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RoamRight travel insurance offers a safeguard against both physical and financial pitfalls through well-designed, comprehensive plans that cover many of the travel risks that never crossed your mind.

When you finally get all the planning and preparation done, and you head out on a trip, you want to know you are covered in case anything goes wrong. RoamRight has your back for both business and vacation travel. Protections and benefits cover non-refundable expenses related to trip cancellations, interruptions and delays, plus baggage protection, medical protection and accidental death. It even offers a special travel medical plan for seniors, taking into account the specific medical requirements of seniors. RoamRight features eight unique, comprehensive plans with several upgrade options. It offers insurance for single trips, as well as multi-trip annual plans which can offer important cost savings for frequent travelers. RoamRight helps to provide peace of mind during your travels.

Grandfolk Scoring
Cost 9/10
Ease of enrollment 9/10
Coverage 8/10
Waiting period 10/10
Customer support 10/10
Apps 10/10
Claims 7/10
Money back guarantee 8/10
Age restrictions 6/10
Pre-existing conditions 9/10
Premium per policy
Typically 6% of total cost of travel
Ease of enrollment
Ways you can enroll
Online, using app or phone
Number of policy options
Good variety
Waiting period
When is insurance effective?
Customer support
Ease of access
Online, live chat, email or 24/7/365 phone
Can I manage my policy from my phone?
How long do claims take to be reviewed?
Within 15 business days
Money back guarantee
Can I cancel my plan?
Yes, for full refund of premium within 14 days of effective date if not yet departed and no claim filed
Age restrictions
Is there a maximum age limitation?
Some plans may be age limited
Pre-existing conditions
Do pre-existing conditions affect medical coverage?
Waiver option may be available within 21-day window
Age Score:
50-64 Years
65-74 Years
75-84 Years

This service is great for seniors who are on the move, traveling to see family, the country or even the world. However, being over age 75 may be a limiting factor in some of the plans provided by RoamRight. As for ease of use, quotes can be obtained, and plans can be purchased online, through the company’s app or over the phone. Then, if a claim needs to be filed for any reason, it can be submitted online, by fax, by mail or by email. Having a variety of options to communicate with the company increases accessibility for seniors who might not be technologically savvy. 

Health Score:
Great Health
Good Health
Fair Health
Poor Health

Travel insurance covering medical expenses is a good investment even for the healthiest of individuals because anything can happen during a trip. Those in fair and poor health will enjoy even greater peace of mind when traveling, knowing their health concerns will be covered. However, those with controlled pre-existing medical conditions should consider the more comprehensive plans, as they may waive conditions if the policy is purchased within 21 days of the initial trip deposit. While these plans are all very useful, insurance companies will only pay claims if all conditions are met. It is very important to read the fine print carefully before booking your trip and to follow the insurer's instructions precisely to avoid introducing any reason for the company deny your claim.


  • A large number of comprehensive plans designed to meet your specific needs, all from one source.
  • Quotes that are easily obtained on the company's website.
  • Fast 'paperless' claims, if you prefer.
  • Both emergency and non-emergency support lines are 24/7/365.
  • Excellent customer service: your plan comes with travel assistance to help you manage a medical emergency, navigate customs and laws, deal with foreign languages and adjust travel issues as they occur. 
  • An excellent app for your smartphone, to purchase policies, review your policy, receive travel alerts, store travel documents and more. 


  • Pre-existing conditions require waivers, which are available on some plans if you purchase a policy within 21 days of your initial trip deposit, but the terms and conditions must be read carefully.
  • Some plans may have age restrictions, so you need to check for your eligibility.  
  • Some app features can only be accessed if you are already a policyholder.
  • The large number of policy options and specific details about each plan could be considered overwhelming for some.

Bottom Line:

RoamRight is a relatively new travel insurance provider that was created specifically 'to do things better' than other insurers were doing. It offers eight policy combinations that range from 'Travel Only' and 'Medical Only,' all the way to comprehensive coverage of your travels, and can be bought as single trip or multi-trip annual policies. Protections include cancellations, delays, baggage loss, medical emergencies and trip interruptions. Policies are customizable with several upgrade options. For seniors, RoamRight can design medical insurance plans that help pay international medical bills your Medicare does not cover, evacuate you if you need better medical attention and find you the best medical treatment when you are away from home. This is the kind of peace of mind we all seek, as long as we can find it at an affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What aspects of travel does this company cover?

Trip cancellation, trip interruption, medical transportation, medical coverage, trip delay, baggage loss/delay, accidental death and rental car damages.

How long will it take to review my claim?

You will receive an email notice when the company receives your claim. The initial review of a claim typically takes up to 15 business days. If more information is needed, the company will contact you at that time. When required documentation is missing, it takes longer to process a claim, since RoamRight must then request and wait for that documentation to be submitted. This is why it is important to save and gather any receipts before submitting your claim. Claim assistance is available by phone 8:30 AM-5:00 PM ET Mon-Fri. 

If I change my mind after enrolling in a protection plan, can I get a refund?

When you purchase an insurance plan from RoamRight, you may cancel your plan by giving the company written notice within 14 days of the effective date of your coverage or by your scheduled departure date, whichever occurs first. RoamRight will refund all of your premiums, provided you have not already filed a claim under the plan. (Not available in all states.) 

More Information:

Product Details
Overview: RoamRight offers eight policy options. Coverage and price vary by plan, age of traveler and cost of trip.

Package Details: 

Elite –the highest limits of protection and coverage
Preferred – the most common among international travelers because it provides higher-than-normal coverage for medical and evacuation benefits
Essential – the basic plan, best plan for travelers remaining within the U.S.
Adventure – the one that meets the needs of active travelers (coverage includes various activities, such as bungee jumping, scuba diving and other water sports)
Active – for trips that include golf or tennis
Multi-Trip – insurance that covers multiple trips
Medical – covers only medical (not non-medical issues such as trip cancellation, etc.)
Multi-Trip Medical – medical coverage for multiple trips, recommended for frequent international travelers

Optional Coverage: Cancel for Any Reason, Hazardous Sports, Renters Collision and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (air travel only) 

Additional Company Details

Contract Details: Contract details vary from plan to plan, and plan documents should be read carefully before purchasing.  
Warranty: RoamRight offers a money back guarantee: it will reimburse you for paid premiums as long as you cancel the plan in writing within 14 days from your effective date of coverage (30 days for residents of Indiana), or before your scheduled departure date, whichever comes first. An email to RoamRight's customer service is sufficient.
Accreditations: Arch Insurance Group, parent of RoamRight, has not received accreditation by the Better Business Bureau. However, it enjoys an A+ rating from the BBB website. Arch Insurance Company has an A+ (Superior) rating from A.M. Best, which means the coverage it is providing is backed by a financially sound insurance company.

Company Details: RoamRight, headquartered in Maryland, is trademarked by the Arch Insurance Company and is owned by Arch Capital Group (U.S.). For over a decade, Arch Insurance provided underwriting services to many big-brand insurance companies. In 2012, it decided it could offer better customer service, claims processing and underwriting to the traveling public, so it launched RoamRight. It offers travel insurance benefits for leisure, adventure and business travelers on domestic and international trips. 


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11350 McCormick Road, Suite 102
Hunt Valley, MD 21031
Phone: 800-699-3845

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