved one the greatest possible freedom and peace of mind.

The medical alert business is expanding rapidly to meet the growing demand created by seniors who want to ‘age in place.’ The number of available programs, products and technologies has grown as well. As a result, choosing the best company and package for your specific needs has become a bit of a daunting task. 

MobileHelp is a Florida-based company that has consciously decided to offer what it has learned is most important to seniors. It is providing the most flexible options, the most effective technology and the greatest ease of use.

MobileHelp has been a leader in mobile Personal Emergency Response System (mPERS) technology since it was founded in 2006. Its original goal was to free its customers from a fixed box in the house and a neck pendant that only worked up to a very limited distance from that box. 

By adopting cellular-only technology early on, its customers have enjoyed the full security of a reliable cellular and GPS-enabled medical alert system that can protect them at home – as well as away from home. Today several of its competitors use its patented technology in devices manufactured by MobileHelp, but with those companies’ own branding.

Grandfolk Scoring
Price 8/10
Shipping fee 10/10
Activation fee 10/10
Contract obligation 10/10
Cancellation fee 10/10
Warranty 8/10
Base unit range 8/10
Mobile device range 8/10
Landline requirement 10/10
Risk-free trial period 8/10
Equipment cost 10/10
Fall detection button 8/10
Wall-mounted button 8/10
Water-resistant pendant 8/10
Monthly monitoring fee
Shipping fee
Equipment delivery
Activation fee
Setting up service
Contract obligation
Length of commitment
Cancellation fee
To terminate service
Replacement policy
Lifetime for defects
Base unit range
Effective signal distance
600 feet
Mobile device range
Effective signal distance
350 feet
Landline requirement
How system communicates
None; it’s all cellular
Risk-free trial period
Period for full refund
30 days
Equipment cost
Basic equipment purchase
Fall detection button
Is it available?
Wall-mounted button
Is it available?
Water-resistant pendant
Wearable in shower?
Age Score:
50-64 Years
65-74 Years
75-84 Years

A medical alert system really has two audiences: the person using it and that person’s family, friends and caregivers. At younger ages, the system has to please (and meet the changing needs of) the user. At older ages, as responsibilities shift to others, it has to meet the changing needs of caregivers.

MobileHelp provides very friendly support for people age 50-65, especially those who live alone and are concerned that a simple accident could leave them without access to help. Barring a declining physical and/or mental condition, the system continues user friendly at 65-75. The medication reminder and the fall button are useful because they are automatic. At 75-85, using add-ons such as blood-pressure monitors and wall-mounted buttons may become more difficult. By 85, the system is likely being accessed mostly by others. 

MobileHelp’s Connect online tools offer easy and reliable access to distance monitoring. This access is vital as users age. However, no matter how friendly a monitoring system might be, eventually it needs to be replaced with a physical caregiver to ensure that the user is not put at any risk.

Health Score:
Poor Health
Fair Health
Good Health
Great Health

The value of a medical alert system increases as risk increases. Whether being used primarily by the user or, with declining health, by the user’s loved ones and caregivers, the risk of medical emergencies naturally increases with declining health. 

MobileHelp’s system is very reassuring for someone who lives alone, despite being in great health, particularly in the case of accidents. All of the system’s basic features, including the GPS instant locator, are valuable for people in great, good or fair health, especially those who are still mobile and not necessarily at home. Wall-mounted buttons and fall buttons become more valuable as health shifts to good or fair. 

As health declines to poor, MobileHelp’s various add-ons, such as blood-pressure and activity-tracking gauges, are a great advantage. Its MobileHelp Connect online tools provide the greatest value when the user requires distance monitoring by loved ones, caregivers and doctors, especially the access by computer or smart phone. 


The advantages MobileHelp brings to seniors are plentiful. They include:

Three basic configurations that protect you exactly as you live your life: a cellular system for at home, a mobile system for away from home and a system that combines the two (all of which include two good-looking, water-resistant ‘wearables,’ whether pendants or wrist buttons). 

Several accessories you can add to further customize the system to your needs: a fall detection button, a wall-mounted button and a lockbox; also a Bluetooth-enabled blood pressure monitor, digital weight scale and pulse oximeter that its MobileVitals® comprehensive health management system uses to track your vitals daily.

MobileHelp Connect® online tools that ‘connect’ you to family members, doctors and other authorized caregivers so they can monitor your well-being from a distance.

Instant location tracking with the GPS-enabled mobile alert system that saves the critical minutes spent attempting to dial 9-1-1 or having first responders trying to locate you using old cell-tower technology.

No-cost cellular service through AT&T’s 3G network that frees you from needing a landline and means you are covered even when local telephone service might be down.

24/7/365 access to top-notch emergency response operators who are US-based and highly trained.

Friendly customer service from a company whose vision it is to “be someone’s hero every day” and which strives to make every contact an enjoyable experience.  

No contracts to sign and a prompt refund of any prorated prepaid money if you cancel your service.

MobileHelp has identified affordable solutions to all the challenges faced by seniors as they seek to live their lives to the fullest – as independently as possible – while feeling safe and secure, day and night, wherever they might be. The company has kept its systems easy to learn and easy to use, including the online portal created so caregivers have access to the information needed to monitor your well-being. 


MobileHelp does face a few drawbacks in what it offers to seniors:

Some areas in the US where AT&T’s cellular network is not available or is spotty, in which case MobileHelp is not a good option for you (a quick call to MobileHelp will confirm one way or the other).

Having to recharge the mobile device used in the Solo system every night as the mobile system has no plugged-in base unit.

The limitation of 30 free location-detection ‘pings’ per month from the GPS-enabled mobile alert system before additional charges kick in.

Considering how many solutions MobileHelp has identified in order to make any senior’s life safer and more worry-free, it is not surprising that there would be a few drawbacks. The AT&T 3G coverage, while reaching 97% of continental US, is a limitation beyond MobileHelp’s control. Having to recharge the mobile device is no different from recharging your smart phone; another limitation of technology. And, lastly, charging for overly frequent use of ‘pings’ means they are being paid for by those who actually use them, instead of spreading their cost over the entire customer base.

Bottom Line:

MobileHelp has intentionally taken a leading position in the industry based on the flexibility of the services it offers, the high quality of its products, the ultra-fast response times by its professional US-based response teams and the transparency and friendliness of its customer support staff. Your ability to tailor its core packages to meet your specific needs, by adding accessories and features at affordable prices, lets you create a solution unique to you. Nothing could offer you greater freedom of movement – with such a powerful safety net.  

This excellence has not gone unnoticed by independent consumer review site who, earlier this year, granted MobileHelp the “Best Overall Consumer Score” award in a competition between over one hundred other medical alert companies.

We highly recommend MobileHelp as the best company in the industry for bringing comprehensive, affordable and game-changing solutions to the growing medical alert space.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why use MobileHelp if I have a cell phone? When you call 9-1-1 on a cell phone, operators have to waste precious time trying to pinpoint your location and figure out how to help you. When you call for help with MobileHelp’s Help Button, the emergency operator sees on an online map exactly where you are. If you are unable to communicate through the base station at home or the mobile device elsewhere, the operator will go ahead and notify the paramedics closest to your location. The operator will see all the information you have provided in advance to MobileHelp regarding any allergies, medical conditions and people to notify. By sharing this with first responders, treatment can begin immediately upon arrival instead of them having to get that information from you or – worse yet – guess. Once help has reached you, MobileHelp will notify your family.  

With all the choices offered by MobileHelp, what if I want to change my service after I sign up? If your needs or wants change in any way, MobileHelp will gladly make adjustments in fees and equipment so you are happy with your system, which it knows you need to trust. The same holds true for the various accessories, add-on features and services. MobileHelp understands that needs change over time and it seems to take to heart its vision to “be someone’s hero every day.”

Can I trust MobileHelp’s emergency monitoring service? MobileHelp believes each company should do what it does best so, rather than build an in-house response team, it developed a strategic partnership with Rapid Response Monitoring Services. Rapid Response has offered exceptional emergency response services to medical alert companies for more than 20 years. Its two state-of-the-art facilities in the US have the monitoring technology and extensively trained operators capable of meeting and exceeding its demanding customers’ expectations. It is certified by the Security Industry Association and by UL. It employs bilingual English-Spanish operators and can respond in more than 240 other languages through an interpreting service called LanguageLine. Rapid Response received the CSAA Central Station of the Year Award in 2016. 

More Information:

MobileHelp System Overview

  • No cost for system equipment and no set-up fee
  • No contracts whatsoever to sign
  • 30-day risk-free trial period; 100% refund
  • No landline needed; no fee for AT&T’s cellular network
  • Lifetime warranty against defects
  • State-of-the-art technology on equipment
  • System-enhancing add-ons to tailor it to your needs
  • Unlimited use of the MobileHelp Connect online portal by you and loved ones
  • Direct connection to top-notch emergency response operators 24/7/365

Package Details 

MobileHelp offers a choice of three different packages to reflect your lifestyle. Besides the features listed in the system overview above, all three packages include:

  • Two water-resistant ‘wearables’ (help buttons on wrist band or pendant)
  • Optional fall detection button that works with all packages 
  • Optional wall-mounted buttons that extend the access to help in your house

MobileHelp Classic At Home ($29.95 per month, or $324.40 per year)

The cellular Classic system works best for someone who only needs protection within the house and a short distance outside of it. This system uses AT&T’s cellular network, at no extra cost to you, and means a landline is no longer required at home in order to have access. 

  • Cellular base station with 30-hour backup battery
  • 2-way voice communication through the base station
  • 600-foot signal range between base station and help button 

MobileHelp Solo At Home & Away From Home ($37.95 per month, or $360.40 per year)

The mobile Solo system uses a small mobile device the size of a deck of cards that you keep near you at all times, whether you are home or out and about, in town or across the country. This device replaces the base unit and provides cellular service through AT&T and GPS satellite tracking technology so you can be located immediately wherever you might need emergency medical assistance.

  • Mobile device with 24-hour battery and charging cradle
  • 2-way voice communication through the mobile device
  • 350-foot signal range between mobile device and help button

MobileHelp Duo At Home & Away From Home ($41.95 per month, or $393.40 per year)

The cellular/mobile Duo system combines the two services (the base station and the mobile device) so you have a broad range of features, as well as the freedom to move at will most anywhere in the 50 states.

  • Cellular base station with 30-hour backup battery 
  • Mobile device with 24-hour battery and charging cradle
  • 2-way voice communication through either device
  • 600-foot signal range between base station and help button
  • 350-foot signal range between mobile device and help button

Exclusive Add-On Services    

MobileHelp Connect Premium Service ($5/month) 

  • Up to $300 in savings per year to replace stolen, lost or damaged equipment
  • Savings of up to 50% on certain features, accessories and services
  • 30 extra location-detection ‘pings’ per month
  • Lifetime guarantee of the core package price

MobileHelp’s Fall Button™ ($10/month)

  • Automatically detects when you have fallen
  • Not guaranteed 100% accurate despite its advanced technology
  • Comes as a pendant to be worn outside of your clothing
  • Communicates with either the base station or mobile device
  • Water-resistant so it can be worn in the shower

Activity Tracking Service ($5/month when paired with Fall Button pendant)

By adding Activity Tracking to your Fall Button service, caregivers can monitor your activity level from a distance.

Medication Reminders Service ($5/month)

The Medication Reminders service lets users (or caregivers) schedule friendly reminders for you to take medications as needed, using the MobileHelp Connect portal. The audio reminders come through the base station, but not the mobile device.

MobileVitals® Service ($15/month)

The MobileVitals comprehensive health management system can track your weight, blood pressure and SpO2 via Bluetooth-enabled accessories. This lets you, your doctors and caregivers track your vitals daily. By adding the MobileVitals service, the following accessories can be paired with your standard MobileHelp Connect system:
Blood pressure monitor cuff: standard size ($57) and large size ($76)

Digital weight scale ($68)

Pulse oximeter ($182)

Optional Accessories

Wall-mounted button ($2/month): for bathing areas or areas in your house that are too far from the base station

Lockbox ($29.95, often gifted by MobileHelp): to hold your house key securely where it is accessible to emergency responders who come to your aid when you cannot unlock your door

Leather pouch ($15): to protect your mobile device in your purse, backpack or jacket

Car or wall charger ($19.95): for your mobile device

Additional Company Details

Contract Details: Emergency alert service is offered on a month-by-month basis, with no contractual commitment. You only pay for the services you need. However, MobileHelp does offer some price breaks if you pay quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Also, ask about upcoming promotions. Upon cancellation of service, any prepaid fees not used will be prorated and refunded promptly once the equipment is returned. Billing continues until the system is returned. No cancellation fees are due.

Warranty: MobileHelp warrants that its equipment will be free from defect. It will replace any defective equipment at no charge. However, any equipment damaged or lost will need to be replaced at your expense, although the MobileHelp Connect Premium service (at $5/month) covers up to $300 per year of such replacement costs.

Design Philosophy: MobileHelp is aware that seniors prefer ‘wearables’ that are as discrete as possible. The company's stated design goals include four key principles: minimal detail, timelessness, simplicity and elegance. Today its product lines are modern and sporty, and future designs will aim to look more like everyday jewelry.

Accreditations: MobileHelp was the first company to register its equipment as medical devices with the FDA to ensure ongoing reliability and quality. Its systems are also FCC Certified, PTCRB Certified, UL-1635 and UL-1637 Certified, as well as AT&T Network Certified. The company’s rating with the Better Business is A+, and its dealings with complaints are extremely professional.

Company Size: After being in business for ten years, MobileHelp’s officials stated in late 2016 that the company responded to more than 2,400 alarms each day and was located in more than 200,000 homes nationwide. They estimated they answer a call for help every 5.5 minutes. As its CEO said, “We get reports every week on how many people we helped. We are saving thousands of lives every week. We are helping keep somebody’s mother, grandmother, grandfather, father out of the hospital or worse every single day.”


3701 FAU Blvd., Suite 300
Boca Raton, FL 33431
Phone: 1-800-992-0616

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I am happy with how Jamira/Teresa handled my issues with their service. I had a pleasant experience with Jamira who made it a lot easier in setting up my device, as well as Teresa who answered my other queries. They made me feel comfortable and i felt that I was a valued customer. I am giving them each a perfect 10


I planned to switch to another company which was offering cheaper service but Alex referred me to their rep Teresea and she was able to give me a great deal. So it is still MobileHelp for me.


Calling Sam made my day. He is simply awesome. His professional cheerful attitude made resolving my issues a great experience. He is well-trained polite and a positive person. Way to go Mobile Help


I've been a long time subscriberI never needed Medical Alert until August 6 2018 at around 3 in the morning. Islipped and fell in the Master bedroom. Lying on the wooden floor, and in terrible pain, I knew I am seriously hurt. Living in the country, I have four rabbits who live with me inside the house, Bandit first came over me and rubbed her nose against me, then her mate Ryan also checked on me. I believe that they are sensing that something's wrong . I could not get on my feet because of the terrible pain and I was lucky to get the Mobile Help Unit. I asked for help and the operator called 911 for me. I felt that help was long in coming when in fact only a few minutes has passed before the 911 appeared at my door. I forgot to put my key in the key box and 911 had to find another way to get to me. They had to remove the moldings so they could open the door and put me on stretcher. My biggest and youngest rabbit, Victor placed his 8 kilo body between me and the medics. Maybe he was thinking that he needed to protect me from these strangers so I talked to him that I need theses strangers to help me. I am thankful for Mobile Help, they are a rea life saver. I live alone, no one checks up on me and i do not have friends in the vicinity. I would have surely died. Of all the devices I have at home, land line, monile phoneOn-Star, only Mobile help saved me. Ever money I paid for Mobile Help subscription was worth it


Their rep gave me the best deal for their services. At my age, 76 and sufferring from a multitide of health issues, their supervisor assisted me in seeting up my bank acccount. Everytime I use their service, my call was charged roughly a 1 dollar, totalling $6.86. I like it that they have nce courteous and prefossional employees. I changed my mind from cancelling my subscription because their reps are great and gave me value for my money.


I had hoped that the Home System I got for my mother would be of use, but it was actually a nightmare. We usually leave mother by her lonesome for a max of 4-5 hours each day and hoped that the Home System would be a good device to monitor her condition. Theirs is completely unreliable, the device is being activated and calling for help when no on is touching it and left on the table. This resulted in my mother being rudely awakened in her sleep in the early morning by an emergency team, this has happened several time already and usually happens in the wee hours.Needless to say it has caused quite a racket at home. And then when something bad did really happen to her - which happened twice by the way, the first time her daughter saw her on floor and she'd been there lying for hours and the second time I was the one who rescued her, both time the alarm was not deactivated. So we cancelled the subscription and returned the device. It was a waste of money and wouldn't advice to buy this product to anyone.


Me and my four siblings got our 84 yrs old mother Medical Alert after she conceded that it always terrifies her children to leave her home alone. After a thorough research, Mobile Help came on top with thousands of reviews and a 4.6 rating out of 5. I talked with an MH rep whose name was Albert. He was very helpful and addressed all my concerns to my full satisfaction. He doesn't sound like he is selling a product but as an advisor. He was able to give all the pros and cons which I really appreciate. I feel that this product is well worth it, though I hope that my mother need not use it but will be a great help just in case. If you know what I mean. I do hope that their responding team is as great as Albert's customer service Mpbile Help will get a ten out ten score form me.


I am glad about the level of assistance given me when the Iphone I ordered for my employee could not receive calls or text. The VerizonWireless rep easily leaed me in the activation process and was a joy to talk to. The issue was solved in just a few minutes. Kudos.


Mobile Help has the best kind of service a customer could ask. After my package arrived in time, I tried to set it up and charged the device. The following day I called tech support and their rep Gervon was a wonderful help. He answered all my queries patiently and I felt comfortable talking with him. He had to transfer me to another rep for some sort of interview and again the rep was great to talk with, though I forgot the name aleady. I am happy with Mobil Help and would encourage my friends to get one too.


MobileHelp is a great assistance to me and my parents. i don't know what my family would do without Mobile Help. It just gives us a peace of mind knowing that a well trained friendly rep is there to assist us, and as always I cannot find fault in their service. They always give detailed info, you couldn't ask for more.


I would like to commend MobileHelp for their awesome customer service. Each and every person I've talked with gave me a pleasant experience. They always give great support and are knowledgeable about their product. I really like how Mobile Help takes care of their customers in a timely manner.


Jeff from the Sales Department of Mobilehelp is not the only rep I talked with that gives the same service. I have done exhausting research on the best companies for this type of service and has talked with countless of reps and Jeff from MH outshines them all. I was so convinced by him so I got MobileHelp right away. All through the process, Jeff checked in on how my account was doing and should I need any further help. I think Jeff is a great representative for MobileHelp, and as far as customer service goes, he is a great example of customer satisfaction. All the other reps from MH are actually great to talk with and are a lot of help in setting up my subscription and device. So Kudos from me and my family in Casper and NYC. You guys are great.