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Debbie Wosskow founded the online home swapping service, Love Home Swap. The site features over 80,000 homes located in 160 countries. Most of the properties are high end and some even odd. You can rent a Mongolian yurt. For those visiting Australia, why not stay in a converted butter factory?  Also, on the site, you can swap yachts. Seniors love the service because they can swap their house in exchange for another house in a different location. It’s an affordable way for everyone involved to safely travel and soak up the regional atmosphere. 

Love Home Swap offers a free trial before you must pay the monthly membership fees. The site is overflowing with travel information. Seniors can read reviews and swap tips. It’s a great place to make global friends with people who love traveling every bit as much as you do. The home swapping system has been such a success that Wyndham Hotels and Resorts along with Hyatt Hotels Corp have now invested in the service. 

Seniors build a profile featuring their home. Then state where they are interested in traveling and possible travel times. You can also use the Love Home Swap system to find others that might be interested in your home and whose house you might find acceptable for your vacation stay. The search system on the site is impressive. Also, you do not have to swap at the same time. Your guest can come stay with you and then you can stay with your guest. Home swapping builds lasting friendships. You can also incur points if the homeowner does not want to swap on the specific dates. You can then use the points towards future swaps.  Points are given based on the home’s size, location, and travel season. 

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They are currently offering discounted pricing on membership. Take a free two-week membership or subscribe to their standard plan for $13 per month or their platinum plan for $15 per month
Offers house swapping services around the world
You can search for the various home swaps based on location and features.
Customer Service
Customer Service
You can email or call Love Home Swap. Customer service is available Monday through Friday from 10 am - 6 pm GMT which many people find inconvenient compared to other sites that offer 24-hour customer service.
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50-64 Years
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With Love Home Swap, seniors who have been dreaming about travel on a budget can make their plans a reality. They can easily swap out their homes in exchange for a home in virtually any location in the world. Many seniors want to plan an extended stay in a real house where they can cook and relax. With home swapping, they can truly live in the region to soak up the culture. It's a great way to get to know locals and make friends around the world.  

During retirement, life often becomes monotonous. Home swapping breaths new excitement into travel plans. 

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Love Home Swap is more than a site to swap houses. Seniors can use it to build social relationships with like-minded individuals around the world. The site is easy to use for seniors who might not be completely techs-savvy. Using house swap enables even those on a budget the luxury of world travel. 

  • Home swapping is a low-cost way to explore the world
  • Seniors could live like the locals in virtually every country around the globe 
  • Let’s you make use of your second home by offering it as a home exchange
  • Easy to use site
  • In-depth reviews let you know about the various houses
  • A great site to create social content in the house swapping community
  • You pick the monthly plan that works best for your unique needs


Opening your home to strangers might feel uncomfortable for some seniors. There is also always the potential of damage to your home. Ideally, you should carry good homeowner's insurance in case of a problem. 

  • No insurance provided on the site, so it is imperative that you have a homeowner's insurance plan to protect your property
  • Opening your home up to strangers can result in damage
  • Might feel uncomfortable for some seniors to stay in a stranger’s house
  • House swapping does take an investment in time

Bottom Line:

For seniors interested in house swapping, the site Love House Swapping offers huge variety of very nice homes. Seniors can feel safe and secure making swapping arrangements on the site. In addition, the monthly cost is very reasonable and fits anyone's budget. For seniors wanting to travel without breaking the bank, house swapping is an ideal option. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you have to swap at the same time? 

No, the swap does not need to take place at the same time. 

Can you list more than one home at a time?

Yes, you can list as many homes as you want. 

Can you swap more than once in a year?

Yes, you can swap as many times as you want in a year. 

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