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Allstate Insurance may not be created solely for the RV community but still knows how to keep you “in good hands”.

In business since 1931, Allstate Insurance has committed to providing personal connection between policyholders and their insurance company.  Locally based agents are established within the community and are happy to meet with potential customers and members alike to discuss policy options.  They take the time to answer any questions and ensure that you have the correct level of protection.  

Policyholders on the go or more interested in managing their accounts online can pay their bills, retrieve digital ID cards, submit claims, and even request roadside assistance from the Allstate website or through the mobile app.  

As the largest provider of personal property and casualty insurance, Allstate has the ability to offer coverage for your RV needs as well as your Home, Life, Auto, and Boat.  Multiple policies and safe driving discounts combine with special savings for retired individuals over 55 years of age to create competitive pricing for quality coverage.   

While most agents will be able to explain the state requirements for coverage and how benefits and discounts may be applied, Allstate Insurance was not created especially for the RV community.  They may not know all of the specifications of your vehicle and how you may need additional coverage.  It is important for you to understand how your policy can be affected by your frequency of travel, RV customization, and value of belongings.  

Grandfolk Scoring
Price 8/10
Customer Service 10/10
Levels of Coverage 8/10
Mexico Coverage 6/10
Discounts 8/10
Storage Discount 6/10
Vehicle Type Coverage 9/10
Personal Effects Coverage 8/10
Annual premiums
Based on a number of factors regarding driver, vehicle, and add on coverage.
Customer Service
Service availability
Limited contact hours for a local agent but 24/7 access to non-local agent via phone. Online access 24/7 through the website and mobile app.
Levels of Coverage
Standard coverage
Standard coverage with multiple specialty options available as add ons.
Mexico Coverage
Coverage in Mexico
Agents may be able to assist in getting coverage.
Discount program availability
55+/Retiree, safe driver, and multiple vehicle discounts.
Storage Discount
Reduced premiums for low use
Vehicle Type Coverage
Coverage for RVs and trailers
Coverage available for all types of motorized and tow vehicles.
Personal Effects Coverage
Non-permanently attached item coverage
Coverage included but limit not specified.
Age Score:
50-64 Years
65-74 Years
75-84 Years

Allstate requires individuals to work with local agents, either over the phone or in person, to select coverage.  Policyholders may continue to work hands on with their agent to manage their accounts but will have limited hours in which they can contact their agent to handle routine business.  Non-local agents and roadside assistance are available 24/7 by designated phone line.  This customer support setup is attractive to older individuals who prefer real time, person-to-person contact.  

However, individuals who prefer to pay bills, submit claims, change coverage, or even request roadside assistance online can do so through the Allstate website or the mobile app.  The availability of both in-person and online policy management provides equal benefit and attention to the different styles of interaction.    

Allstate is known for rewarding safe drivers with discounts and reduced rates.  They have extended special savings to retired RV owners over the age of 55.  This focus on young, active retirees who are making the most of their time on the road can also be seen in the lack of a storage discount. 

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As health becomes an issue, RV owners will likely spend less time on the road and will want to be closer to family, friends, and care providers. Full time RV users may either choose to use the vehicle as a primary residence or store the vehicle for longer periods of time. Unfortunately, Allstate does not appear to have a storage discount on premiums or reduced rates for those who use their RV for occasional travel. The coverage is more suited for an active and mobile population who will make the most of their time on the road.


  • Insurance with a personal touch.  Locally based agents are available to meet with you via phone or in person to discuss coverage options and answer any questions.

  • Discounts for Retirees and 55+.  Members over the age of 55 and not seeking full time employment are eligible for special savings in addition to safe driver and multi-policy discounts.

  • Manage your account online.  While traveling and away from your local agent, you can log into the Allstate website or use the mobile app to pay bills, submit claims, or even request roadside assistance.  

  • Roadside Assistance is available through the Allstate Motor Club where costs of service are built into a premium or Good Hands Rescue® where members only pay when they use the service.  Either way, help is available 24/7 across the US and Canada.

  • Sound system coverage provides reimbursement up to $2,500 for high end systems installed by the manufacturer that are damaged as part of a covered claim.  

Personal Injury Protection Coverage protects policyholders in the case of major accidents for long term medical and rehab costs as well as loss of income and reasonable household maintenance expenses.  


  • RV Insurance is not the sole focus.  Agents will assist in finding the correct coverage to meet state requirements but may not be familiar with all of the special features RV owners need to consider.

  • No mention of storage discounts for RV users who only use their vehicle for weekend, seasonal, or vacation travel.  Storage options can save a policyholder up to 50% off premiums when the RV is not used for 30+ consecutive days.  

Lack of trip planning support.  RV specific insurance companies often provide trip planning tools to estimate fuel costs, plan routes, and find top-rated campsites.  While these items are still available through RV club sites, it highlights that RVing is not the focus for Allstate.

Bottom Line:

Since their founding in 1931, Allstate has expanded to become the largest provider of personal property and casualty insurance in the United States.  Over 16 million households across the nation currently hold at least one policy and many have multiple policies to cover their home, auto, life, and recreational vehicles.  

Despite their size and scope, Allstate has never lost their focus on the community.  Agents are locally based and provide the personal connection to insurance coverage.  They are committed to finding the right coverage and answering any questions you may have to guarantee your are comfortable with your choices.  With Allstate, you know that you aren’t a faceless policy number.  

However, for those who prefer to manage their account 24/7 online, Allstate provides both a website and mobile app to change coverage, handle payments, provide digital ID cards, submit claims, and even request roadside assistance.  Members can also search for and contact their local agent online or on the app.  

It should be noted that the local agent is the contacts for any type of coverage you may need and may not specialized in understanding the RV community.  We highly recommend Allstate for experienced RV owners who want a more personal connection and know the level of coverage they need.  Allstate is also beneficial for individuals who are interested in having multiple policies managed by one provider.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I reduce my insurance premium payments?

Allstate is dedicated to rewarding safe drivers.  Members without accidents or tickets in recent years will be quoted reduced rates.  

Allstate also offers a discount for those over 55 and retirees.  Those with multiple policies managed by Allstate or transferring coverage from another RV insurance provider are eligible for additional savings.  

Does my policy cover damage or loss of my belongings in the RV?

Accessories coverage applies for all items permanently attached to your motorhome, such as: awnings, satellite dishes, and solar modifications, while Contents coverage can be used to replace belongings that are stored in your RV and damaged due to fire or lightning.  Allstate has options for both.

Am I covered for travel in Mexico?

Most US RV insurance policies do not meet the requirements for coverage in Mexico.  If you choose to travel into Mexico, visit or call an Allstate agent and they can help you to obtain the correct policies for your needs.  

More Information:

Product Details

Allstate RV Insurance

As with all insurance coverage, the pricing for a RV insurance policy is determined by the provider and based on a variety of factors including: age of the driver(s), accident history, vehicle make/model/age, and frequency of use.  Premiums can also be affected by the state where the vehicle is registered and the corresponding minimum coverage requirements.  Policyholders often don’t realize that education and credit score can also impact the overall cost of premiums.  Contacting a representative or requesting an online quote can give you a more accurate picture of the total cost.


Package Details:

Standard Coverage

  • Bodily Injury and Property Damage

  • Coverage against Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists

  • Medical Coverage

  • Comprehensive and Collision Coverage


Specialty Coverage: Add On Plans

  • Roadside Assistance

    • Motor Club (membership cost added into premium)

    • Good Hands Rescue® (pay-per-use)

  • Towing and Labor Coverage

  • Rental Reimbursement

  • Personal Effects

  • Emergency Expenses

  • Sound system coverage up to $2,500

  • Personal Injury Protection


Additional Company Details  

  • Contract Details: Policies are renewed on an annual basis and subject to premium changes based on driver history and provider increases.  Coverage can be adjusted at any point outside of the processing of a claim but must meet the required minimums for the state of registration. However, changes to a policy may alter the coverage period.
  • Accreditations: Rated as A- by the BBB (not-accredited)


Company Details:

Allstate Insurance was founded in 1931 with the goal of bringing service and quality to the automotive insurance industry.  Dedicated to providing their members with affordable coverage, Allstate launched a merit rate program in 1939 to reward safe drivers and began offering lower rates for smaller cars in 1959.

Allstate’s commitment to service extends past their members to the community as a whole.  The Helping Hands Program was established to encourage locally based agents to give back through volunteer work.  Allstate created a catastrophe response team to provide assistance, to members and non-members alike, where and when it is needed most.  

Allstate promises to keep you “in good hands”.



P.O. Box 660598
Dallas, TX 75266-0598
Tel: 877-810-2920

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