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With one call, an RV America agent can save you time and money by providing multiple quotes from their network of top-rated insurance companies.

Traveling in an RV is a great way to explore the country while maintaining all the comforts of home.  But how do you know you have the best coverage for your needs?  After all, RV insurance is very different from standard auto insurance and you don’t want to be find out too late that your coverage isn’t sufficient.  

Luckily, RV America works with top insurance companies to provide their members with the right amount of coverage for the best value.  Dedicated, licensed service representatives will even handle the comparison shopping for you!  Once they narrow down the policies that best fit your needs, they will help you navigate the many available coverage options and determine the right fit.  

Rated A+ by the BBB, RV America Insurance was founded in 1979 to assist RV owners in finding coverage to truly protect their investments.  RVA has since listened to the requests from their members and expanded to providing insurance for personal watercrafts, motorcycles, classic cars, and even mobile homes.  

Grandfolk Scoring
Price 9/10
Customer Service 6/10
Levels of Coverage 10/10
Mexico Coverage 9/10
Discounts 8/10
Storage Discount 10/10
Vehicle Type Coverage 10/10
Personal Effects Coverage 9/10
Annual premiums
Total cost is based on a number of factors regarding driver, vehicle, and add on coverage. Multiple insurance provider options allow for greater budget flexibility.
Customer Service
Service availability
Limited customer service hours by phone and no online account management.
Levels of Coverage
Standard coverage
Standard coverage with multiple specialty options available based on choice of provider.
Mexico Coverage
Coverage in Mexico
Not covered but will provide quotes and assist with obtaining the correct coverage.
Discount program availability
Dependent on insurance provider selected. Safe driver, safety and theft device, paid in full premium discounts available on all options.
Storage Discount
Reduced premiums for low use
Storage option available on certain plans.
Vehicle Type Coverage
Coverage for RVs and trailers
All types of RVs, campers, trailers, and tow vehicles. Also provide coverage for watercrafts, motorcycles, ATVs, standard and classic autos.
Personal Effects Coverage
Non-permanently attached item coverage
Coverage beginning at $1,000 limits. High value limits available as add on coverage.
Age Score:
50-64 Years
65-74 Years
75-84 Years

RV America encourages individuals to call to get quotes.  While potential customers may request a quote online the processing time may be up to a full business day.  Payments must also be processed over the phone or by a mailed check.  With specified customer service availability, members are limited to actively managing their accounts during these hours.  This customer support setup is attractive to older individuals who prefer real-time, person-to-person contact.  While there is a general information email address, the lack of online account management can be considered a nuisance by a younger or more internet savvy population.  

However, RV America works with a large number of top-insurance providers and coverage can be tailored to meet the needs of occasional, seasonal, and full time RV travelers.  Policies can also be requoted and updated as member needs change.  RV America also caters to their younger and more active members by providing coverage on other types of vehicles, such as: boats, personal watercrafts, motorcycles, and ATVs. 


Health Score:
Poor Health
Fair Health
Good Health
Great Health

As health becomes an issue, RV owners will likely spend less time on the road and will want to be closer to family, friends, and care providers. Full time RV users may either choose to use the vehicle as a primary residence or store the vehicle for longer periods of time. Fortunately, RV America can provide quotes on that policies that include storage discount on premiums or reduced rates for those who use their RV for occasional travel. RV America’s large network of insurance provides guarantees that your plan can adapt as your needs evolve.


  • One call provides multiple quotes.  RV America works with a network of top insurance providers and do the comparison shopping for you.  

  • Insure all of your recreational vehicles.  While RV America started out with a focus solely on RV insurance, they have expanded to providing coverage for boats, personal watercrafts, motorcycles, standard and vintage autos, and even mobile homes.    

  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance is standard for all members.

  • High Liability Limits ensures members are fully covered in the case of major accidents.

  • Customizable Coverage. Once you provide your information to a service representative, they will pull those policies that best meet your needs and explain all of the options.  Choose additional coverage options to further customize the coverage.

  • Storage options are available. Seasonal or occasional travelers do not need to pay for collision or liability coverage while their RV is in longterm storage.  Let the service representative know how frequently you plan to use your RV so they can provide those policies with storage options.


  • Limited customer service hours.  Service representatives are only available Monday thru Saturday from 7 am to 6 pm (PST).  However, individuals may email info@rvainsurance.com at anytime.

  • Lack of online account management.  There is no option for policyholders who want to interact in real time with the company through the website.  It is also not possible to submit claims or pay premiums online.  

  • Option Overload.  This is both a pro and a con.  As RV America works with so many insurance providers, there is a wide range of policy options from which to choose.  Make sure you have a list of your top priorities before calling for a quote.  These topics should include: type of vehicle, how frequently you plan to travel, the value of items you plan to transport, what you plan to tow (if anything), and an understanding of what fits your budget.

Bottom Line:

Since 1979, RV America has been working with top insurance providers to locate the best policies at the top value for their members.  When you call for a quote, a dedicated service representative will explain the coverage options available through their partnership network and answer any policy questions to guarantee that you are satisfied with your choice.  RV America takes care of the comparison shopping for you!

Initially focused on providing quality RV insurance, RVA listened when their members asked for help finding other policies.  Currently they provide coverage on all types of recreational vehicles.  This means you can find the right coverage for your RV, boat, and motorcycle with one call.    

We highly recommend RV America for new RV owners who want to easily compare multiple plans or for those who own a variety of vehicles and want one provider to manage all of their policies.  We also encourage RV owners who have had the same insurance provider for years to contact RV America to make sure they are getting the best value for their current coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I reduce my insurance premium payments?

RV America shops for coverage and premiums based on your specific needs and budget.  Working with multiple insurance providers allows RVA to minimize your costs.  Additional discounts are available for safe drivers, multi-vehicle policies, anti-theft and safety devices.  

Does my policy cover damage or loss of my belongings in the RV?

RV America partners with a number of insurance providers to get you the coverage that best fits your needs.  Coverage options are available with Personal Effects coverage starting at $1,000 in value.  If you travel with higher value items, please inform the service representative and they can find a plan with higher limits or add-on coverage.  

Am I covered for travel in Mexico?

Most RV insurance is not sufficient coverage for travel in Mexico and additional policies need to be purchased through licensed Mexican liability insurers.  Be certain to inform the service representatives at RV America that you plan to visit Mexico and they can review the policy you select to determine the level of coverage needed.

More Information:

Product Details

As with all insurance coverage, the pricing for a RV insurance policy is determined by the provider and based on a variety of factors including: age of the driver(s), accident history, vehicle make/model/age, and frequency of use.  Premiums can also be affected by the state where the vehicle is registered and the corresponding minimum coverage requirements.  Policyholders often don’t realize that education and credit score can also impact the overall cost of premiums.  Contacting a representative or requesting an online quote can give you a more accurate picture of the total cost.

RV America works with a network of top insurance providers to find the correct fit for your specific needs.  As they shop around for the best policy, there are a number of variations in policy coverage.  The dedicated service representatives at RV America will be able to assist you in determining which policies meet your priorities and help to tailor the coverage to meet all of your needs.  

The descriptions below highlight not only the standard coverage options but also the unique benefits they have been able to negotiate through years of successful partnership with these insurance companies.  


Package Details:

Standard Coverage

  • Bodily Injury and Property Damage

  • Coverage against Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists

  • Medical Coverage

  • Comprehensive and Collision Coverage

  • 24 Hour Emergency Roadside Assistance

  • Personal Effects Coverage starting at $1,000 limits


Specialty Coverage:

  • Full Time RVer Coverage

  • High Value Liability Coverage

  • Guest Passenger Liability Coverage

  • Low Branch Collision

  • Total Loss Replacement

  • Adjacent structure coverage

  • Fire, flood, and theft

  • Vacation Liability

  • Attached Accessories coverage

  • Personal Effects

  • Emergency Expenses


Additional Company Details

Contract Details:

As RV America works with multiple insurance companies, contract terms ultimately depend on the selected provider.  Typically, policies are renewed on an annual basis and subject to premium changes based on driver history and provider increases.  Coverage can be adjusted at any point outside of the processing of a claim but must meet the required minimums for the state of registration. However, changes to a policy may alter the coverage period.  


  • Ranked #6 in 2017 RV Insurance by ConsumersAdvocate.org
  • Among the top 10 for RV Insurance by Consumer Affairs
  • Rated as A+ by the BBB


Company Details:

RV America Insurance has been committed to finding the best coverage at the best price for its members since 1979.  Through partnerships with top insurance providers such as Progressive, National Interstate, Allied/Nationwide, Met Life, and GMAC, RV America shops quotes from multiple providers and handles the tough comparison work for you.  Dedicated service representatives will walk you through the different options and answer coverage questions to ensure that you are satisfied with your choice.

Initially focused on providing quality RV insurance, RVA listened to their members and expanded their focus to include all types of recreational vehicles.  This means you can find the right coverage for your RV, boat, and motorcycle with one call.    



RV America Insurance Mktg, Inc.
685 Cochran St., Suite 150A
Simi Valley, CA 93065
Tel: 1-888-803-5999 (Mon – Sat, 7:00 am – 6:00 pm PST)
Fax: 1-818-735-6778
Email: info@rvainsurance.com
Website: http://rvainsurance.com

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