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The CVS prescription delivery service gives seniors the option to have medicines mailed to them directly from the pharmacy – a great convenience for seniors who take maintenance medications on an ongoing basis.

When seniors order qualified maintenance drugs through the CVS prescription delivery service, they can get up to a 90-day supply of the medication and have the convenience of delivery right to their home. Also, the prescription delivery service offers discounted copayments for some members. The CVS pharmacy portal provides seniors the ability to monitor the status of their prescription, update account details and make payments, all within a secure, user-friendly portal.

Grandfolk Scoring
Price 8/10
Contract obligation 10/10
Cancellation fee 10/10
Customer service 10/10
Shipping fee 7/10
Average shipping time 8/10
Refill option 10/10
Payment options 10/10
Cost of prescriptions
Regular copayment applies
Contract obligation
Length of commitment
Cancellation fee
To terminate service
Customer service
Access to help
24-hour access (phone, website and app)
Shipping fee
To deliver prescriptions
Free standard shipping; expedited $9.95; overnight $24.95
Average shipping time
To receive prescriptions
7-14 days for new prescriptions; 5-10 days for refills
Refill option
Refill prescriptions automatically
Payment options
Number of ways to pay
Phone; online (echeck, Paypal, credit card, debit card); by mail (money order or check)
Age Score:
50-64 Years
65-74 Years
75-84 Years

If a senior’s prescription benefit plan includes mail order pharmacy service, they can take advantage of the convenience this service offers. Medicines that are taken regularly are shipped by CVS – at no extra cost. The prescription delivery service saves time and trips to the local retail pharmacy. It also has a notification system that is useful to a senior who travels: it gives ample opportunity to cancel or redirect an order, if needed. A bonus to seniors of any age is that using this service will save them money: they can receive up to a 3-month supply of medicine at a lower cost than they would pay at the local retail pharmacy. CVS also offers automatic refills and renewals, which removes the burden of having to remember which prescriptions need to be refilled or renewed.

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A senior with a declining health condition may describe the CVS prescription delivery program as attending to their every need. CVS goes above and beyond to lessen the burden on the senior. If a maintenance medication’s prescription is nearing its expiration date, the CVS Pharmacy team will contact the doctor to renew the prescription. This service is one less task that the senior would have to complete. Before the prescription is delivered, CVS will contact the senior twice. The first message is sent by e-mail, phone or text message 14 days before the refill due date to let them know their order is being placed. If the order needs to be canceled, it can be done at that time. A second message is sent five to seven days before the refill due date to let the senior know that their order has shipped. This information is extremely helpful to the senior who may have a hospitalization or trip scheduled, so the delivery is rescheduled or redirected, and delivery is not missed. By knowing the order is on its way, the senior can use the online Pharmacy portal or call customer service to track the shipment. 


  • CVS will contact the doctor to renew a prescription once the last refill is up or the prescription is nearing the expiration date.  
  • This service offers free standard shipping on all orders. Overnight or second-day shipping is available for an additional charge. 
  • If a copay is required, the senior will only be charged when the prescription ships.
  • Copayments apply to mail order purchases but are usually reduced when compared to the same amount of medication obtained elsewhere. 
  • Vital information is sent with every order to ensure the proper use of each drug. Also, a pharmacist is available 24/7 to answer any questions. 
  • Members have more ways to pay. Options to pay online or phone include electronic check, PayPal Credit or credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express). Check or money order is accepted by mail. 


  • Prescriptions for less than a 90-day supply can be ordered through mail order, but this may disqualify the senior from discounts.
  • Members will be charged for a 90-day supply even if the prescription is filled for less, so the senior should always have their doctor write mail-order prescriptions for a 90-day supply to get the most out of the benefit. 
  • Prescriptions may be delayed if the Pharmacy team is not able to renew the prescription with the provider. 

Bottom Line:

CVS is dedicated to helping seniors live well by making it simple to get the medications they need. Standard delivery by mail is free. CVS can call customer service or use an online portal that allows the member to track the shipment of the order. CVS keeps the lines of communication open by contacting the senior before the medication is reordered and again when the medication ships. In 2014, CVS Caremark was awarded the Rx Benefit Innovation Award by the Pharmacy Benefit Management Institute (PBMI). The award recognized the company's new Specialty Connect program, which was developed to improve access, quality of care and convenience for specialty pharmacy patients. CVS was also recognized as being a market leader in mail order, retail and specialty pharmacy, retail clinics and Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans. For seniors looking to simplify their life, CVS is a serious contender: this prescription delivery plan offers increased affordability, open communication and easier access to maintenance medications. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I know if I am eligible to use the CVS prescription delivery service? If your benefit plan includes prescription delivery, you are eligible to use the CVS prescription delivery service. Call CVS/Caremark’s toll-free number to register. Be sure to have your ID number, the name of your medication and your doctor’s name and phone number handy. Also, have your payment information and mailing address ready.
How do I set up my prescriptions with the CVS prescription delivery service? You have three options. You can call CVS/Caremark customer service, log on to the CVS/Caremark website or print out and complete a mail service order form and mail it in.
 How much are my prescriptions through the CVS prescription delivery and how do I pay? Your cost depends on how your plan is set up, but if you use a generic medicine it can help you save money. You can check your cost by clicking on “Check Drug Cost” on the online portal, or you can call the toll-free Customer Care number on your benefit ID card.

More Information:

Product Details 

Overview: The CVS prescription delivery program provides discounted copayments, easy online ordering and the peace of mind of receiving medication reminders. Most new prescriptions arrive in one to two weeks, and refills take five to seven days. Medicine and supplies are delivered in unmarked, heat-safe, tamper-resistant packaging with free standard shipping.

Additional Company Details

Contract Details: The member’s regular copayment for medication applies, and standard delivery is free. Overnight or second-day shipping is available for an additional charge. There are no additional fees. Note that mail service prescription orders cannot be canceled after they have been shipped. 

Warranty: CVS guarantees total customer satisfaction, so call the toll-free Customer Care number on your benefit ID card if you have any concerns. 

Accreditations: In 2015, URAC, an accrediting organization that establishes quality standards for the healthcare industry, awarded CVS health accreditation in five distinct areas of pharmacy. Those areas include Pharmacy Benefit Management, Drug Therapy Management, Specialty Pharmacy, Mail Service Pharmacy and Health Call Center for Pharmacy Advisor counseling program. Although CVS has not received accreditation with the Better Business Bureau, it has an A- rating on the BBB website. 

Company Details: The first CVS store sold health and beauty products, and was founded in 1963 in Lowell, MA, by brothers Stanley and Sidney Goldstein and partner Ralph Hoagland. CVS stands for Consumer Value Stores. In 1967, CVS began operating its first stores with pharmacy departments when it opened locations in Rhode Island. In 1969, the acquisition of CVS by the now-defunct Melville Corporation boosted its growth considerably. Today CVS Pharmacy is the largest pharmacy chain in the United States in the number of locations (over 9,600 as of 2016) and in total prescription revenue. 


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- CVS cannot keep my Rxs synchronized. Synced meds should all be filled on the same date; they are not, and gradually diverge.
- CVS does not account for the pills I already have at home when refilling Rxs. They only track the last refill date.
- Once an Rx has been filled (as indicated on the website), I cannot select it on the website and request it be delivered (even though I am set up for home delivery on the website, i.e. birthday, home address, charge card info..