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GEICO provides dependable coverage with plenty of discounts. Adjustable coverage limits let you create policies that fit your needs and your budget.

GEICO, founded in 1936, became a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway in 1996. With intelligent and focused marketing strategies, GEICO has become the second largest auto insurer in the U.S. The company provides exceptional 24/7 customer service by licensed agents over the phone and online to be accessible when you need them. Discounts and low premiums make GEICO an excellent choice for those looking to fit coverage into a tight budget.  

However, GEICO only provides Standard coverage for motorcyclists. While this decidedly meets state minimums (coverage varies by state and is not mandatory in three states), it can leave owners of high-value customized or vintage bikes with gaps in their coverage.  

Grandfolk Scoring
Apparel and Helmet 8/10
# of Vehicles 10/10
Custom Bikes 8/10
Emergency Expenses 6/10
Price 9/10
Discounts 10/10
Customer Service 8/10
Basic Coverage 9/10
Add-on Coverage 5/10
Apparel and Helmet
Any coverage available?
Included in Comprehensive and Collision
# of Vehicles

Number of vehicles allowed on one policy

Up to nine vehicles
Custom Bikes

Coverage for custom or vintage bikes

Some custom bikes and vintage bikes up to 40 model years old
Emergency Expenses

Are any covered?

Roadside Assistance included, but no mention of Trip Interruption coverage

Annual premiums

Many factors: driver, vehicle and add-on coverage

What triggers discounts?

Mature rider, multi-vehicle/policy, loyalty rewards, anti-theft device, safety course completion and switching from another provider
Customer Service

Hours available and means of contact?

Fewer local agents than with other providers; 24/7 customer service by licensed agents over the phone and online
Basic Coverage

What does Standard coverage include?

Liability, Comprehensive, Collision, Medical with adjustable limits
Add-on Coverage

What add-ons are available?

Age Score:
50-64 Years
65-74 Years
75-84 Years

GEICO is a leader in providing quotes and insurance policies online and over the phone. The website and mobile app are both streamlined to make information easy to find, as long as the senior is comfortable with technology. Members can pay bills, submit claims, change coverage or even request Roadside Assistance online.  

For seniors who want a more traditional approach to finding insurance, local agents may be available to sit down and discuss coverage options. There are fewer local GEICO agents than from other providers, so interested seniors should check availability in the area.    

However information is requested, GEICO offers special savings for mature drivers with clean driving records.

Health Score:
Poor Health
Fair Health
Good Health
Great Health

Providing coverage for sport bikes, cruisers and trikes, GEICO has a policy that covers members as their health changes and mobility issues adjust the type of motorcycle that meets the rider’s needs. The standard Comprehensive, Collision, Medical and Liability coverage options have adjustable limits to meet a senior’s changing needs. As health continues to decrease, a rider is less likely to be using the motorcycle and coverage will be less valuable.


  • Mature Rider discount for older motorcycle owners without recent claims.
  • Information is available in person, on the phone or online: GEICO is designed to meet clients when and where it is most convenient. 
  • Rapid claims processing: most claims take 48 hours to be processed. 
  • Save money with multiple discounts on top of already low rates.
  • More bikes on one policy: most plans allow for four bikes/plan, but GEICO allows up to nine.
  • Covering riders since 1978.  
  • Roadside Assistance included in Standard coverage.
  • Best for military and government employees, whether active or retired.


  • No Total Loss coverage: claims will be paid on the actual value of the bike at the time of the accident.
  • Lack of add-on features: the Standard plan provides ample basic coverage, but GEICO does not provide the specialty coverage available with other providers.
  • GEICO Corporation, the parent company, has a B rating with the Better Business Bureau as a result of the number of complaints not resolved satisfactorily. (About one-third was billing/collections issues; about two-thirds were problems with their product/service.) 

Bottom Line:

GEICO Insurance provides solid and dependable coverage for motorcycles at a reasonable rate with flexible payment options. Though the coverage is not as extensive as seen with other providers, policyholders can tailor limits to meet their personal needs. Individuals interested in getting a quote can meet with a local agent, call into a 24/7 customer service line or request a quote online.    

While this may not be the best option for riders that have invested a large amount of money into customizing their bikes, we highly recommend GEICO as an excellent insurance provider for owners of factory-standard motorcycles wanting to save money on their coverage.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I cover my custom/vintage bike? Yes, GEICO provides coverage on custom bikes and vintage bikes up to 40 model years old. Plans are also available for factory-standard cruisers, sport bikes, trikes and scooters.  

Is my protective gear covered under my policy? GEICO will cover the cost of replacing basic gear and helmets. Members also receive Accessories coverage for saddlebags, backrests and CB radios when they include Comprehensive and Collision coverage on their motorcycle. 

How can I lower my premium? On top of already low rates, GEICO offers several discounts that can reduce your payments even more. These include safe driver, multi-policy/vehicle, anti-theft device, loyalty rewards and extra savings for mature drivers.

More Information:

Product Details 

Overview: Currently motorcycle insurance in not mandatory in all states but having a policy that ensures you and your bike are covered in case of any incident is still a smart move.  

As with other types of vehicle insurance coverage, the pricing for a motorcycle insurance policy determined by the provider is based on a variety of factors, including the age of the driver(s), accident history, vehicle make/model/age and frequency of use. Custom-built cycles may require an independent appraisal or Agreed Value between the owner and the insurance provider to determine the correct coverage.  

Premiums can also be affected by the state where the vehicle is registered and the corresponding minimum coverage requirements. Policyholders often do not realize that the overall cost of premiums can be influenced by the rider’s level of education and credit score. Contacting a representative or requesting an online quote can give you a more accurate picture of the total cost.

Package Details:

Standard Coverage

  • Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability
  • Coverage against Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists
  • Medical 
  • Comprehensive and Collision: Accessories coverage for saddlebags, backrests, chrome work and CB radios  
  • Emergency Towing and Roadside Labor

Additional Company Details

Contract Details: Policies are written and renewed annually. Policyholders may make payments in full at the beginning of the term, on a monthly basis or following some payment plan options. Policies may also be canceled at any time. 

Warranty: no warranty

Accreditations: GEICO Motorcycle has not received accreditation from the Better Business Bureau; nor has its parent company GEICO. However, GEICO Corporation does have a B rating with the BBB, as a result of the number of complaints not resolved satisfactorily. According to JD Power, GEICO Corporation received an ‘average’ rating from its auto customers for their overall insurance claims experience. GEICO has an AA+ rating from Standard and Poor’s, an Aa1 from Moody’s and an A++ from A.M. Best.    

Company Details: GEICO Insurance was established in 1936 by husband and wife team Leo and Lillian Goodwin to provide coverage to government employees and select divisions of enlisted military officers. In fact, GEICO stands for the Government Employee Insurance Company. In 1996, after a long relationship with the company, well-known venture capitalist Warren Buffett bought out a majority of shares and GEICO became a subsidiary of his investment firm, Berkshire Hathaway, Inc.

Memorable marketing campaigns have helped GEICO become a household name and the second largest auto insurer in the United States. While there is a focus on traditional auto policies, GEICO now offers a wide range of motorcycle, property, commercial and recreational vehicle coverage.


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