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CashCall is an online personal loan company that offers a streamlined application and lending process with quick turnaround results. 

CashCall is one of the largest online personal loan lenders in the United States. The company has acquired millions of customers thanks to its use of innovative technologies which help to make the loan process as simple as possible. CashCall prides itself on a quick approval process. The application process takes five minutes, after which the applicant receives a conditional approval and document verification requirements. 

CashCall advertisements boast of the company’s ability to approve and wire unsecured loans into a checking account within 24 hours. 

Grandfolk Scoring
Funding time 10/10
Loan amounts 5/10
Credit score 10/10
Early payoff penalties 10/10
Payment options 9/10
Restricted states? 4/10
Loan origination fee 6/10
Customer Support 10/10
Cancellation 8/10
Cost 9/10
Warranty 7/10
Ease 10/10
Funding time
How long will it take to fund a loan?
1-3 business days
Loan amounts
What are the maximum and minimum loans offered?
Credit score
Will the approval process hit my credit?
The process will make a soft hit, which will not affect your credit score
Early payoff penalties
Is there a penalty if I pay off my loan early?
No penalty for early payoff
Payment options
What options do I have to pay off my loan?
EFT, phone payment, check or money order by mail and MoneyGram
Restricted states?
Is the service available in all states?
CashCall only operates in nine states
Loan origination fee
Is there a financing fee?
Yes, the fee is $75
Customer Support
When is customer service available to help?
24/7 on the website, or call 8 AM-5 PM PST Mon-Fri or 8 AM-12 PM Sat
Cost or difficulty to cancel?
Loans must be paid in full
Monthly fee
Depends on your loan amount, and other factors
Is a warranty available?
No Warranty
How easy to put to use?
Very easy; call or email to get started
Age Score:
50-64 Years
65-74 Years
75-84 Years

Acquiring a personal loan with CashCall is a simple process that can be done online or by phone. Having the option of applying online or by phone may be attractive to many people. While applying for a loan with CashCall may be a simple process, the verification process may not be as simple. As part of the verification process, customers are asked to fax in proof of income, bank statements and valid identification. Completing the task of faxing in these documents (sometimes numerous times) can be daunting. 

Additionally, CashCall appears to have a very poor customer reputation, with the most common complaints citing excessively high interest rates, customer service unwilling to help and frequent hang ups when trying to reach customer service. Practices like these do not cater to the needs of those who may have additional questions or may need further assistance with completing the process.  

Health Score:
Great Health
Good Health
Fair Health
Poor Health

If you are faced with a declining health condition, you may want to stay very far from CashCall. The company has taken a lashing in recent years from negative news. Dubious lending practices are referenced in most of the legal complaints that have been filed. The company has been the defendant in quite a few court cases related to illegal loan servicing. A class action law suit was filed against the company in 2012, and a settlement was reached in the suit. 
Cash Call has also come under fire from a number of states due to illegal advertising. If you are facing a declining health condition, you definitely do not need to endure the added stress of potentially falling victim to dishonest lending practices.


  • The application process can be completed online or over the phone.
  • Funding can be completed as quickly as four hours after a loan has been approved. 
  • If the online application is approved, borrowers will immediately be shown their specific monthly payments and interest rates based on the loan amount and term length. These details are not hidden in the fine print. 
  • A poor credit score does not disqualify you from obtaining a loan. The minimum credit score required to apply is 500.


  • CashCall’s rates are not always fixed and can change without notice.
  • CashCall’s APRs are higher than most competitors. The APRs can range anywhere between 35-139%.
  • CashCall has been the subject of numerous complaints regarding high interest rates and other dubious lending practices.
  • Customers have complained of long wait times when attempting to reach Customer Service. Some have complained that when they do finally get through, the call is somehow disconnected. 
  • Each CashCall personal loan is accompanied by a $75 loan fee.

Bottom Line:

CashCall offers unsecured personal loans between $2,600 and $10,600 with low monthly payments and no pre-payment penalties. The services are best suited for those with less-than-perfect credit. Although the company has minimal application requirements and approval can be a quick process, CashCall has received several complaints regarding high interest rates, and many lawsuits cite dubious lending practices. You should always be wary of predatory lenders who may view you as an easy target. Predatory lenders deceive and commit clients into harmful, short-term loans with exorbitant fees and rates.

Taking out a personal loan is a major decision. You should be sure to do your due diligence when selecting a loan company. If you are seeking a sound financial company with a good reputation, you may not want to choose CashCall for your needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is required to obtain a CashCall loan?  

An applicant must have an active bank account and verifiable proof of income. All applicants must be at least 18 years of age and possess a valid form of ID, such as a driver's license.

How long will it take for my loan to get funded? When will I get the money?

The application process takes less than ten minutes to complete. Once an application is submitted, a conditional approval will be offered to the applicant, pending review of required documentation. The four-hour funding time is not guaranteed. The time it takes to receive all required documents and signatures should be considered. Funding may also be delayed in some instances when additional documentation is required. 

How do I make payments?

Electronic funds transfer (EFT) is the most common payment method. Debit card payments are accepted by phone. A check or money order payment can be made by mail. Customers can also use MoneyGram to send payments.  

More Information:

Product Details 

●    Overview: CashCall is an online financial lender with lenient lending terms. These lenient terms help to make the company an attractive choice for customers with credit scores as low as 500. The application process can be done by phone or online. Approval and funding processing times are fairly quick. 

●    Package Details: N/A

●    Optional Accessories or Add-on Services: N/A

Additional Company Details 

Contract Details: Loan amounts range from $2,600 to $10,600. Loan terms between 47 and 120 months are available. APRs range between 35-139%. There is an origination fee of $75 added to each loan. Loans are usually funded within one to three business days. Loan repayment methods include EFT, online payments, mail, and MoneyGram.

●    Warranty: N/A 

●    Accreditations: CashCall does not have an accredited business profile with the Better Business Bureau; however, it maintains a rating of C.  

●    Company Details: Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Orange, California, CashCall, Inc. is a provider of personal unsecured loans. The company has faced numerous legal actions in several states for alleged predatory lending practices. The company employs 23 full-time employees and maintains an 83% client retention rate. 

1 City Blvd W #102
Orange, CA 92868

Tel: 866-590-2274 (CASH) 

T. Mashae Pearson - Senior Advisor

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