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AmOne helps individuals access the financial services they need by matching lenders with borrowers looking for financial relief. 

AmOne is not a lender. The company can best be described as a ‘referral company.’ It specializes in helping applicants find the best financial resolutions for their unique situations. The company’s referral services are provided at no cost to you, and no commitment is required. To begin the process, you can simply call the toll free number or complete an online application. Your information will be used to match you with a secured or unsecured lending provider to help you achieve your desired financial goals.

Grandfolk Scoring
Funding time 8/10
Loan amounts 9/10
Credit score 10/10
Early payoff penalties 8/10
Payment options 8/10
Restricted states? 10/10
Loan origination fee 8/10
Customer Support 10/10
Cancellation 8/10
Cost 9/10
Warranty 7/10
Ease 10/10
Funding time
How long will it take to fund a loan?
It depends on the lender that you choose
Loan amounts
What are the maximum and minimum loans offered?
Credit score
Will the approval process hit my credit?
AmOne will not check your credit, but the lender you choose will
Early payoff penalties
Is there a penalty if I pay off my loan early?
You will need to check with the lender that you choose
Payment options
What options do I have to pay off my loan?
You will need to check with the lender that you choose
Restricted states?
Is the service available in all states?
AmOne provides loan referral assistance in all 50 states
Loan origination fee
Is there a financing fee?
AmOne’s service is free, but lenders may have their own fees
Customer Support
When is customer service available to help?
9 AM-9PM EST Mon-Fri, and 9 AM-5 PM Sat
Cost or difficulty to cancel?
Loans must be paid in full
Monthly fee
Depends on your loan amount, and other factors
Is a warranty available?
No Warranty
How easy to put to use?
Very easy; call or email to get started
Age Score:
50-64 Years
65-74 Years
75-84 Years

If you are looking to obtain a personal loan but have no idea where to begin, AmOne is a good starting place. The application process can be completed by phone or online. AmOne gets a thumbs up in the ‘age friendliness’ category due to its straightforward and user-friendly online portal. Once the (very short) questionnaire is completed, AmOne will instantly recommend ideal and trusted lenders to the applicant. This is indeed a bonus if you are easily overwhelmed by the process of searching for a lender amidst all the financial stress and strain. 

If you require additional guidance, each AmOne client receives a designated and devoted Loan Matching Specialist. These specialists are trained to go over and above to answer questions and provide impartial recommendations while providing superior customer service.

Health Score:
Great Health
Good Health
Fair Health
Poor Health

Many seniors may find AmOne’s loan matching service to be helpful. The company’s quick and easy matching service offers a transparent way of helping those in need. There are no fees for the service and specialists are available to answer any questions. On the downside, some applicants have complained that once they submitted an application, either online or by phone, they were flooded with calls from lenders for weeks and sometimes months afterwards. 

This happens because the applicant’s information is funneled to numerous companies for approval. Multiple sales calls are a nuisance and dealing with them is not ideal for anyone, especially those experiencing health conditions.


  • AmOne will never ask for personal information, such as date of birth or social security number. Personal information is only required by the lender once a match has been provided.
  • AmOne‘s services are 100% free. You will never be asked for payment, account numbers, or credit card information.
  • Once your application is submitted to AmOne, you will receive an instant list of lenders to choose from.
  • AmOne provides loan referral assistance in all 50 states. 
  • AmOne eliminates the need to shop around and individually compare different companies. AmOne will do all of the research for you.


  • AmOne is not a lender. Applicants are sometimes confused by this, and become frustrated because they believe they have been approved for a loan, when in reality they have only been referred to a loan company.
  • Some customers have complained of unresponsiveness when attempting to contact the company’s specialists. Complaints were made that calls and emails continued to go unanswered even after numerous attempts. 
  • After an application is submitted, the applicant may be flooded with calls from salespeople from a variety of different companies. This may continue for weeks and sometimes months. Applicants have also complained that the company spammed their email accounts with multiple ads and generic offers. 

Bottom Line:

AmOne has been in the business of online loan matching since 1999. The company offers a free service intended to help consumers and small businesses find lenders. The application process can be done by phone or through the website. The process is quick, and soon afterwards, you will be connected to a specialist who will walk you through the process of obtaining a loan from a recommended company.

AmOne provides instant access to loan solutions. Each year, many people take advantage of this service to receive safe, reliable loan options, eliminating the need to spend hours searching on their own. If you need a loan but don’t know where to begin with the process. AmOne may be the helping hand you need to point you in the right direction.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is required to obtain a loan?  

AmOne is not a lender. However, the process of applying for a loan is simple. You start by submitting an application on the AmOne website. You can also call and speak to a representative by phone. During this process, it is very important to be honest and transparent, as AmOne will use the information you provide to pair you with the best lender for your needs. If you are not satisfied with the offers you receive, you can call to speak with an AmOne representative. AmOne’s matching service is free, but the lender you choose may charge you separate fees. The lender will have additional requirements specific to its own policies. 

How long will it take for my loan to get funded? How do I get the money?

AmOne is not a direct lender, it is a referral site. The lender you choose will have its own turnaround time for funding loans. Loan funding times range from 24 hours to an upwards of three weeks. Access to loan funds is specific to the company you choose, so be sure to ask individual lenders you are considering any questions you may have. 

How do I make payments?

Payments must be made directly to the lender you choose.

More Information:

Product Details 

Overview: Since 1999, AmOne has been in the business of connecting borrowers and lenders. 
The service is free, and is designed to be the ‘middleman’ for borrowers searching for lenders. AmOne’s personalized service provides immediate access to reliable options with no commitment required.  

●    Package Details: N/A

●    Optional Accessories or Add-on Services: N/A

Additional Company Details

●    Contract Details: You do not need to sign a contract to use AmOne’s service. 

●    Warranty: N/A 

●    Accreditations: Although AmOne does not have an accredited business profile with the Better Business Bureau, it maintains a rating of A+.

Company Details: AmOne is an online financial solutions company devoted to helping borrowers find solutions to fit their financial needs. AmOne was founded in 1999 by Rod Romero, the company’s CEO. Today, AmOne has an estimated 44 employees and an estimated annual revenue of $4.5 million. The company’s client retention rate is 84%.


AmOne Corp.
12270 SW 3rd Street, Suite #400
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33325
Tel: 800-781-5187
Email: Web form available at 

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