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Confidently make a home on the road knowing you have coverage designed specifically for your RVing needs by Foremost Insurance.  

Foremost Insurance, a proud member of Farmers Insurance Group since 2000, provides insurance designed for specialty markets and was one of the original providers of RV coverage.  Foremost is dedicated to learning the ins and out of the RV community and providing members with extensive options tailored to a full time or frequent travel lifestyle.  Unfortunately, policies are unavailable for residents of Massachusetts, Hawaii, or Washington D.C.   

Eligible members are provided peace of mind by options such as Total Loss Replacement, where Foremost will pay an original owner the full amount to replace, with a similar style and quality vehicle, an RV destroyed in the first 5 model years.  Relax knowing your vehicle and belongings are fully covered from damage or loss as you travel the United States using your RV as a primary residence.    

Meet with a Foremost agent to determine the policy that will best meet your needs or adapt existing coverage.  Then head out on the road and pay your bill or submit claims online no matter how far you are from home.  

Grandfolk Scoring
Price 8/10
Customer Service 7/10
Levels of Coverage 8/10
Mexico Coverage 6/10
Discounts 7/10
Storage Discount 6/10
Vehicle Type Coverage 10/10
Personal Effects Coverage 10/10
Annual premiums
Based on a number of factors regarding driver, vehicle, and add on coverage.
Customer Service
Service availability
Must work with a local agent to sign on or adapt coverage but online access for bill pay and claim submission. 24/7 towing and roadside assistance
Levels of Coverage
Standard coverage
Standard collision, comprehensive, and liability plus extensive add on coverage tailored to full time or frequent RVers
Mexico Coverage
Coverage in Mexico
Discount program availability
Safe driver, multi-vehicle, anti-theft device
Storage Discount
Reduced premiums for low use
Vehicle Type Coverage
Coverage for RVs and trailers
Coverage available for RV, trailer, fifth wheel, and even luxury motorhomes
Personal Effects Coverage
Non-permanently attached item coverage
Belongings are covered at replacement cost. In the case of theft, the deductible may even be waived.
Age Score:
50-64 Years
65-74 Years
75-84 Years

Foremost Insurance requires that customers sign onto coverage through one of their agents.  Follow up account maintenace is also handled through the agent but bills and claim submission may be completed online.  This setup balances the preferences of older members who want to have a personal connection with a provider with the easy of 24/7 online access that appeals to younger or more internet savvy individuals.  

The website provides quite a bit of information without being overwhelming.  There are also multiple spots where users can search for a local agent.  However, default font size is small and there isn’t a font adjuster in the header.

The coverage itself is tailored more towards full time RV owners with extensive coverage for belongings and liability and comprehensive when a RV or trailer is used as a residence.  This suggests a friendliness to younger retired individuals in good health who have the time and money to explore the US.    

Health Score:
Poor Health
Fair Health
Good Health
Great Health

As health becomes an issue, RV owners will likely spend less time on the road and will want to be closer to family, friends, and care providers. Many individuals will choose to store the vehicle for longer periods of time. Unfortunately, Foremost does not have a storage discount on premiums or reduced rates for those who use their RV for occasional travel. The coverage is more suited for an active and mobile population who will make the most of their time on the road and use the RV as a primary residence.


  • Insurance designed for specialty markets.  Foremost Insurance prides itself on knowing the ins and outs of specialty coverage and providing coverage to meet the needs of the RV community.

  • Support in-person and online.  Meet with an agent face-to-face to review coverage options and have your questions answered.  Then have the flexibility to pay your bills or submit a claim online as you travel across the US.  

  • Emergency Expense Coverage to pay for temporary housing and travel back home if something happens to your RV far from home.   

  • Stationary Travel Trailer Coverage provides comprehensive coverage for your vehicle and personal belongings when your trailer is parked and used as a residence.

  • Total Loss Replacement.  If you are the original owner and your RV is destroyed within the first 5 model years, Foremost will pay to replace it with a new vehicle of style and quality.  In years 6-10, you would receive the amount you paid on the vehicle to be used towards a new model.  

  • Sign and drive towing and roadside assistance that covers your RV, camper, and trailer with no out of pocket expenses at the time of service.  

  • Submit payments online, by mail, or through electronic funds transfer so you never miss a payment while traveling.


  • Lack of discounts.  Being a safe driver will still benefit your cost but there are fewer discounts available at Foremost.  While there is little wiggle room in the total cost, they are flexible with payment plans and methods and will work to make sure both the coverage and cost work for you.

  • They do not offer storage options for RV users who only use their vehicle for seasonal or vacation travel.  The policies are designed more for full time or frequent RV users.

  • Coverage is not available in all states.  Foremost is only covers the United States and is not available to residents of Massachusetts, Hawaii, and Washington D.C.  

Bottom Line:

Foremost Insurance, a member of the Farmers Insurance Group, is designed to meet the needs of the specialty market.  They do not focus on standard Home, Life or Auto coverage and can spend their time learning the needs of the RV community.  Founded to provide coverage to mobile home residents, Foremost pays particular attention to ensuring comprehensive coverage to members who are using their RV as a full time residence.  In additional to Vacation Liability, options are available for Total Loss Replacement, Stationary Trailer Coverage, and coverage to replace your personal belongings at full cost.    

However, Foremost only covers the United States and is not available to residents of Hawaii, Massachusetts, and Washington D.C.  Potential customers must also confirm that an agent is available in their area to sign onto coverage.  Foremost requires that agents handle this process to guarantee that members understand the policy options and are selecting the right level of protection.  

Rated as A+ with the BBB, Foremost combines personal connection and the flexibilty to pay bills and submit claims online.   

We highly recommend Foremost as an insurance provider for an active or full time RVer focused on traveling the US.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I reduce my insurance premium payments?

Meet with a Foremost Insurance agent in your area to determine which discounts you would be eligible for and how to fit your coverage to your needs and your budget.  Selecting a higher deductible plan will lower your premiums.

Does my policy cover damage or loss of my belongings in the RV?

Foremost Insurance offers Replacement Cost Coverage which will cover belongings damaged or destroyed in an accepted claim.  Items will be covered at the cost you paid for them and not include depreciation.  In case of theft, Foremost may even waive the deductible.


Am I covered for travel in Mexico?
Foremost Insurance is only available in the United States and, like most US RV insurance policies, does not meet the requirements for coverage in Mexico.  If you choose to travel into Mexico, meet with a Foremost Insurance agent and they can help you to obtain the correct policies for your needs.

More Information:

Product Details

As with all insurance coverage, the pricing for a RV insurance policy is determined by the provider and based on a variety of factors including: age of the driver(s), accident history, vehicle make/model/age, and frequency of use.  Premiums can also be affected by the state where the vehicle is registered and the corresponding minimum coverage requirements.  Policyholders often don’t realize that education and credit score can also impact the overall cost of premiums.  Contacting a representative or requesting an online quote can give you a more accurate picture of the total cost.


Package Details:

Standard Coverage

  • Bodily Injury and Property Damage

  • Coverage against Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists

  • Medical Coverage

  • Comprehensive and Collision Coverage

  • Accessories Coverage

  • 24 Hour Towing and Emergency Roadside Assistance


Specialty Coverage: Add On Plans

  • Full Time RVer Coverage

  • Total Loss Replacement

  • Personal Effects Replacement Cost Coverage

  • Vacation Liability

  • Emergency Expenses


Additional Company Details

Contract Details:

Policies are renewed on an annual basis and subject to premium changes based on driver history and provider increases.  Coverage can be adjusted at any point outside of the processing of a claim but must meet the required minimums for the state of registration. However, changes to a policy may alter the coverage period.



  • Ranked #10 in 2017 RV Insurance by
  • Among the top 10 for RV Insurance by Consumer Affairs
  • Rated as A+ by the BBB


Company Details:

Foremost Insurance has been dedicated to serving the specialty insurance market since they opened their doors in 1952.  The initial focus was on providing exceptional coverage for individuals living in mobile homes.  They have since expanded to cover all types of motorhomes, campers, and trailers.  Foremost also offers insurance on boats, motorcycles, and ATVs.  Foremost Insurance prides itself on understanding the ins and outs of specialty coverage and the needs of the community.  Licensed agents know the questions to ask to determine the right coverage for you.   

Foremost has been a proud member of the Farmers Insurance Group since 2000.  Farmers, founded in 1928 by John C. Tyler and Thomas E. Leavey and based in Los Angeles, was built on the principle of providing preferred rates to safe drivers.  They initially focused on California farmers and ranchers who had lower risks and accident rates than city drivers.  Dedicated to treating their members fairly, Farmers became the first insurance company to offer comprehensive coverage for automobiles.  

Rated as an A+ company with the Better Business Bureau, Foremost and Farmers Insurance Group are continually evolving to better serve the needs of their members.  



Foremost Insurance Group
P.O. Box 0915
Carol Stream, IL 60132-0915
Tel: 1-800-527-3905
Monday - Friday, 9 AM to 8 PM ET
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