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Healthy Paws is a straightforward, affordable health care plan that does not offer wellness coverage but boasts an annual deductible and no claim limits.

  • Healthy Paws Pet Insurance provides a single plan: unlimited coverage for pet insurance for cats, dogs, kittens and puppies. Unlike many other providers, Healthy Paws has a fast, app-based claims submission system, reimburses based on the actual cost of the qualifying health service and offers an annual deductible. Healthy Paws does not offer wellness coverage and does not reimburse for veterinarian exams. For a tech-savvy senior who can use the Healthy Paws app and is looking for affordable health care coverage for a cat or dog, Healthy Paws can be a good option, based on the high rating voiced by many consumer reviews.
Grandfolk Scoring
Price 9/10
Reimbursement 7/10
Deductible 8/10
Illness waiting period 7/10
Accident waiting period 7/10
Warranty 10/10
Age limits 7/10
Eligibility 10/10
Accident coverage 10/10
Preventive coverage 1/10
Multiple pet discount 1/10
Monthly cost
Amount reimbursed?
Typically 70-90% of all qualified expenses.
Type of deductible?
Annual only
Illness waiting period
Delay before coverage?
15 days
Accident waiting period
Delay before coverage?
15 days
Risk-free period?
30-day money-back guarantee
Age limits
Age limits for enrollment?
Yes, pets must be under 14 to enroll, but will not be dropped due to age
Are all pets eligible?
Accident coverage
Is it available?
Preventive coverage
Is it available?
Multiple pet discount
Is it available?
Age Score:
50-64 Years
65-74 Years
75-84 Years

As long as the senior’s age does not interfere with the ability to care for a pet, track receipts, submit claims and correspond with the insurance provider, the insurance is extremely convenient and age-friendly. Healthy Paws is one of the more convenient plans because claims can be filed online or through the mobile app. Filing claims are therefore extraordinarily fast and uncomplicated, which is an advantage unless a senior does not have familiarity with the internet or using a mobile app. The ability to file claims consistently may deteriorate with advanced age.  

Health Score:
Poor Health
Fair Health
Good Health
Great Health

Since claims are processed online or through the Healthy Paws app, this health insurance provider is more convenient than most, although most do allow for filing online. However, seniors who suffer from severe health conditions, have decreased mobility and have to visit the hospital frequently may not be able to own a pet that they can care for regularly. As important as a pet is to any senior, and particularly one in declining health, if the pet did have to go to a new owner, Healthy Paws would allow the insurance policy to be transferred.


  • Healthy Paws provides unlimited benefits with an annual deductible, which means that the pet is covered for any accident or illness that year once the deductible is met.

  • Healthy Paws reimburses customers based on the actual veterinary bill, rather than an estimated average cost as many other pet insurance providers do.

  • There is no limit on how many claims can be filed with Healthy Paws.

  • Healthy Paws is one of the less expensive pet health care plans in the market.  


  • Healthy Paws does not pay for veterinarian exam fees and does not offer a wellness care package, so vaccinations are not covered.

  • Pets above the age of 14 cannot be enrolled in a new policy, although pets already enrolled in a plan will not be removed from insurance upon reaching age 14.

  • The claims and reimbursement system is processed entirely online, either through the Healthy Paws website or the mobile app, so seniors who are not tech-savvy may encounter problems in submitting requests for reimbursements.

Bottom Line:

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance has earned rave reviews from many consumers because it is one of the less expensive policies, offers unlimited claims and works with an annual deductible. Consumers have reported high satisfaction with the fast claims process, which boasts a response time of a few days; great customer service; and unlimited benefits. Claims are filed online or through a mobile app. For seniors who do not need coverage for wellness care (such as checkups or vaccinations) or who are looking for an affordable plan that covers hereditary and congenital disorders, Healthy Paws may be a great choice.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How does the deductible work, and how will I receive my reimbursements? Unlike many other health care plans, Healthy Paws offers an annual deductible that must be met each year before the company can reimburse customers for eligible services. Also unlike many other health care plans, Healthy Paws Pet Insurance reimburses the actual cost of veterinary payment on the bill rather than a reimbursement based on the national average of medical fees.

  • Can I have more than one pet on my account? Yes, Healthy Paws has a convenient Add-A-Pet section on their website where additional pets can be added. However, there is no discount for adding additional pets to your insurance policy.

  • Where is my insurance accepted? Healthy Paws insurance is accepted at any licensed veterinarian in the United States, even if they are located out-of-state.

More Information:

Product Details

  • Overview: Healthy Paws Pet Insurance only offers one plan.

  • Package Details: The one plan Healthy Paws offers has unlimited lifetime benefits and works with an annual deductible. The deductible can be set anywhere from $100 to $500. The plan covers illnesses, accidents, hereditary and congenital conditions, chronic diseases, cancer, x-rays, surgery, diagnostics, hospital visits, medication, emergency visits, specialty care and alternative treatments.

    The plan does not cover pre-existing conditions, including ACL-related health issues, veterinarian examination fees or preventive care such as vaccinations, spaying, and neutering.

  • Optional Add-on Services: None

Additional Company Details

  • Contract Details: To cancel Healthy Paws Pet Insurance, contact the Customer Care team at 1-855-898-8991.
  • Warranty: Healthy Paws Pet Insurance offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and will refund you the cost of your monthly premium as long as you have not submitted a claim within the first 30 days.
  • Accreditations:  Healthy Paws is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has an A- rating.
  • Company Details: Healthy Paws Pet Insurance and Foundation was started in 2009 with the goal of helping individuals give their pets the best medical care. The Healthy Paws Pet Foundation has helped save the lives of rescued pets and pets in animal shelters.
  • Contact:
    Healthy Paws Pet Insurance
    P.O. Box 50034
    Bellevue, WA 98015
    Phone: (855) 898-8991

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