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Seniors looking for vision insurance will find EyeMed offers excellent plans with low premiums. Its plans are accepted by many nationally recognized providers.

As we age, we need to stay on top of our health, including our eye health. Medicare rarely covers routine eye doctor visits. We may only need vision correction, but an annual exam can identify other problems that may not be evident, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. So, having an edge on staying healthy is important. Few companies offer standalone vision policies that individual seniors might want to consider. EyeMed offers three products for individuals of any age and offers coverage for families. They even offer a 5-percent discount if you pay for your plan annually.

Grandfolk Scoring
Price 7/10
Deductible 10/10
Copay 9/10
Ease of enrollment 10/10
Access to support 10/10
Coverage 10/10
Limits to coverage 9/10
Waiting period 9/10
Physician choice 8/10
Payment 10/10
Monthly premium
Varies by the state in which you reside
Do you have one?
Do you pay one?
Yes, $0-$10, depending on plan
Ease of enrollment
Ways you can enroll?
Online or by phone
Access to support
Availability to help?
7:30 AM-11:00 PM EST Mon-Sat, 11:00 AM-8:00 PM EST Sun by phone; website
What services are covered?
Comprehensive eye exam and, depending on plan, frames and lenses, or contact lenses
Limits to coverage
Annual maximum payment?
Not unlimited on all services, depending on plan; any costs above limits are borne by the patient
Waiting period
How long until use?
On the first day of the month following enrollment
Physician choice
Access to current doctor?
Yes, but if current doctor is not in network, you will need to submit claims for reimbursement and may pay more out of pocket
Types of payment accepted?
Credit card or automatic withdrawal from checking
Age Score:
50-64 Years
65-74 Years
75-84 Years

Seniors may be more susceptible to different eye conditions, but simple steps can help you detect, treat or even prevent some serious eye diseases. Eye exams are also a good tool to identify other health problems that you might not be aware of and provide a way to monitor your general health at whatever age. EyeMed has three plans that are available to seniors of all ages. Their website is very easy to navigate: enter your zip code and get a quote. Phone hours are extensive, including Sundays. And, if you are computer savvy, you can check your benefits online. They also offer a mobile app for finding vision providers on the go.

Health Score:
Poor Health
Fair Health
Good Health
Great Health

Whether in excellent health or chronically ill, our vision is equally important to maintain, for both physical and psychological reasons. EyeMed offers an educational website portal at EyeSiteOnWellness.com where you can find videos that focus on specific vision-related problems. It also provides tips for keeping your eyes healthy and protecting them from damage. EyeMed does not factor in a senior’s health when calculating premiums: seniors in any condition are encouraged to use the benefit of an annual eye exam. Only when someone is in poor health and challenged by mobility, does it become difficult to see an eye doctor and benefit from this service. Also, the comprehensive exam offered does not cover the specialized exams required for patients with diabetes and other health issues.


  • Copays for comprehensive exams at in-network providers do not exceed $10. Depending on your plan, there might not be a copay at all.
  • EyeMed has over 44,000 independent and retail in-network provider access points, including LensCrafters, Pearle Vision and JC Penney Optical. You can also use the benefit at some online retailers, such as Contacts Direct or Glasses.com.
  • Its mobile app can be downloaded from its website to find a provider, check on your benefits or find special member-only discounts.
  • Customers have an online account where they can see their plan details, and check on claims (if submitted by the patient).
  • Its plans allow you to choose one of any top brand of eyewear, including Ray-Ban, Oakley and Coach.


  • The company does not offer specialized exams if the patient has diabetes or another health issue. Costs for any additional exams or testing must be borne by the patient. 
  • Plans are not available in all states. When you enter your zip code on the company’s website, you will learn if EyeMed offers plans in your state. 
  • Some discounts may not be honored by in-network providers. Be certain to ask about out-of-pocket costs before undertaking a transaction.
  • Premiums are higher for these plans than for some other companies.

Bottom Line:

Seniors who are in need of vision insurance should consider EyeMed. The company offers comprehensive plans that cover most traditional needs. While not the least expensive option, the copay for a comprehensive exam is never more than $10. All plans offer discounts on frames, lenses and contact lenses. Also, the Gold and Bright plans offer allowances on frames. You are never restricted by tier in choosing eyewear; you can choose what you like. Their plans are recognized by many nationally known companies, like Pearle Vision and LensCrafters.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the copay? Depending on the plan you choose, there may be a copay of $10 or less for the exam, while the copays for frames and lenses vary.

How and when can I get in touch if I have questions? You can call the number advertised on their website 7:30 AM-11 PM EST Mon-Sat and 11 AM-8PM EST Sun.

If I sign up, are there any other benefits offered? You are eligible for discounts on LASIK surgery and additional discounts on the second pair of glasses or contacts. 

More Information:

Product Details

Overview: EyeMed has three plans: EyeMed Bright, EyeMed Bold and EyeMed Healthy. All of the plans cover an annual comprehensive eye exam. Each plan allows you to choose any frame, with no tier restriction. EyeMed plans are recognized at nationwide retailers such as LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, Target Optical, Sears Optical and JC Penney Optical. You can also use ContactsDirect or Glasses.com to purchase frames and lenses.

Package Details: The basic plan is EyeMed Healthy, which only offers discounts for services, not insured benefits. This plan does not provide additional allowances for frames or lenses. It does offer a 35-percent discount on frames. It is also the least expensive plan, starting at $5/month. The EyeMed Bold plan is the most popular and offers essential vision coverage. Annual exams require a $10 copay. Depending on the type of lenses and other options chosen (like anti-reflective coating), there may be a small copay. This plan offers a modest allowance of $130 for frames or contact lenses. The premiums on this plan start at $17.50 per month. The most robust plan, the EyeMed Bright, provides larger allowances on frames (up to $200) and fewer or lower copays. The lowest premium for this plan is $30/month. EyeMed advertises a 71-percent savings over not having vision benefits at all.

Other Services: EyeMed offers a website, EyeSiteOnWellness.com, which provides videos and information on how to maintain your eye health. It also answers common questions about vision.

Additional Company Details

Contract Details: Enrollment is for one year, but the premium can be paid in 12 monthly installments. A request to cancel must be in writing. Your vision coverage will continue until the last day for which you paid the premium, subject to the grace period. Coverage will end on any premium due date the company elects to non-renew the policy or on any date you provide a written request to cancel coverage.

Warranty: Your satisfaction is guaranteed. The company will provide a full refund if cancellation is requested within the first 30 days of coverage, as long as no benefits have been used. After that, if you are unhappy with your services or purchases, you should contact the main EyeMed sales and service number.

Accreditations: EyeMed is underwritten by Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company and Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company of New York, is administered by First American Administrators and InsuranceTPA.com and is serviced by EyeMed. EyeMed has not received accreditation by the Better Business Bureau but has a B- rating on the BBB website due to failure to respond to customer complaints.
Company Details: EyeMed is a subsidiary of Luxottica, a leader in eyewear around the world. EyeMed was founded in 1988 and was formerly known as LensCrafters Vision Care Management Systems. In addition to serving individuals, today it services approximately 47 million customers in large and medium-sized companies, as well as government entities. EyeMed offers the largest network of eyecare providers in the United States. EyeMed is a Platinum Sponsor of OneSight Regional Vision Clinics in North America. This non-profit brings vision care on site to the underserved in the U.S. In addition to financial support, EyeMed associates volunteer their time to this organization.

Contact Information:

Main office:
EyeMed Vision Care
4000 Luxottica Place
Mason, OH 45040
Tel: (866) 939-3633


Donna McDurfee - Senior Advisor

Donna is senior researcher with Grandfolk® providing in-depth product and service reviews to empower senior buying decisions.


I found the presentation of plans and benefits hard to understand; I chose what I found the most convenient and when I went to the eye doctor they would not cover anything of all the exams I had done.
I spent almost 2 weeks trying to cancel my policy. No option for it on their website. I called the customer service number they have there and they sent me phone text to chat with an employee. The chat employee told me I had the call the same number as before but choose option 2. On option 2 I was put on a queue so I waited and waited and waited, nobody picked my call. The same 2 different days in the week, at different times of the day. I called and chose a different option "to shop and buy a plan", got to speak with someone and only when I got tough about filing a complaint with BBB and others they connected me to the right person.
The only star is because of Alex P., he is a great employee at EyeMed who was the only one who told me how to send a cancellation note by email (without having to "print" as they said on an email) and called me the next day confirmed my policy was cancelled.


muy fabuloso...